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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXII Part 5, 1998

ISPRS Commission V Symposium
Technical Commission V: Real-Time Imaging and Dynamic Analysis
2-5 June 1998
Hakodate, Japan
Editor(s): Hirofumi Chikatsu, Eihan Shimizu

Real-Time Photogrammetry : The Fast Road to Virtual Worlds?
Armin Gruen
Page(s) 1-8
Conference Paper (PDF, 1695 KB)

Discussion on the Relation between the Internal Transformation of Construction and Surface Temperature Jointly Using the Thermal Image and Heat Balance Model
Yukio Akamatsu, Masahiro Setojima
Page(s) 9-16
Conference Paper (PDF, 1746 KB)

Comparison of Free Network Solutions by the Artificial Basis-Based Method with One by the Generalized Inverse in Video Metrology
Keiichi Akimoto, Clive S. Fraser, Hiroyuki Hasegawa
Page(s) 17-22
Conference Paper (PDF, 933 KB)

Determination of Camera's Orientation Parameters Based on Line Features
Tianen Chen, R. Shibasaki
Page(s) 23-28
Conference Paper (PDF, 1172 KB)

3D-NET-A New Real-Time Photogrammetric System
T. Clarke, L. Li, X. Wang
Page(s) 29-34
Conference Paper (PDF, 1241 KB)

Self-Calibrating Bundle Adjustment with Relative Orientation Constraints for Mars Pathfinder Stereo Images
Egon Dorrer, Jürgen Peipe, Randolph L. Kirk
Page(s) 35-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 764 KB)

Performance Evaluation of Sequential Estimation in Vision Metrology
Kenneth Edmundson, Clive S. Fraser
Page(s) 39-46
Conference Paper (PDF, 1771 KB)

Vision-Based Dimensional Inspection of Freeway Bridge Blocks
Clive S. Fraser, S. Hattori, A. Okamoto, N. Uno
Page(s) 47-52
Conference Paper (PDF, 1015 KB)

Automation in Videogrammetry
Giuseppe Ganci, Harry Handley
Page(s) 53-58
Conference Paper (PDF, 1331 KB)

A Fast Algorithm of Solving Large Sparse Equations
Renyan Ge
Page(s) 59-62
Conference Paper (PDF, 556 KB)

Computation of the Redundant Observation Numbers with Full Weight Matrices
Renyan Ge
Page(s) 63-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 552 KB)

Q16 -A New Digital Measuring Camera with High Resolution
R. Godding
Page(s) 67-69
Conference Paper (PDF, 573 KB)

Phase Imaging with an X-Ray Shearing Interferometer
Koichi Iwata, Hiroyuki Tadano, Hisao Kikuta, Takashi Nakano, Hideki Hagino
Page(s) 70-73
Conference Paper (PDF, 760 KB)

Application of Parallax for the Measurement of Visibility Distances in the Open Road Environment
Kevin Jones, Bruce E. Bentley, Mark I. Woolf, Joanne M. Wood
Page(s) 74-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 1164 KB)

The Development of New Coded Targets for Automated Point Identification and Non-Contact 3D Surface Measurements
Vladimir A. Knyaz, Alexandr V. Sibiryakov
Page(s) 80-85
Conference Paper (PDF, 1008 KB)

Development of a Wind Observation System Utilizing Photogrammetry
Toshia Koizumi, Hideaki Kawasaki
Page(s) 86-89
Conference Paper (PDF, 708 KB)

3D Object Reconstruction Using a High Resolution Hybrid Measurement System
Dieter Kraus, Claus Brenner, Dieter Fritsch
Page(s) 90-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 1442 KB)

Automated DEM Extraction from Balloon Images of a Tropical Peat Swamp Forest in Narathiwat; Thailand
Keiji Kushida, Kunihiko Yoshino, Hirofumi Chikatsu, Eiji Yamaji, Toshihide Nagano, Tomoyasu Ishida, Satoru Suzuki
Page(s) 97-104
Conference Paper (PDF, 1631 KB)

An Algorithm for Automatic Location and Orientation in Pattern Designed Environment
Zongjian Lin, Jixian Zhang
Page(s) 105-109
Conference Paper (PDF, 759 KB)

Algorithm of Space Resection and Its Evaluation
Nobuo Makimoto, Jun-ichi Taguchi
Page(s) 110-116
Conference Paper (PDF, 1177 KB)

