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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXII Part 2, 1998

ISPRS Commission II Symposium
Data Integration: Systems and Techniques
13-17 July 1998
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Editor(s): Daniel N.M. Donoghue

BLIN: Basic land information network capitalising on our information resource
M. Berenyi
Page(s) 1-5
Conference Paper (PDF, 8866 KB)

Architectural survey at church of St. Mary Whitby
W.H. Blake
Page(s) 6-10
Conference Paper (PDF, 6731 KB)

Validation protocol applied to an automatic co-registration method based on multi-resolution analysis and local deformation models
P. Blanc, L. Wald
Page(s) 11-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 16748 KB)

A top down strategy for simple crossroads automatic extraction
N. Boichis, J.P. Cocquerez, S. Airault
Page(s) 19-26
Conference Paper (PDF, 11602 KB)

A system for automatic aerial triangulation
R. Brand, C. Heipke
Page(s) 27-34
Conference Paper (PDF, 8942 KB)

Stereo images with active objects - integrating photogrammetry with an object database for map production
E.C.M. Cameron, P.G. Hardy
Page(s) 35-40
Conference Paper (PDF, 11033 KB)

Towards semi-automatic control of topographic data bases from aerial images
M. Cord, M. Jordan, J-P. Cocquerez
Page(s) 41-48
Conference Paper (PDF, 13536 KB)

Dense, reliable and depth discontinuity preserving DEM computation from H.R.V. urban stereopairs
M. Cord, N. Paparoditis, M. Jordan
Page(s) 49-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 14848 KB)

A real-time data acquisition and signal processing system for ISRO's Airborne Synthetic Aperture RADAR (ASAR)
N.M. Desai, J.G. Vachhani, S.M. Trivedi, B.S. Raman, A.A. Shah, R.B. Gameti, R. Neelakantan, V.R. Gujraty
Page(s) 57-63
Conference Paper (PDF, 10403 KB)

Geospatial information products for commercial and consumer markets
M. Faintich
Page(s) 64-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 3309 KB)

The TRIADIGIT program for automatic aerial triangulation
G. Forlani, L. Pinto, M. Scaioni
Page(s) 67-73
Conference Paper (PDF, 11482 KB)

A feature extraction scheme for qualitative and quantitative analysis from hyperspectral data - data integration of hyperspectral data
S. Fujimura, S. Kiyasu
Page(s) 74-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 7749 KB)

Improving the learning abilities of a neural network-based geocomputational classifier
G. German, M. Gahegan, G. West
Page(s) 80-87
Conference Paper (PDF, 10939 KB)

Optimization of strategy parameters used in automated digital elevation model generation
M. Gooch, J. Chandler
Page(s) 88-95
Conference Paper (PDF, 14844 KB)

An integrated system for urban model generation
N. Haala, C. Brenner, C. Stätter
Page(s) 96-103
Conference Paper (PDF, 14861 KB)

The OEEPE-ISPRS test "performance of tie point extraction in automatic aerial triangulation" -status and first results
C. Heipke, K. Eder, R. Brand, R. Winkler
Page(s) 104-112
Conference Paper (PDF, 18963 KB)

Operational pass processing of landsat TM and SPOT HRV imagery within the Canadian CEODesk processor
N. Higgs, D. Rae, B. Robertson, J.R. Gibson, B. Guindon, J.W.E. Whitman
Page(s) 113-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 9226 KB)

Automatic orientation of aerial images by means of existing orthoimages and height data
J. Höhle
Page(s) 121-126
Conference Paper (PDF, 6967 KB)

Improvement of InSAR DEM accuracy using data and sensor fusion
M. Honikel
Page(s) 127-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 6528 KB)

A flowchart interface for hybrid analyses in an integrated GIS
S. Jung, S.A. Voser, M. Ehers
Page(s) 131-135
Conference Paper (PDF, 9007 KB)

Tests on automatic DEM generation in a digital photogrammetric workstation
G.E. Karras, N. Mavrogenneas, D. Mavrommati, N. Tsikonis
Page(s) 136-139
Conference Paper (PDF, 9241 KB)

Evaluation and testing of several digital photogrammetric systems for system acquisition by a National Mapping Agency
C. Kaser, C. Eidenbenz, E. Baltsavias
Page(s) 140-148
Conference Paper (PDF, 16466 KB)

Digital aerial triangulation in alpine regions - a challenge
T. Kersten, S. Haering, W. O'Sullivan
Page(s) 149-156
Conference Paper (PDF, 16980 KB)

Instrumental requirements for virtual reality
O. Kölbl, M. von Moos
Page(s) 157-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 12510 KB)

Reliability and accuracy of automatically generated DEMs from SPOT images
A. Krupnik, A. Veidman
Page(s) 163-168
Conference Paper (PDF, 9484 KB)

Robust techniques for estimating parameters of 3D building primitives
T. Läbe, E. Gülch
Page(s) 169-176
Conference Paper (PDF, 12962 KB)

