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February 22, 2020 
ISPRS Announcements

Automatic Plagiarism Check for all ISPRS Proceedings

In the recent past, plagiarism has also reached ISPRS. In a number of cases, papers published in ISPRS proceedings had to be withdrawn after publication for this reason. In order to avoid the unpleasant circumstances accompanying such a withdrawal process in the future and to encourage authors to show an ethical publication behaviour, ISPRS will provide an automatic plagiarism check for proceedings papers. The process was developed together with our publisher Copernicus GmbH and will use the software iThenticate, employed for detecting plagiarisms in many scientific contributions worldwide. The service will be implemented for all ISPRS events producing Annals and /or Archive publications for which the contract between the event organiser and Copernicus GmbH is signed after Dec. 31,2019. The cost will be an additional 1,50 € excl. VAT per paper.

Papers submitted to the Annals will be transferred to Copernicus directly after the full-paper to be reviewed is submitted, i.e. prior to the full-paper review. In contrast to this, for an Archive submission, the final camera-ready paper is checked. The results of the check are made available to the programme committee chair of the event. In case of suspicion of plagiarism, he/she will contact the author(s) and ask for an explanation. If the doubts persist, the programme committee and the ISPRS Secretary General are to be notified, who will take a final decision about the paper; see also Appendix 4 of the Orange Book, https://www.isprs.org/documents/orangebook/app4.aspx.

In this way we hope to maintain the high level of quality of the ISPRS proceedings publications. We also hope this new service is accepted by both the ISPRS event organisers and the authors of our proceedings as another step to increase the value of their publication.

Christian Heipke, Oct. 23, 2019