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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXII–6/W4, 1998

Proceedings of the Workshop "International Cooperation and Technology Transfer"
October 27-31, 1997 / February 16-20,1998
Bahia Blanca, Argentina / Padua, Italy
Editor(s): Luigi Mussio, Bruno Crippa & Fabio Radicioni

Comparative Analyses between Analitical and Digital Systems: San Primo Tower near Rome
V. Achilli, L. Baratin, G. Lombardini, A. Vettore, A. Zanutta
Page(s) 1-7
Conference Paper (PDF, 5736 KB)

Comparison between TEC Values Derived from Antartic GPS Measurements and Atmospheric Soundings
0. Al Bayari, A. Capra, F. Mancini, L. Vittuari
Page(s) 8-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 3924 KB)

Efficiency of the Aerial -Photointepretation in the Soil Resources Inventory. A Study Case
N.M. Amiotti, L.F. Sanchez
Page(s) 13-13
Conference Paper (PDF, 532 KB)

Determination and Management of Coastal Areas Vulnerable to Episodes of Sea Level Rice Using Remote Sensors and GIS Technology
G.R. Angeles, M.C. Piccolo, G.M.E. Perillo
Page(s) 14-19
Conference Paper (PDF, 3913 KB)

File Risk Cartography in a Sector of the Ventana Chan. A Case of Technological Transference to the Enviromental
G.R. Angeles, J.A. Uboldi
Page(s) 20-25
Conference Paper (PDF, 4420 KB)

Archivio di Stato di Mantova: the Use of HTML to Access via Network the Topographic and Photogrammetric Survey
A. Arenghi, G. Vassena
Page(s) 26-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 6912 KB)

NM3digit: the DLT Algorithm in a Digital Photogrammetrical Software for the Survey Teaching
C. Balletti, F. Guerra
Page(s) 33-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 39880 KB)

The First Course of Remote Sensing at the University of Reggio Calabria
V. Barrile, R. Nocera
Page(s) 51-55
Conference Paper (PDF, 8526 KB)

Some Aspects on Data Processing in Remote Sensing and GIS
T. Bellone, L. Mussio, C. Nardinocchi
Page(s) 56-59
Conference Paper (PDF, 9449 KB)

The New GPS Data Processing Software BAMBA
B. Betti, M. Crespi, B. Marana
Page(s) 60-65
Conference Paper (PDF, 11189 KB)

Digital Photogrammetry for Archaeology: an Application for the Ancient Engravings in Capo di Ponte (BS, Italy)
G. Bezoari, D. Papi, A. Selvini
Page(s) 66-70
Conference Paper (PDF, 23080 KB)

On the Management and Integration of Photogrammetric Data and Meta data
G. Bitelli
Page(s) 71-74
Conference Paper (PDF, 11744 KB)

Photogrammetry, Virtual Reality and GIS for Earthquake Damages Evaluation
G. Bitelli, R. Camassi, E. Ercolani
Page(s) 75-80
Conference Paper (PDF, 17821 KB)

Datum Definition in Densification Networks
G. Bitelli, M. Unguendoli
Page(s) 81-81
Conference Paper (PDF, 1383 KB)

Cadastral Data Fitting in a Large Scale Digital Cartography
P. Boccardo, G. Comoglio
Page(s) 82-85
Conference Paper (PDF, 11957 KB)

Teaching Experiences in Computer Assisted Cartography and GIS for an Informatics Engineering Course
M.A. Brovelli, R. Brumana
Page(s) 86-90
Conference Paper (PDF, 8893 KB)

The Transformation from Campo lnchauspe 69 to POSGAR Argentine Frames
C. Brunini, J. Olondriz, R. Rodriguez, F. Galban, H. Scampini
Page(s) 91-91
Conference Paper (PDF, 1920 KB)

GPS for the Development of Mapping Infrastructure
C. Brunini, J.C. Usandivaras, F. Azpilicueta, J. Olondriz, D. Canosa, Y. Georgiadou
Page(s) 92-92
Conference Paper (PDF, 2106 KB)