Improving a DEM by intergrating data
J.N. Larsen
Page(s) 177-183
Conference Paper (PDF, 9721 KB)

A pilot project of digital geo-spatial data framework in China
D. Li, J. Gong, X. Zhu, Y. Liang, Y. Zhou, B. Ye
Page(s) 184-191
Conference Paper (PDF, 13244 KB)

Object recognition and measurement from mobile mapping image sequences using Hopfield Neural Networks: Part II
R. Li, W. Wang, Z. Tu, H-Z. Tseng
Page(s) 192-197
Conference Paper (PDF, 6643 KB)

Block adjustment of linear pushbroom imagery with geometric constraints
C. McGlone
Page(s) 198-205
Conference Paper (PDF, 12452 KB)

The EON 2000 project - promoting earth observation data within habitat monitoring
M. Mcloughlin, M. Jones
Page(s) 206-209
Conference Paper (PDF, 6770 KB)

Radar-derived DEMs for urban areas
J.B. Mercer, M. Gill
Page(s) 210-216
Conference Paper (PDF, 11003 KB)

Development and testing of an airborne remote sensing multi-sensor system
M.M.R. Mostafa, K-P. Schwarz, M.A. Chapman
Page(s) 217-222
Conference Paper (PDF, 10013 KB)

Modeling spaceborne and airborne sensors in software
N.F. Orlander, A.S. Walker
Page(s) 223-228
Conference Paper (PDF, 8752 KB)

Near-real-time road extraction from satellite images using vector reference data
N. Prechtel, O. Bringmann
Page(s) 229-234
Conference Paper (PDF, 8044 KB)

Softcopy photogrammetry with JPEG compressed images
R. Reeves, M. Freind, Y.H. Lu
Page(s) 235-241
Conference Paper (PDF, 11872 KB)

Evaluation of interferometric digital elevation models derived from ERS tandem data
A. Roth, W. Knöpfle, S. Gebhardt, B. Rabus, D. Scales
Page(s) 242-247
Conference Paper (PDF, 12398 KB)

The application of SAR interferometry to coastal environments: a comparison of interferometric software
E.S. Rowan, J.G. Morley
Page(s) 248-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 16605 KB)

Alternatives for Transferring Orientation Data of Digital Aerial Images
T. Sarjakoski
Page(s) 255-261
Conference Paper (PDF, 9966 KB)

Development and testing of a real-time integrated INS/GPS
K-P. Schwarz, J. Sun
Page(s) 262-268
Conference Paper (PDF, 12217 KB)

Information extraction techniques and tools to exploit stereo radar and high resolution optical sensors
J. Shears
Page(s) 269-272
Conference Paper (PDF, 6091 KB)

Triangulation of a sequence of terrestrial digital images
J.F.C. da Silva, R.A. de Oliveira
Page(s) 273-277
Conference Paper (PDF, 8057 KB)

"Knowledge Nodes" - flexible internet-based software service connections
G. Simpson, S. Boardman
Page(s) 278-282
Conference Paper (PDF, 6473 KB)

Accurate orientation for airborne mapping systems
J. Skaloud, K-P. Schwarz
Page(s) 283-290
Conference Paper (PDF, 14499 KB)

The automatic extraction of DEM data from stereo RADARSAT pairs over the tropics
A. Sowter
Page(s) 291-298
Conference Paper (PDF, 16538 KB)

Optimal processing techniques for SAR
D. Stewart, R. Cook, I. McConnell, C. Oliver
Page(s) 299-305
Conference Paper (PDF, 9696 KB)

Digital cameras and their application to digital photogrammetry for landform modeling
M. Stojic, J. Shannon
Page(s) 306-311
Conference Paper (PDF, 10812 KB)

New high resolution systems and products
J.D. Thurgood
Page(s) 312-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 428 KB)

Geometric accuracy of a structured light system
A.M.G. Tommaselli
Page(s) 313-319
Conference Paper (PDF, 12674 KB)

Performance analysis of the airborne integrated mapping system (AIMS)
C.K. Toth, D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska
Page(s) 320-326
Conference Paper (PDF, 11928 KB)

Multitemporal RADAR-datT: a solution to the data handling and processing problem with compression techniques
B. Triebfürst, H. Saurer
Page(s) 327-332
Conference Paper (PDF, 11710 KB)

Geospatial Data Integration: Panacea or Nightmare?
A. Trigg
Page(s) 333-340
Conference Paper (PDF, 14118 KB)

Investigations into the noise characteristics of digitized aerial images
B. Waegli
Page(s) 341-348
Conference Paper (PDF, 10717 KB)

Regional information management and exploitation
C.J. Oddy C.J. Willis, A.J. Rye
Page(s) 349-356
Conference Paper (PDF, 14182 KB)

Reconstructing textured urban 3D model by fusing ground-based laser range image and video image
H. Zhao, R. Shibasaki
Page(s) 357-362
Conference Paper (PDF, 10259 KB)




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