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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXII–6/W1, 1997

Proceedings of the Workshop "International Cooperation and Technology Transfer"
February 3-7, 1997
Padua, Italy
Editor(s): Luigi Mussio, Bruno Crippa & Antonio Vettore

GPS and Digital Photogrammetry: an Integrated Approach for Monitoring Ground Deformation on a Volcanic Area
V. Achilli, M. Anzidei, P. Baldi, M. Marsella, P. Mora, G. Targa, A. Vettore, L. Vittuari
Page(s) 1-5
Conference Paper (PDF, 3164 KB)

Territorial Analysis by Multispectral Remote Sensing: the Venice Lagoon basin and its Hinterland as a Model to Planning
P. Baggio, P.M. Gaffarini, G.B. Sigalotti, S. Primon
Page(s) 6-11
Conference Paper (PDF, 4143 KB)

Education and Training on GPS: Data Analysis
M. Barbarella, M. Fiani
Page(s) 12-19
Conference Paper (PDF, 3223 KB)

Geomarketing ...
V. Barrile, R. Nocera
Page(s) 20-23
Conference Paper (PDF, 1643 KB)

Is there a Unitary Perspective for Data Analysis in Geosciences?
R. Barzaghi, F. Sanso
Page(s) 24-25
Conference Paper (PDF, 844 KB)

On Data Processing in Photogrammetry and Cartography
T. Bellone, L. Mussio, C. Nardinocchi
Page(s) 26-30
Conference Paper (PDF, 2260 KB)

Wavelets: an Introduction
B. Benciolini
Page(s) 31-34
Conference Paper (PDF, 2025 KB)

Monitoring of a Historical Building by Low Cost Photogrammetric System
G. Bezoari, F. Guzzetti, E. Notarbartolo
Page(s) 35-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 3557 KB)

Digital Photogrammetry for Archaeology: the Pre-historical Graffiti in Capo di Ponte (BS)
G. Bezoari, D. Papi, A. Selvini
Page(s) 39-41
Conference Paper (PDF, 1886 KB)

Remote Sensing for Urban Analysis
A. Bianchin
Page(s) 42-46
Conference Paper (PDF, 2504 KB)

Digital Orthophoto in Slovenia
A Bile, V. Bric
Page(s) 47-49
Conference Paper (PDF, 1927 KB)

Current Issues on Handling Georeferenced Raster Data
G. Bitelli
Page(s) 50-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 4288 KB)

Photogrammetry in Slovenia -Regional Organization, Cooperation and Education
V. Bric, M. Kosmatin Fras, J. Oven
Page(s) 57-59
Conference Paper (PDF, 1876 KB)

A Hypertext on Architectural Object Gis. The St. Marcus' Basilica in Venice. Educational Applications
R. Brumana, C. Savi
Page(s) 60-69
Conference Paper (PDF, 6491 KB)

The Activities at the Permanent IGS Station Upad ofthe University of Padova
A Caporali, V. della Corte, V. de Perin, A. Galgaro
Page(s) 70-74
Conference Paper (PDF, 1859 KB)

Italian Geodetic Researches in Antarctica and International Collaboration
A. Capra
Page(s) 75-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 3366 KB)

Geographical Information Systems State of the Art and Future Trends
A. Carosio
Page(s) 80-88
Conference Paper (PDF, 4559 KB)

Kinematic GNSS Survey: Experiences to be Transferred
G. Caroti, R. Cefalo, G. Manzoni, B. Palla, G. Skert
Page(s) 89-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 3578 KB)

Teaching Photogrammetry Algorithms by Dedicated Software
V. Casella
Page(s) 97-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 2996 KB)

Architectural Photogrammetry in the Study of the Building and Period Techniques: la Chiesa Madre di Atella in Basilicata
L. Cinquegrana, N. Masini, A Pellettieri, M. R. Potenza
Page(s) 103-106
Conference Paper (PDF, 2041 KB)

A Teaching Experience about a GPS Network
A Colombo, A. Giussani
Page(s) 107-111
Conference Paper (PDF, 2074 KB)

The Statistical Behaviour of Correlated Data
A. Colombo, L. Mussio
Page(s) 112-115
Conference Paper (PDF, 1780 KB)

Survey of Archaeology at Pompeii (Italy)
L. Colombo
Page(s) 116-121
Conference Paper (PDF, 3508 KB)

Automatic Mosaicking of Planar Surface: a Progress Report
G. M. Cortelazzo, L. Lucchese, R. Frezza, A. Vettore
Page(s) 122-126
Conference Paper (PDF, 2409 KB)

Correlations in Large Sets of Data
B. Crippa
Page(s) 127-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 2309 KB)

The GPS Single Point Positioning: a Data Processing Program for Tutorial Purposes
N. Crocetto, M. Gatti, N. Perfetti
Page(s) 131-135
Conference Paper (PDF, 2304 KB)

Advanced Kalman Filter Techniques for the Dynamic Survey in Digital Photogrammetry
F. Crosilla, D. Visintini
Page(s) 136-142
Conference Paper (PDF, 3461 KB)

International Cooperation Activity of the Ukrainian Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
A Dorozhynsky, Ch. Burshtynsky
Page(s) 143-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 935 KB)

An Experience in Teaching Photogrammetry in a Developing Country University
G. Fangi
Page(s) 145-148
Conference Paper (PDF, 2211 KB)

Student Exercises at DHAR Polimi: Digital and Analytical Methods for Target Location and DEM Generation
G. Forlani, E. S. Malinverni, L. Pinto
Page(s) 149-153
Conference Paper (PDF, 3066 KB)

Estimate of Environments Composed by N Planes by Dynamic Vision Techniques
R. Frezza, M. Cossi, E. Bertuzzi, A. Vettore
Page(s) 154-158
Conference Paper (PDF, 2009 KB)

Spatial Information from Images (Summary Paper)
A. Gruen
Page(s) 159-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 2093 KB)

A Kinematic GPS+Laser Road Survey Method
M. Manzoni, G. Peressi, M. Zini
Page(s) 163-164
Conference Paper (PDF, 526 KB)

3D Rigid Transformation
L. Mussio, G. Tucci
Page(s) 165-169
Conference Paper (PDF, 2123 KB)

Microlight Aircfrat Application for Large-Scale Mappings of Small Terrain Areas
S.S. Nekhin, V.G. Afremov
Page(s) 170-175
Conference Paper (PDF, 4001 KB)

Low Cost Photogrammetric Systems for Educational Applications
A Pellegrinelli, P. Russo
Page(s) 176-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 3265 KB)

Training Activities of Italian Development Cooperation in the Field of Remote Sensing
P. Sarfatti, L. Ongaro
Page(s) 183-185
Conference Paper (PDF, 1329 KB)

GIS - A Goal or a Tool?
K.M. Szacherska, K. Bojarowski
Page(s) 186-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 1700 KB)

GIS Revision Based on Aerial Photos: a Raster to Vector Methodology
B. Tellez, S. Servigne
Page(s) 189-192
Conference Paper (PDF, 2698 KB)

GIS Consistency by Error Detection and Correction
T. Ubeda
Page(s) 193-199
Conference Paper (PDF, 4163 KB)




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