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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXIX Part B6, 1992

XVIIth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission VI: Economic, Professional and Eductional Apsects of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
August 2-14, 1992, Washington, D.C., USA
Editor(s): Lawrence W. Fritz, James R. Lucas


Table of Contents

Norway National Report
Oystein Andersen (NORWAY)
Page(s) 1-8
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1056 KB)

Remote Sensing Activities in Vietnam: 1980 -1991
Pham T. Luong (VIETNAM)
Page(s) 9-13
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 642 KB)

Societe BeIge de Photogrammetrie, de Teledetection et de Cartographie (SBPTE), Rapport National 1988 -1991
A. Verdin (BELGIUM)
Page(s) 14-16
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 290 KB)

National Report of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Stanley A. Morain (USA)
Page(s) 17-24
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 716 KB)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung, Landesbericht 1988 -1992
H.-P. Bähr (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 25-41
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2668 KB)

National Report of the Republic of China
Daniel T. N. Liao (CHINA-TAIPEI), et al.
Page(s) 42-44
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 468 KB)

Activities of Asian Association on Remote Sensing (AARS)
Shunji Murai (JAPAN)
Page(s) 45-47
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 233 KB)

National Report from Sweden
Anders Wellving (SWEDEN)
Page(s) 48-50
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 205 KB)

The United Kingdom National Report for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 1989-1992
John D. Leatherdale (UNITED KINGDOM), et al.
Page(s) 51-57
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 697 KB)

National Report for the 11th ISPRS Congress, Zimbabwe 1992
K. Philip (ZIMBABWE), et al.
Page(s) 58-61
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 548 KB)

National Report of Finland, 1988 -1991
Pasi Pekkinen (FINLAND)
Page(s) 62-67
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 683 KB)

Report of Italian Activities for ISPRS Commission III
Gianfranco Forlani (ITALY)
Page(s) 68-70
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 268 KB)

Danish Society for Photogrammetry and Surveying -Member Report of Denmark
O. Brande-Lavridsen (DENMARK)
Page(s) 71-76
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 724 KB)

National Report of the Netherlands
A. W.B. Kalshoven (NETHERLANDS), et al.
Page(s) 77-82
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 633 KB)

National Report of Polish Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Jerzy Gasior (POLAND), et al.
Page(s) 83-85
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 394 KB)

National Report for the Republic of Kenya
J. R.R. Aganyo (KENYA)
Page(s) 86-88
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 366 KB)

National Report for Nigerian Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (NSPRS) for the Period 1988-1992
J. D. Ajayi (NIGERIA)
Page(s) 89-90
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 186 KB)

Member Report for Canada
Rejean Simard (CANADA), et al.
Page(s) 91-94
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 642 KB)

The state of Photogrammetry in Lithuania
Vincent v. Vainauskas (LITHUANIA)
Page(s) 95-99
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 651 KB)

National Report of Australian Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Society, 1988-1992
John C. Trinder (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 100-103
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 489 KB)

The National Report -The Romanian Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Page(s) 104-106
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 288 KB)

Surveying and Mapping Abstracts Database and its Functions
Wei Qunmin (CHINA), et al.
Page(s) 107-111
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 494 KB)

Global Soil Data Bases for Environmental Modeling
Norman B. Bliss (USA)
Page(s) 112-112
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 44 KB)

Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images as an Archives (Information Power in Horizontal and Vertical Sense)
Luc Daels (BELGIUM)
Page(s) 113-119
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2374 KB)

Impact of Photogrammetric Surveying and Mapping on Developing Countries' Economic Performances
John o. Anwana (NIGERIA)
Page(s) 120-124
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 449 KB)

Improved Remote Sensing & GIS Reliability Diagrams, Image Genealogy Diagrams, and Thematic Map Legends to Enhance Communication
John R. Jensen (USA), et al.
Page(s) 125-132
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1233 KB)

Remote Sensing and GIS Education at the University of the Aegean
John N. Hatzopoulos (GREECE)
Page(s) 133-138
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 754 KB)

