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June 01, 2020 
ISPRS Announcements

Awards Nominations Call for XXIV ISPRS Congress

As you may be aware, it is less than 14 months until the XXIV ISPRS Congress is held in Nice, France.

You may also be aware of the various prestigious awards presented at the Congress. Please see the Awards page on the ISPRS web site and the Awards Brochure for details.

All ISPRS members and individuals are entitled to nominate worthy candidates, and can submit a nomination via the links to the following awards:

If you so prefer, it is also possible to submit a nomination in written form (e-mail is acceptable) to an ISPRS Council member by the given deadlines.

Please note that self nomination is only possible for the von Gruber Award, the Schwidefsky Medal, the Karl Kraus Medal and the Doležal Award.

Council looks forward to receiving your nominations.