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2021 Virtual Keynote Speaker Series

Dr. Petra Helmholz
Photogrammetry in Allied Health – Two applications

Thursday, 25.11.2021 at 9:00 CET (8 a.m. UTC / 4 p.m. Perth)




The aim of this presentation is to showcase interdisciplinary research: how it is driven, the biggest challenges it faces, and how photogrammetry and surveying may be applied outside traditional disciplines.

Allied health professionals use evidence-based practices to prevent, diagnose and treat various conditions and illnesses. They often work in multidisciplinary health teams to provide specialised support, tailored to an individual’s needs. Allied health professionals include, but not limited to, genetic counsellors, medical radiation practitioners, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists. This talk will give an overview of two applications of photogrammetry in the field of allied health, more specifically genetics and speech pathology.

Firstly, Cliniface ( will be introduced. Cliniface is 3D facial visualisation, measurement, and analysis software helping clinicians and researchers to understand how facial variation relates to rare diseases and other conditions. Cliniface assists with medical diagnosis, patient screening, treatment monitoring, clinical trials, and surgical planning. The second project is SMAAT (Speech Movement and Acoustic Analysis Tracker) and more specific the software for automatic speech movement analysis.

Both applications provide clinicians and researchers with 3D facial analysis tools to obtain objective measures. By using these objective measurements, clinicians can optimise their diagnostics to improve the lives of people living with conditions.




Dr. Petra Helmholz is Senior Lecturer in Photogrammetry within Spatial Sciences at Curtin University where her work includes teaching and research. Current research interests focus on application driving research using Photogrammetry in the areas of health, agriculture, heritage mapping and engineering as well as underwater photogrammetry. She is the national chair of the SSSI Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Commission and the course coordinator of the Bachelor of Surveying (BSurv) Degree at Curtin University.



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