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Webinar Series by ISPRS WG III/9

Environmental & Health Concerns Geospatial Technology

ISPRS WG III/9 (Geospatial Environment and Health Analytics) Webinar


Date/Time: February 12, 2024, 10 AM [US/Canada Central Time] / 4 PM [GMT]





Introduction of Webinar Theme “Environmental & Health Concerns Geospatial Technology” and  Webinar Moderation:
Dr Muralikrishna Iyyanki, Chairman ISPRS WG III/9, Google Scholar



  • Dr. John P. Wilson
    Prof  John Wilson is a Professor at the University of Southern California  [USC] and the Founding Director of the Spatial Sciences Institute USC. He is also a Professor at the Departments of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Computer Science, at the Viterbi School of Engineering.  Prof Wilson is the Editor of  Transactions in GIS, Wiley-Blackwell And Editor, of Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge, University Consortium for Geographic Information Science.
    Topic:  Tackling Global Warming, Air Pollution, and Urban Greening through an Equity Lens
  • Dr. Sherif Amer
    Dr Sherif Amer is a senior scholarly lecturer at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. Dr Amer has conducted numerous capacity development assignments for international developing organizations, in developing countries in Africa and Asia.  Research activities focus on the application of Geo-information science methods and techniques for spatial planning of health care services and analysis of socio-spatial health-seeking patterns etc. Dr Sherif Amer is the President of the International Society of Geospatial Health (GnosisGIS). 
    Topic: Spatial and Temporal Analysis of SARS-CoV-2C Concentration in Municipal Wastewater in The Netherlands



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