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3-Hour Online Tutorial

Low-cost photogrammetry for the metric documentation of cultural heritage

presented by ISPRS WGII/6 in collaboration with CIPA Heritage Documentation Emerging Professionals


Date, duration and technical means

  • Date: 20 October 2023
  • Start time: 13:00 CEST (UTC+02:00) / 7:00 EDT (UTC−04:00)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Platform: Zoom, recording uploaded onto YouTube



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Background and aim

The webinar is an introduction to photogrammetry as a low-cost solution in cultural heritage metric documentation. Its main aim is to solicit the interest and participation of specialists in non-technical domains (archaeology, conservation, history, etc.) and also people from a geomatics background who are interested in using open source methods for close range photogrammetry. Additional focus in advertisement of the event will be geared towards
interested parties from Asia, Africa, and Latin America where a high demand for low-cost solution for heritage metric documentation can be identified and evidenced by similar events held by CIPA HD in both online and in person format (eg. Philippines 2019, Indonesia 2019, South Korea 2019, as well as a similar webinar in 2020). This webinar therefore aims to bridge the interdisciplinary gap within the heritage metric documentation field while promoting
both photogrammetry as a remote sensing technique, as well as open source software as part of the open science initiative.

The webinar will in general involve three parts: (1) a quick theoretical overview of photogrammetry including overview of existing open source software, (2) demonstration of data processing using at least one open source software, and potentially (3) demonstration of basic point cloud manipulation operations in an open source software.


Outline of webinar (subject to any modification)

1 Introduction of webinar background/objectives and introduce speakers

2 Theory of photogrammetry
- Quick theoretical background
- Data collection
- Processing workflow
- Existing open source software
- Newest developments and future prospects (AI, low cost sensors, etc.)
Speaker #1: Francesca Matrone

3 Photogrammetry demo
- Image quality check
- Image orientation
- Point cloud generation
- Generation of other products eg. orthophotos, textured mesh, etc.
Speaker #2: Susana del PozoSusana

4 3D editing demo: CloudCompare
- Import/Export
- Noise cleaning and segmentation
- Point cloud registration
- Simple tools, eg. Poisson meshing, computation of curvature, profiling, etc.
Speaker #3:Alessio Ferroni

5 Closing


Potential software to be showcased:

  • Photogrammetry demo: GRAPHOS,
  • 3D editing demo: CloudCompare



Speaker #1 (theoretical part): Francesca Matrone (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)
Speaker #2 (experimental part): Susana del Pozo (University of Salamanca, Spain)
Speaker #3 (experimental part): Alessio Ferroni (UNIFI GeCo lab, Italy)



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