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Webinar Series by ISPRS WG III/9

Environmental Hazards and Terrain Modelling

ISPRS WG III/9 (Geospatial Environment and Health Analytics) Webinar


Date/Time: April 12, 2024, 8 AM Pacific Time, 3 PM [GMT]





Introduction of Webinar Theme “Environmental Hazards and Terrain Modelling” and  Webinar Moderation:
Dr Muralikrishna Iyyanki, Chairman ISPRS WG III/9, Google Scholar



  • Dr. C K Shum                                                                                                   

    Dr C K SHUM is a Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, Division of Geodetic Science, Ohio State University, USA. He is a Fellow of AAAS and a Fellow of IAG. He contributed to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, as a Lead Author in the Third IPCC Assessment which was awarded jointly to IPCC and Al Gore, Jr.  He focuses on interdisciplinary satellite geodesy and Earth Sciences research, including sea-level and climate science, gravity modelling, and deep-learning-based climate-induced hazards monitoring and published over 381 refereed journal articles.

    Topic: Satellite Geodesy: Climate Action Sentinel for Hazards Monitoring


  • Dr B S Daya Sagar FASc FNA
    Dr BS Daya Sagar is Professor (HAG), Head, Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Centre, India. He is an IEEE GRSS Distinguished Lecturer (2020-2022) and Founding Chairman of the Bangalore Section IEEE GRSS Chapter. Dr Daya Sagar was elected as a member of the New York Academy of Sciences as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and as a Senior Member of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society. For more details about him, the following webpages may be referred at,

    Topic: Mathematical Morphology in Digital Elevation Models



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