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ISPRS, EARSeL & DGPF Joint Istanbul Workshop

Topographic Mapping from Space
Dedicated to Dr. Karsten Jacobsen’s 80th Birthday

29-31 January 2025

Yıldız Technical University
Davutpaşa Congress Centre

Abstract/paper submission together with registration is now open

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Themes of Event

  • 2D and 3D mapping utilizing different space-borne missions and constellations
  • Airborne and terrestrial lidar applications, Lidar-Bathymetry and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • RGB, Multi-spectral, Hyperspectral, Thermal and Lidar UAV applications
  • Digital Photogrammetric cameras, sensors and stereo-modelling
  • InSAR, DInSAR, MT-DInSAR and Radargrammetry applications
  • Sensor benchmarking – concepts and examples
  • Generation and validation of DEM/DSM/DTM/CHM
  • Thematic Mapping by machine learning and deep learning
  • Geometric and radiometric calibration of remote sensing data
  • Data fusion (space-borne, airborne, and terrestrial)
  • 3D city modelling and geospatial databases
  • Digital twin applications
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality applications
  • Utilization of remote sensing data in smart agriculture and forestry
  • Cube satellite applications
  • Mapping with robotic technologies and autonomous systems



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