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ISPRS organises virtual event for the XXIV Congress edition of 2020

Nearly everything goes digital during the COVID-19 crisis, so does ISPRS. While the next physical Congress will be held in July 2021, many of the contributions submitted for the 2020 edition will be presented in the XXIV ISPRS Congress – Virtual event of the 2020 presentations which will take place on-line from August 31 to September 2nd, 2020, see for details.

More than 300 authors with accepted contributions will share their thoughts and results with the ISPRS community. This is a unique opportunity for ISPRS to experiment with what we believe may be a permanent component of our future scientific meetings – the possibility for a remote participation as a presenter and as professional wanting to learn about new developments.

The 2020 edition will be free of charge for presenters and for the audience (but a pre-registration is mandatory in order to calibrate the bandwidth of live streaming). Please feel free to spread this information to your network.

In this way, we hope to enlarge the impact of our activities also in the long run by reaching out to those groups who – also under “normal” circumstances – may find it difficult to physically join our events, or who prefer to reduce their carbon footprint. For your information, we will include remote presentation and participation for the 2021 Congress as well.

Christian Heipke, ISPRS President

Nicolas Paparoditis, ISPRS Congress Director



Nice 2020
XXIVth ISPRS Congress:

July 4-10, 2021

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