Brazilian Remote Sensing Community: Historical, Geographical and Economical Aspects
Tania M. Sausen (BRAZIL)
Page(s) 139-143
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 426 KB)

Geocomputing Education: The Hong Kong Experience
Chiu-ming Luk (HONG KONG)
Page(s) 144-149
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 651 KB)

Adequate Decentral Management for Environmental Monitoring of Very Large Areas
Hans-Peter Bähr (GERMANY)
Page(s) 150-156
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1096 KB)

A Brief Account of the General Organization of Remote Sensing and Its Activities
Marwan Koudmani (SYRIA)
Page(s) 157-159
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 749 KB)

Five-Lingual Dictionary on Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing -Polish Edition
Zbigniew Sitek (POLAND)
Page(s) 160-162
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 435 KB)

Education and Training of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in China
Li Deren (CHINA), at al.
Page(s) 163-170
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 553 KB)

Space Mapping Commercialisation: An Analysis of the Management of Remote Sensing in Australia
Andrew Finegan (AUSTRALIA), et al.
Page(s) 171-175
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 696 KB)

Automating Map Specifications for a Bilingual Work Force: An Egyptian/American Case study
Safinas A. Soliman (USA), et al.
Page(s) 176-179
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 576 KB)

Utilization of Multimedia Technology in GIS Education
Xin Zhuang (USA), et al.
Page(s) 180-186
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1128 KB)

A Model for the Economic Evaluation and Management of Remote Sensing Operations
Andrew Finegan (AUSTRALIA), et al.
Page(s) 187-189
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 341 KB)

Modernizing Egypt's Land Information System
Mona El Kady (USA), et al.
Page(s) 190-197
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 847 KB)

A Knowledge Based Approach to the Management of Soil Erosion Information in Developing Countries
E. Gerard Mtalo (CANADA), et al.
Page(s) 198-204
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 937 KB)

Subjects of LIS/GIS into the Instruction of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Evangelos Patmios (GREECE), et al.
Page(s) 205-206
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 152 KB)

New Trends in Surveying Education in Zambia
Aleksandra Bujakiewicz (ZAMBIA)
Page(s) 207-211
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 573 KB)

A Series of Atlases on Methods of Space Images Interpretation
Yu. F. Knizhnikov (RUSSIA), et al.
Page(s) 212-215
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 500 KB)

Background and Training of Geographical Information Users: A Case study
Ute J. Dymon (USA)
Page(s) 216-218
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 312 KB)

High Level Education on Image Processing, Remote Sensing and GIS: Case FC-IA/UNAM, Mexico
Pilar Ruiz-Azuara (MEXICO)
Page(s) 219-226
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 786 KB)

Curriculum Development for Developing Countries
Olubodun o. Ayeni (NIGERIA)
Page(s) 227-234
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 769 KB)

Photogrammetric Training in Survey of India -A Report
Guntur S. Kumar (INDIA)
Page(s) 235-239
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 379 KB)

Technology Transfer and Remote Sensing: Models for Success and Models for Failure
Bill Bruce (CANADA), et al.
Page(s) 240-246
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 933 KB)

Standardized Methods-Comparable Results: The EEC-Manual on Aerial Forest-Condition Inventories
Claus-Peter Gross (GERMANY)
Page(s) 247-249
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 338 KB)

Education in Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry in Hungary
Akos Detrekoi (HUNGARY)
Page(s) 250-251
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 308 KB)

Uncovering America
Artemis M. F. S. Moroni (BRAZIL), et al.
Page(s) 252-253
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 254 KB)

Integration de la Teledetection dans l'Amenagement Rural au Burkina Faso
Gunter Roos (SWITZERLAND), et al.
Page(s) 254-258
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 640 KB)

The Amazonia Information System
Diogenes S. Alves (BRAZIL), et al.
Page(s) 259-266
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 597 KB)