Re-conceptualizing of Color in Applied Cartography Production
R. Bustos Cara, M.L. Rubio
Page(s) 93-93
Conference Paper (PDF, 1524 KB)

Remarks on Simplifying Hypotheses in Least Square Adjustments
V. Casella
Page(s) 94-100
Conference Paper (PDF, 12400 KB)

Teaching Digital Mapping with a Devoted Visualizer
V. Casella, R. Gaietto, A. Spalla
Page(s) 101-104
Conference Paper (PDF, 12591 KB)

High Precision Levelling Network of Como Area for Subsidence Analysis
A. Colombo, M. Scaioni, A. Giussani, G. Vassena
Page(s) 105-110
Conference Paper (PDF, 14379 KB)

Photogrammetric Imaging for Virtual Reality: an Example of Settlement Documentation
L. Colombo
Page(s) 111-116
Conference Paper (PDF, 15722 KB)

Videophotogrammetric Techniques for the Representation of Planar Texture Surfaces
G.M. Cortellazzo, C. Doignon, A. Vettore
Page(s) 117-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 7246 KB)

Digital Approach to Photogrammetry: a Failure Configuration Case
G.M. Cortellazzo, A. Vettore, F. Zanon
Page(s) 121-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 11284 KB)

Complex Surface Representation
B. Crippa, E.S. Malinvemi, G. Tucci
Page(s) 125-133
Conference Paper (PDF, 24033 KB)

Processing of Pseudorange Measurements: an Exact and an Iterative Algorithm for the GPS Single Point Positioning
N. Crocetto, M.G. D'Urso, M. Gatti
Page(s) 134-140
Conference Paper (PDF, 16664 KB)

Advanced Professional Training Activities at CISM (Udine -Italy) in Geodesy and Photogrammetry
F. Crosilla, D. Visentini, E. Cum
Page(s) 141-141
Conference Paper (PDF, 2133 KB)

Topographic Letter's Control with GPS
D. Del Cogliano, A.M. De Alduriz, M.A. Martinez, E.R. Napal, N. Di Croche, B. Aldalur, P. Napal
Page(s) 142-147
Conference Paper (PDF, 14571 KB)

GIS Technology Transfer in Argentina: a New Proposal to a GIS Introduction Curricula
M.S. De Torres Curt, P.T. Giardino
Page(s) 148-148
Conference Paper (PDF, 2160 KB)

Monitoring Graassland Fires Using NOAA-AVHRR Images
C. Di Bella, P. Oricchio, V. Deregibus, C. Rebella
Page(s) 149-149
Conference Paper (PDF, 1475 KB)

Crop Conditions Assessment Using NOAA-AVHRR Satellite Data a Case Study -Argentina
C. Di Bella, C. Rebella
Page(s) 150-150
Conference Paper (PDF, 1494 KB)

The Coplanarity Condition for the Orientation in Surveying
G. Fangi
Page(s) 151-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 26218 KB)

Real Time Hydrologic Alert System for Mendoza (Argentina) National and International Technology Transfer
P.C. Fernandez
Page(s) 167-167
Conference Paper (PDF, 2453 KB)

Monitoring Argentina 92S Mar Chiquita Lake with A VHRR Images
A. Flores
Page(s) 168-168
Conference Paper (PDF, 1447 KB)

3D Linear Feature Extraction and Matching
G. Forlani, C. Nardinocchi, R. Rizzi
Page(s) 169-174
Conference Paper (PDF, 16585 KB)

Comparing Two Systems for Digital Photogrammetry: a Metric Camera & a Photogrammetric Scanner versus a Semimetric Camera & a DTP Scanner
G. Forlani, L. Pinto
Page(s) 175-179
Conference Paper (PDF, 12996 KB)

