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July 13, 2020 
ISPRS Announcements

ISPRS Awards

We are seeking nominations for the ISPRS awards to be presented during the upcoming Congress in Nice in June 2020.

Full rules and regulations are available at https://www.isprs.org/society/awards.aspx
For online nominations please visit: https://www.isprs.org/society/awards/nominations/default.aspx

Deadlines for Submission
Awards not listed in the table do not require a formal submission.

Award Deadline
Fellows 1st February 2020
Brock Gold Medal Award 1st  October 2019
Eduard Dole┼żal Award 1st January 2020
Otto von Gruber Award 1st February 2020
Samuel Gamble Award 1st February 2020
Willem Schermerhorn Award 1st February 2020
Schwidefsky Medal 1st February 2020
Wang Zhizhuo Award 1st February 2020
Karl Kraus Medal 1st February 2020
Frederick J. Doyle Award 1st February 2020
Giuseppe Inghilleri Award 1st February 2020