Application of Resolution Enhancement Algorithm to Close-Range Surface Modelling
Kerry McIntosh, John Fryer
Page(s) 117-123
Conference Paper (PDF, 2142 KB)

Automated Orientation with Three-Dimensional Mosaicing
Kazuo Oda
Page(s) 124-127
Conference Paper (PDF, 643 KB)

Experiences with Digital Microscope Photogrammetry
Won-Jin Oh, H.T. Kniest, H.L. Mitchell
Page(s) 128-132
Conference Paper (PDF, 922 KB)

The Aerial Photographic Measurement on the Conditions of Port Facilities Damaged by the 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu Earthquake
Toshiyuki Oyama
Page(s) 133-138
Conference Paper (PDF, 1088 KB)

High Resolution Digital Image Data Acquisition - New Developments
Jürgen Peipe
Page(s) 139-142
Conference Paper (PDF, 619 KB)

Geological Mapping of Dam Abutments Utilizing Historic Images and Digital Feature Matching
Gary Robertson, Doug Bennett
Page(s) 143-147
Conference Paper (PDF, 1076 KB)

Multi-Image Matching for Automatic Object Reconstruction
Juliang Shao, Clive Fraser
Page(s) 148-154
Conference Paper (PDF, 1609 KB)

A Theoretical Interpretation for Layered Neural Network Based Image Classifier
Eihan Shimizu
Page(s) 155-158
Conference Paper (PDF, 701 KB)

Extended Lens Model Calibration of Digital Still Cameras
Mark R. Shortis, Stuart Robson, Horst A. Beyer
Page(s) 159-164
Conference Paper (PDF, 1385 KB)

On the Capability of Applying Wavelet Transform for Texture Analysis in Remotely Sensed Images
Junichi Suzaki, Ryosuke Shibasaki
Page(s) 165-168
Conference Paper (PDF, 993 KB)

Scene Understanding by Means of Knowledge and Model-Based 3D Vision for Autonomous Service Robot
Haruki Ueno, Hiroshi Negoto
Page(s) 169-176
Conference Paper (PDF, 1683 KB)

Separate Adjustment of Close Range Photogrammetric Measurements
X. Wang, T. A. Clarke
Page(s) 177-184
Conference Paper (PDF, 1339 KB)

On the Application of CMOS Image Sensor to Digital Photogrammetry
Nobuhiro Yamada, Hirofumi Chikatsu, Tetsuji Anai
Page(s) 185-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 594 KB)

Landslide Analysis by Different Time Photogrammetry
Norikazu Yoshizawa, Kei Miyazawa
Page(s) 189-194
Conference Paper (PDF, 1379 KB)

Adaptive Subpixel Correlation Based on Preliminary Segmentation
S. Yu. Zheltov, A.V. Sibiryakov
Page(s) 195-200
Conference Paper (PDF, 798 KB)

A Vision System with Multiple Sensors in Intelligent Robot and Photogrammetric Contributions
Guoqing Zhou
Page(s) 201-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 1924 KB)

CAD-Based Object Recognition for a Sensor/Actor Measurement Robot
Claus Brenner, Jan Böhm, Jens Gühring
Page(s) 209-216
Conference Paper (PDF, 1703 KB)

Measurement of Piping Installations with Digital Photogrammetry
Pierre Ermes, Frank A. van den Heuvel
Page(s) 217-220
Conference Paper (PDF, 750 KB)

Digital Close Range Photogrammetry Using CAD and Raytracing Techniques
Klaus Hanke
Page(s) 221-225
Conference Paper (PDF, 672 KB)

The Digital Photogrammetric Evaluation System PHAUST for As-Built Documentation
Guido Hilgers, Heinz-Jürgen Przybilla, Detlev Woytowicz
Page(s) 226-229
Conference Paper (PDF, 715 KB)

Programming an Image Database Management System for Use inside a CAD-Environment
Claus Lichtenberg, Gunter Pomaska
Page(s) 230-235
Conference Paper (PDF, 1321 KB)

CAD-Based Photogrammetry for 3-D Reconstruction of Large Objects
Thomas Luhmann
Page(s) 236-241
Conference Paper (PDF, 1468 KB)

An Automatic System for the Measurement of Flat Workpieces
Thomas Luhmann, Holger Broers
Page(s) 242-246
Conference Paper (PDF, 839 KB)

