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January 21, 2020 
ISPRS Announcements


Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence for Multisource Geospatial Information

Gloria Bordogna and Cristiano Fugazza of IREA-CNR are happy to announce the call of the Special Issue "Artificial Intelligence for Multisource Geospatial Information" of the ISPRS International Journal of GeoInformation (IJGI), an international open-access peer-reviewed journal published by MDPI.

The Special Issue is devoted to collecting original research contributions focused on the definition and application of Artificial Intelligence methods for acquisition, filtering, management, analysis, discovery, and visualization of geospatial information from multiple sources, i.e., geospatial big data. Key applications are Earth observation for territorial monitoring and change detections, including urban and land use dynamics and anomaly detection; social conditions and habits detection, characterization, monitoring and prediction regarding, for example, poverty locations, citizens mobility, work, and recreation; event detection and forecasting for emergency preparedness and management; and many more. This field, also named geospatial artificial intelligence (or geoAI), applies many techniques of the most general Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as machine learning, deep learning, semantic representation and analysis, knowledge discovery, data mining, and soft computing. However, the specificities and importance of the geospatial dimension, its heterogeneity, the need for representing distinct semantics of locations, as well as analyzing the role of their temporal changes by performing geospatial and temporal reasoning pose new challenges and opportunities that AI has to face.

The deadline for submitting the articles is March 31st, 2020.
For all information, go to this link