Data Modelling and Development of a Spatial Database for the Brazilian Amazonia
Gilberto Camara (BRAZIL), et al.
Page(s) 267-269
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 395 KB)

The Satellite Image Chart of the Parana State -Brazil
Celso G. Dias Jr. (BRAZIL), et al.
Page(s) 270-274
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 304 KB)

How to Promote Remote Sensing -The Asian Experience
Bruce C. Forster (AUSTRALIA)
Page(s) 275-277
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 464 KB)

How to Promote Remote Sensing -Indian Experience
Bulusu L. Deekshatulu (INDIA)
Page(s) 278-283
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 631 KB)

Les Conditions de Succes de la Cooperation Technique et du Tranfert de Technologie
A. Fontanel (FRANCE), et al.
Page(s) 284-286
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 310 KB)

Training and Educational Aspects on Remote Sensing Image Geometry(IP)
Gottfried Konecny (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 287-289
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 346 KB)

Changes in Swedish Higher Education in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing(IP)
Kennert Torlegard (SWEDEN)
Page(s) 290-294
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 604 KB)

Air Survey Photography: Educational Innovation
Keith B. Atkinson (UNITED KINGDOM), et al.
Page(s) 295-298
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 467 KB)

The Challenge of Providing Photogrammetric Education for the 21st Century
Kevin Jones (AUSTRALIA), et al.
Page(s) 299-305
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 736 KB)

From Photogrammetry to Iconic Informatics -on the Historical Development of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing(IP)
Li Deren (CHINA)
Page(s) 306-310
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 550 KB)

History of Photogrammetry -Analytical Methods and Instruments
Sanjib K. Ghosh (USA)
Page(s) 311-327
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2293 KB)

ISPRS Multilingual Dictionary -General Status and Progress of German Language Group
Gerhard Lindig (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 328-333
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 524 KB)

Was heisst hier Fernerkundung? -Translation of Technical-Scientific Concepts
Anita Schwender (GERMANY), et al.
Page(s) 334-338
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 502 KB)

Strategic Challenges for National Mapping Agencies in Developing Countries
Jon Kure (NETHERLANDS), et al.
Page(s) 339-344
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 798 KB)

The European Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry (ERSAP) Database(IP)
Irene Mader (ITALY), et al.
Page(s) 345-353
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1070 KB)

PC Based Information Retrieval System for Remote Sensing Literature and Data
Vasudha Satalkar (INDIA), et al.
Page(s) 354-360
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 510 KB)

Data Bases in the Field of Aerospace and Related Fields
J. H. ten Haken (NETHERLANDS)
Page(s) 361-367
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 319 KB)

Rechnergestützte Ausbildung und Übung in Photogrammetrie und Landinformationssystemen(IP)
Joachim K. Höhle (DENMARK)
Page(s) 368-374
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 823 KB)

The Potential of Hypermedia to Photointerpretation Education and Training
Demetre P. Argialas (GREECE), et al.
Page(s) 375-381
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 871 KB)

Use of PC-ERDAS in Satellite Mapping/GIS Education
Oystein B. Dick (NORWAY)
Page(s) 382-387
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1642 KB)

Education Based on Computer Operation for Remote Sensing and GIS Beginners' Training
Mitsunori Yoshimura (JAPAN), et al.
Page(s) 388-391
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 419 KB)

Training Concept for Software-Oriented Products
Reiner Schwebel (GERMANY)
Page(s) 392-393
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 249 KB)

Report of WG VI/1 Activity (1988-92) -Report of the Editorial Board for Volume III the History of Photogrammetry
Zbigniew Sitek (POLAND)
Page(s) 394-395
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 252 KB)

ISPRS Journal -Review and Preview
Page(s) 396-398
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 304 KB)

Regional Activities on Remote Sensing in Asia
Shunji Murai (JAPAN)
Page(s) 399-402
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 425 KB)

Page(s) 403-404
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 101 KB)

Page(s) 405-408
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 165 KB)




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