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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXII Part 1, 1998

ISPRS Symposium on Earth Observation System for Susatinable Development
Technical Commission I: Sensors, Platforms and Imagery
2-27 February 1998
Bangalore, India
Editor(s): George Joseph

Recent advances ofdata integration, spatial analysis and modelling for sustainable development
Shunji Murai, Kiyoshi Honda, Krishna Jee Pahari
Page(s) 1-13
Conference Paper (PDF, 5012 KB)

Radiometric calibration of the MOMS-2P camera
M. Schroeder, P. Reinartz, R. Muller
Page(s) 14-19
Conference Paper (PDF, 3178 KB)

On the accuracy potential of large format solid state matrix sensor cameras onboard an aircraft
Hans-Gerd Maas
Page(s) 20-25
Conference Paper (PDF, 4403 KB)

Radiometric assessment and correction for IRS-1C PAN data
A. Senthilkumar, S.K. Limaye, A.S. Kiran Kumar, K.L. Majumdar
Page(s) 26-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 2805 KB)

Geometric calibration of space remote sensing cameras for efficient processing
Karsten Jacobsen
Page(s) 33-43
Conference Paper (PDF, 5504 KB)

Photogrammetric scanners-survey, technological developments and requirements
Emmanuel P. Baltsavias
Page(s) 44-52
Conference Paper (PDF, 8002 KB)

Quality analysis of the LH Systems DW300 Roll film scanner
Silvio Haering, Thomas Kersten, Emmanuel P. Baltsavias
Page(s) 53-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 10348 KB)

Evaluation and testing of the Zeiss SCAI Roll film scanner
Emmanuel P. Baltsavias, Christoph Kaeser
Page(s) 67-74
Conference Paper (PDF, 5983 KB)

Calibration of the photogrammetric image scanner rastermaster RMI
Karsten Jacobsen, Rainer Gaffga
Page(s) 75-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 3003 KB)

New perspectives for the CEOS Working Group on calibration and validation
Alan Belward
Page(s) 80-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 4141 KB)

Geometric correction of pushbroom type high resolution satellite images
Dongseok Shin, Young-Ran Lee
Page(s) 85-89
Conference Paper (PDF, 3149 KB)

Satellite data pre-processing-New perspectives
R. Krishnan, R. Ramachandran, A.S.R.K.V. Murali Mohan, P.V. Radha Devi, S.K. Patra, R. Chandrakant
Page(s) 90-98
Conference Paper (PDF, 3791 KB)

Radiometric quality enhancement of IRS-1 C Pan data
A. Senthilkumar, A.S. Kirankumar, K.L. Majumdar
Page(s) 99-107
Conference Paper (PDF, 3159 KB)

A new approach to SAR Interferogram geocoding
Olaf Hellwich, Heinrich Ebner
Page(s) 108-112
Conference Paper (PDF, 3751 KB)

Information fusion in tree classifiers
A. Senthilkumar, K.L. Majumdar
Page(s) 113-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 2961 KB)

Future processing and archiving needs
S. Raghunathan
Page(s) 119-123
Conference Paper (PDF, 3410 KB)

Status and tendency of sensors for mapping
Karsten Jacobsen
Page(s) 124-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 5732 KB)

Geometric potential for IRS-1 C Pan camera
Karsten Jacobsen
Page(s) 131-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 4062 KB)

On-line processing of stereo data ofCCD Line Scanners
Anko Borner, Ralf Reulke
Page(s) 137-140
Conference Paper (PDF, 2614 KB)

Combined processing of spectral and stereo data
Norbert Reulke, Ralf Reulke
Page(s) 141-147
Conference Paper (PDF, 4007 KB)

Geometric inflight calibration of the stereoscopic CCD linescanner MOMS-2P
Wolfgang Kornus, Manfred Lehner, Rainer Muller, Manfred Schroeder
Page(s) 148-155
Conference Paper (PDF, 5120 KB)

Software package for DEM estimation using SAR interferometry
Kirti Padia, P. Robert, S.K. Basu
Page(s) 156-163
Conference Paper (PDF, 3247 KB)

Approach for generation of digital terrain elevation models (DEM) and orthoimages from IRS-1 C stereo data
B. Gopal Krishna, K.V. Jyer, Archana Goswami, Medha Ahulkar, Y.P. Rana, P.K. Srivastava, K.L. Majumdar
Page(s) 164-171
Conference Paper (PDF, 3928 KB)

The use of InterferometJ.ic SAR for surface reconstruction
Bruno Crippa, Michele Crosetto, Luigi Mussio
Page(s) 172-177
Conference Paper (PDF, 4323 KB)

New concepts for space-borne monitoring of drift and 3D morphology of cloud fields for weather forecast and climate research
Armin Drescher, Hartwig Hetzheim
Page(s) 178-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 4077 KB)

Capabilities of new remote sensing satellites to support sustainable development
Steven Kilston
Page(s) 183-190
Conference Paper (PDF, 6619 KB)

Evaluation of hybrid data generated using IRS-1C Pan and LISS-III for urban land use mapping and land use /land cover analysis
Rajeshree V. Bothale, Vinod M. Bothale, Shantanu Bhatawadekar, JR. Sharma
Page(s) 191-195
Conference Paper (PDF, 2578 KB)

Evaluation of Radarsat SAR data for detection of terrain features
R.S. Dwivedi, P. Satyanarayana, Ch. Venkateswara Rao, A.S. Manjunath
Page(s) 196-203
Conference Paper (PDF, 5079 KB)

The MOMS-2P Mission on the MIR station
P. Seige, P. Reinartz, M. Schroeder
Page(s) 204-210
Conference Paper (PDF, 4195 KB)

Renewal design concept of mechanical scanning imager
Makoto Ono
Page(s) 211-215
Conference Paper (PDF, 2053 KB)

BIRD-A DLR small satellite mission for the investigation of hot spots, vegetation and clouds
K. Brieß, H. Jahn, H.P. Roser
Page(s) 216-222
Conference Paper (PDF, 5371 KB)

A micro satellite mission for ocean colour imaging mission
K. Brieß, R. Sandau, I. Walter
Page(s) 223-229
Conference Paper (PDF, 3981 KB)

Geometric correction model for the generation of terrain corrected products
N. Padmanabhan, K.L. Majumdar
Page(s) 230-244
Conference Paper (PDF, 5679 KB)

Synthetic aperture radar data as a sustainable system for monitoring the Cropping system - an analysis
J.S. Parihar, M. Chakraborty, K.R. Manjunath, S. Panigrahy
Page(s) 245-255
Conference Paper (PDF, 6178 KB)

Quick look browsing system for Indian Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS) missions
M.G. Chandrasekhar, S.K. Shivakumar, Jairam Hebbar
Page(s) 256-260
Conference Paper (PDF, 2563 KB)

Optical sensors calibration
M. Dinguirard, P.N. Slater
Page(s) 261-271
Conference Paper (PDF, 8976 KB)

Processing of IRS-lC image blocks
R. Ramachandran
Page(s) 272-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 2847 KB)

Earth Observation Programme of India-catering to national needs of sustainable development
Mukund Rao, V. Jayaramam, George Joseph
Page(s) 277-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 9336 KB)

Earth observation systems/sensors for meeting sustainable development needs
Lawrence W. Fritz
Page(s) 293-302
Conference Paper (PDF, 7578 KB)

A study of on-orbit behaviour of InGaAs SWIR Channel Device of IRS-lC/lD LISS-III Camera
A.S. Kirankumar, P.N. Babu, R. Bisht
Page(s) 303-311
Conference Paper (PDF, 3626 KB)




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