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Sherman Shou-Chou Wu
1928 - 2020

Sherman Shou-Chou Wu, born on April 9, 1928, died at 92 years of age on August 22, 2020 with family by his side.

Astrogeologists know him as Dr. Mars for the integral role he played in creating the first topographical map of Mars and other interstellar bodies. The asteroid (2075), discovered on October 9, 1980, is named after him for his influential contributions. Even in his "retirement," his expertise was highly regarded. He moved to Las Vegas from Flagstaff to work as a consultant with the U.S. Department of Energy.

To the people of his hometown, a remote village in China accessible only by foot, he remains an inspiration and benefactor. Neighboring villagers would welcome home their celebrity by setting off firecrackers, waving celebratory banners, and preparing a feast with only the best of their limited resources. His visits ended with them enthusiastically thanking him for the roads and schools he had built for them and flocking to him to bask in his exceptionalism, even if just for the briefest of moments. Even now, they are working to erect a monument in his honor as a beacon of hope to future generations.

He valued filial piety and academic excellence above all. His passion for mathematics translated to a passion for blackjack and other games involving probabilities and statistics. He loved deeply and widely, was generous with both his praises and criticisms, and approached all aspects of his life with perseverance, stubbornness, and grit tempered by a quick wit, charming smile, and roguish nature.

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