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ISPRS Congress News, Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June 2022

During the Plenary Session on Thursday, the following ISPRS Awards were handed over:

The Giuseppe Inghilleri Award
Marc Pierrot Deseilligny
Cheng Wang
Two recipients of the award have been chosen for 2020: Marc Pierrot Deseilligny, for his long-term development of the open source software MicMac; and Cheng Wang, for his work in 3D point cloud processing.

The Frederick J. Doyle Award
Konrad Schindler
for his outstanding scientific achievements and his exceptional contribution to connecting the areas of photogrammetry and computer vision.


During the General Assembly on Friday, the host for the XXV ISPRS Congress was elected

In 2026, the Congress will take place in Toronto, Canada. We heartily congratulate the Canadian Remote Sensing Society!  The Council, both the incoming and the outgoing, look forward to seeing everyone from the ISPRS community, old and new, in 2026 in Toronto!

During the Plenary Session on Friday, the following ISPRS Awards were handed over:

The Wang Zhizhuo Award to
Wolfgang Kainz for his contribution to the theoretical foundations of GIS in fuzzy logic and topology, his efforts to strengthen international education through the development of international graduate programs in geospatial information technology at LIESMARS, Wuhan University, and his excellent work as editor‐in‐chief of the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information.

The Karl Kraus Medal to
Wolfgang Förstner, Bernhard P. Wrobel
for the textbook Photogrammetric Computer Vision - Statistics, Geometry, Orientation and Reconstruction, published by Springer in 2016.


During the Gala Dinner on Friday, the following ISPRS Awards will be handed over:

The Eduard Doležal Award to
Damdinsuren Amarsaikhan
for his implementation of many practical applications of remote sensing (RS) and GIS.

The Willem Schermerhorn Award to
Michael Ying Yang
for his leadership of in co-chairing ISPRS working group II/5 Dynamic Scene Analysis in continuity of his involvement in working group III/3 in Image Sequence Analysis (2012-2016).

The Schwidefsky Medal
Derek Lichti

in recognition of his role as Editor‐in‐Chief for the ISPRS’s flagship journal, the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, a role in which he served since 2013.

The seven new ISPRS Fellows will receive thier awards:

  • Kohei Cho
  • Songnian Li
  • Marguerite Madden
  • Charles K. Toth
  • George Vosselman
  • Jon Mills
  • Sisi Zlatanova



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