Zurich Hoengg (Switzerland) data set

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This document describes a test data set prepared for use in the project AMOBE II (Automation of Digital Terrain Model Generation and Man-Made Object Extraction from Aerial Images) being conducted at ETH Zurich between the photogrammetric (IGP) and computer vision (IKT) groups. We are distributing this data with the purpose of providing a basis for comparison and evaluation of image understanding techniques, in particular those dealing with the reconstruction of man-made objects. Features of this data set include provision of the full photogrammetric information, four-way image overlap and ground truth.


Fig. 1: Map of the environment of the aerial images of the Zurich Hoengg dataset

The dataset covers an area nearby the center of Zurich (Switzerland) and the ETH Hoenggerberg. The region comprises the center of Hoengg, different residential areas with different types of buildings (flat roofs, pitched roofs etc.), other man-made ojects like squares, bridges and streets, different kinds of vegetation (forest, single trees, meadow, vineyard, gardens etc.), and the Limmat river.

  1. Photography
    The Zurich Hoengg data set is based on aerial photography collected over Zurich in 1995. The data is based on a 2x2 image block collected over Zurich at an image scale of ca. 1:5000. The 23cm x 23cm colour photographs were scanned at 14 microns giving colour images of about 840Mb each. This photography was flown ca. 1050 m over ground with 65% forward and 45 % sideward overlap. The camera was a Leica RC20.
  2. Scanning
    The 23cm x 23cm original colour diapositives of Zurich Hoengg were scanned at 14 microns at a Zeiss SCAI of the Swiss Federal Office of Topography, Bern. One full photograph scanned at 14 microns produces images of (RGB) about 840Mb!
  3. Files
    The dataset consists of the following files and 4 cut-outs (due to the large image size only the cut-outs are made available):
    Filename Description Format
    47008_2087.tif (i3.tif) Colour, scanned with 14 micro m, 842 MB Tiled Tiff
    47008_2088.tif (i4.tif) Colour, scanned with 14 micro m, 842 MB Tiled Tiff
    47009_2058.tif (i1.tif) Colour, scanned with 14 micro m, 824 MB Tiled Tiff
    47009_2059.tif (i2.tif) Colour, scanned with 14 micro m, 824 MB Tiled Tiff
    Table 1 Description of the files of the Zurich Hoengg dataset
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