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March 29, 2017 
ISPRS Midterm Symposia 2014

ISPRS Midterm Symposia 2014 - Dates and Locations

TC Date Location Title
I Nov. 17-20 Denver, USA Sustaining Land Imaging: UAVs to Satellites
II Oct. 6-8 Toronto, Canada Building Connections in GIScience for Future
III Sept. 5-7 Zürich, Switzerland Photogrammetric Computer Vision - PCV 2014
IV May 14-16 Suzhou, China Geospatial databases and location based services
V June 23-25 Riva, Italy Close-range imaging, ranging and applications
VI May 19-21 Wuhan, China Data, information, and knowledge sharing for geo-education
VII Sept. 29 - Oct. 2 Istanbul, Turkey Thematic Processing, Modeling and Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data
VIII Dec. 9-12 Hyderabad, India Operational RS Applications: Opportunities, Progress and Challenges