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April 26, 2019 



TIF News
by John Trinder

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the reports from the winners of The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) travel grants to attend the five 2018 ISPRS Symposia. The ISPRS Foundation was formally established at the 2004 ISPRS Congress in Istanbul and has continued to support worthy applicants, primarily from developing countries, to attend ISPRS sponsored events. In 2018, there were a total of 39 successful applicants who received travel grants out of a total of 92 applicants, which is a success rate of 42%. Approximately USD25,000 was allocated to the successful applicants. The decisions on the grants are made by the Grants Evaluation Committee, a permanent committee of The ISPRS Foundation. I especially express appreciations to Professor Songnian Li, the Chair of the Grants Evaluation Committee, who did most of the grant application evaluations.

All of the successful applicants have been asked to provide reports of their impressions of their experiences at the Symposia and most have already complied as shown in the previous newsletter and the current one. The reports are intended to demonstrate to the whole ISPRS community the benefits gained by the recipients of travel grants from the funds of The ISPRS Foundation. The enthusiasm with which the grant recipients have described their experiences is testament to benefit of The ISPRS Foundation’s philanthropic activities in supporting deserving individuals from developing countries.  

However, there are many people who have missed out on receiving grants because of the limited funds available to The Foundation. Therefore, The ISPRS Foundation welcomes donations from individuals and companies to further support its philanthropic aims.  Indeed, with the ISPRS Congress programmed in less than 18 months’ time, The ISPRS Foundation will be hoping to support a large contingent of students from developing countries to attend the Congress.

Please consider giving generously to the activities of the ISPRS Foundation. http://www.isprs.org/foundation/donations/default.aspx

Stewart Walker – TIF Chair
John Trinder - TIF Operations Officer
Marguerite Madden – TIF Finance Officer

  1. Report on ISPRS 2018 by Maki Kishimoto
  2. Report of my experiences at the ISPRS Commission IV Symposium – Delft (2018) by Elaine Gomes Vieira de Jesus
  3. Report on Attending the ISPRS Commission IV Symposium by Gorica Bratic
  4. Experience report of the attendance at the ISPRS Commission IV Symposium 2018 by Michael Georg Niestroj
  5. Impressions from ISPRS Commission IV Symposium by Ido Massad
  6. A report on my experiences of attending the Midterm Symposium TC 5 held at IIRS, Dehradun by Mutum Bidyarani Devi
  7. Attending ISPRS Technical Commission V Mid-Term Symposium by Er Laxmi Thapa
  8. Thankfulness to The ISPRS Foundation by Thi Tran An Nguyen
  9. ISPRS TIF Travel Grant Report
  10. by Mehmet Büyükdemircioğlu



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