The Socio -Spatial Differentiation in Urban Areas a GIS Application to Bahia Blanca Area
N. Formiga, M.L. Rubio
Page(s) 180-180
Conference Paper (PDF, 1268 KB)

Cooperation and Transferring of Technology between UNS -MCE -GOTA: First Course "Pedagogical Utilization of Satellite Imagery"
F.C. Gonzalez, M.d.C. Blanco, A. Raniolo, S. Aggio, R. Menghini, J.P. Paris
Page(s) 181-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 2834 KB)

First Utilization of LANDSAT -TM and SPOT -HRV Imagery for an Engineering Application, in Bahia Blanca Bay, Argentina
F.C. Gonzalez, G.J. Hoogewerff, B. Bezemer, H.H.S. Noorbergen
Page(s) 183-183
Conference Paper (PDF, 2110 KB)

Cooperation, Technology Transfer and Other Objectives, Fulfilled by the Society of Latin American Specialist on Remote Sensing -SELPER
F.C. Gonzalez, M.C. Serafini, M.d.C. Blanco
Page(s) 184-185
Conference Paper (PDF, 4542 KB)

Teledetection and GIS for Surveing of Natural Resources in Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina
C. Makowieki, G. Calvanese, M. Castro, A. Rivera Pinares, Y. Aguilera
Page(s) 186-186
Conference Paper (PDF, 1476 KB)

Teaching Programs in Land -Use Classifications Related to the Actual Remote Sensing Data Complexiti
N. Marlenko
Page(s) 187-187
Conference Paper (PDF, 2168 KB)

Panamazonia: Coopertaive Project to Monitoring South America Tropical Rain Forest
P.R. Martini
Page(s) 188-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 2746 KB)

Remote Sensing for Crop Area Estimation in the Inferior Valley of Colorado River Buenos Aires Province
P. Mercuri, M. Flores
Page(s) 189-189
Conference Paper (PDF, 1767 KB)

Teaching Experiences in Computer Cartography and GIS for a Land -Use, City and Environmental Planning Course
F. Migliaccio, E.S. Malinvemi
Page(s) 190-195
Conference Paper (PDF, 11874 KB)

The Argentine POSGAR '94 Reference Frame
J. Moirano, C. Brunini, F. Galban, H. Scampini, R. Rodriguez
Page(s) 196-196
Conference Paper (PDF, 2105 KB)

GIS Technology on Network to Support Remote Education and Economic -Environmental Data Management in Developing Countries
C. Monti, R. Brumana
Page(s) 197-202
Conference Paper (PDF, 15232 KB)

Sample Cartographic Problems from Small to Large Scale and GIS Applications
C. Monti, R. Brumana
Page(s) 203-209
Conference Paper (PDF, 24467 KB)

The 18th Post-Graduate Course "Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Evaluation"
L. Ongaro
Page(s) 210-213
Conference Paper (PDF, 10766 KB)

Robust Statistical Methods for the GPS Network Analysis
M.L. Pecetti, F. Radicioni, S. Selli
Page(s) 214-222
Conference Paper (PDF, 19397 KB)

Local Determination of the Geoid in the Buenos Aires Province
R. Perdomo, D. Del Cogliano, N. Di Croche
Page(s) 223-223
Conference Paper (PDF, 2599 KB)

The Role of Geographic Information Systems in the Study of Urban Problems
S. Santarelli, M.I. Perez
Page(s) 224-231
Conference Paper (PDF, 16102 KB)

What is Colour?
G. Tonnquist
Page(s) 232-235
Conference Paper (PDF, 14654 KB)

Agricultural Degradation Risk Cartography Using Remote Sensors and Geographical Information Systems. International Technology and Cooperation for Farmers
J.A. Uboldi, E. Chuvieco Salinero, G.R. Angeles
Page(s) 236-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 13006 KB)

A Robust Camera Calibration Technique for Image Acquisition
A. Vettore
Page(s) 241-244
Conference Paper (PDF, 9103 KB)




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