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Seven Projects win ISPRS Scientific Initiatives 2023 (SI2023) Awards

The ISPRS Scientific Initiatives are defined in the ISPRS Orange Book, Appendix 9a ( Every two years applications are invited for proposals and a total of up to CHF70,000 is awarded.

A number of strong applications was received for the SI2023s. These usually come up through the Working Groups, then the Technical Commission Presidents, who endorse them. Finally, a small panel chosen from ISPRS Council makes the final decisions.

Seven SI2023 proposals were given awards, which total around CHF58,000. The projects are funded and work has begun. The titles and principal investigators of these projects are as follows (see for more detail):

  • Benchmarking of absolute and relative positioning solutions under GNSS denied environments for mobile geomatics (Yunsheng Wang & Liang Chen)
  • Publishing dataset guideline: gaps and trends in research data management in the ISPRS community (Dorota Iwaszczuk)
  • BeBaOI: Benchmark and Baseline Methods for determining Overlapping Images (Xin Wang & Yu Feng)
  • NAUTILUS uNder And throUgh waTer datasets for geospatIaL studies (Erica Nocerino)
  • Benchmarking of publicly available software solutions for close-range point cloud processing of forest ecosystems (Carlos Cabo & Xinlian Liang)
  • Geospatial data base for exposomics (Kamel Boulos)
  • Integrating IndoorGML with outdoors: Automatic routing graph generation for indoor‐outdoor transitional space for seamless navigation (Zhiyong Wang)

ISPRS congratulates these winners and wishes them every success with their projects. Funding is for one calendar year and, once the projects are complete, the resulting reports will be posted on the ISPRS website.




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