Measurement Back Up System for Substation Equipment Base Plates
Atsuyuki Matsumoto, Hiroshi Yokoyama
Page(s) 247-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 977 KB)

Digital Close Range Photogrammetry Data Acquisition System with Combined GPS Georeference and Its Calibration
Esmond Mok, Bruce King, Qing Zhu, Zhilin Li
Page(s) 253-257
Conference Paper (PDF, 906 KB)

Fundamental Study on the Development of the Photogrammetry Using Inertial Navigation System
Tatsuo Nakano, Yasuyuki Shirai, Atsuro Takemoto, Toshio Koizumi
Page(s) 258-261
Conference Paper (PDF, 725 KB)

A Three Dimensional Measurement System using Digital Still Camera and RTK-GPS
Tatsunori Sada, Tomonori Takada, Shigeru Tonaki, Takao Kakehashi
Page(s) 262-265
Conference Paper (PDF, 797 KB)

Development of Offshore Construction Management System Using GIS
Bunji Shigematsu, Takumi Manbe, Hironao Takahashi, Token Yoshimura
Page(s) 266-270
Conference Paper (PDF, 934 KB)

Reconstruction of the Disentis Monastery from High Resolution Still Video Imagery with Object Oriented Measurement Routines
Andre Streilein, Markus Niederost
Page(s) 271-277
Conference Paper (PDF, 1598 KB)

Real-Time Measurement of Altitude Data Using the Accelerometer
Hidetoshi Suzuki, Yasuyuki Shirai, Atsuro Takemoto, Toshio Koizumi
Page(s) 278-283
Conference Paper (PDF, 1285 KB)

The Possibility of Water Surface Slope Measurement with Airborne Laser Profiling Method
Kazunori Takada, Yukihide Akiyama
Page(s) 284-289
Conference Paper (PDF, 1425 KB)

The Application of Digital Orthophotos to the Fixed Property Services
Yoshiki Teramoto
Page(s) 290-295
Conference Paper (PDF, 897 KB)

Construction Support System for Management and Inspection Using Digital Image Analysis and Network System
Shigeru Tonaki, Tatsunori Sada, Tomonori Takada, Takao Kakehashi
Page(s) 296-299
Conference Paper (PDF, 968 KB)

Simple Non-Destructive Diagnostic Method of Facility Pipes with Use of Infrared Camera
T. Tsubokura, N. Kasegawa, H. Ichikawa
Page(s) 300-305
Conference Paper (PDF, 1419 KB)

An Automated Inspection Method for the Detection of Irregularity Defects in LCD Panels
Hiroyuki Yaguchi, Manabu Ichino
Page(s) 306-309
Conference Paper (PDF, 685 KB)

Control Survey Using the Accelerometer and Gyro
Akira Yamamoto, Yasuyuki Shirai, Atsuro Takemoto, Toshio Koizumi
Page(s) 310-315
Conference Paper (PDF, 1194 KB)

Determination and Interactive Visualization of 3D-objects
Frank Boochs, Carsten Garnica, Frank Wolter
Page(s) 316-322
Conference Paper (PDF, 1360 KB)

Rapid Acquisition of Virtual Reality City Models from Multiple Data Sources
Claus Brenner, Norbert Haala
Page(s) 323-330
Conference Paper (PDF, 1721 KB)

An Approach to Creating Virtual Environments Using Range and Texture
Sabry F. El-Hakim, Claus Brenner, Gerhard Roth
Page(s) 331-338
Conference Paper (PDF, 1880 KB)

Impact on 3D Modelling from the Design of a Web-Based 3D Information System
Steffen Landes
Page(s) 339-343
Conference Paper (PDF, 1065 KB)

Detection of Building Changes by Integration of Aerial Imageries and Digital Maps
Wei Lu, Takeshi Doihara, Yoshino Matsumoto
Page(s) 344-347
Conference Paper (PDF, 842 KB)

Archeological 3D GIS for Virtual Museum in Damascus
Yoshito Miyatsuka, Xiaoyong Chen, Yasuhiro Takahashi
Page(s) 348-351
Conference Paper (PDF, 743 KB)

Accuracy of 3D Measurement with an Airborne Laser Scanner System and Its Application for Change Detection of Urban Buildings
Hiroshi Murakami, Katsuto Nakagawa, Taku Shibata, Eiji Iwanami
Page(s) 352-355
Conference Paper (PDF, 977 KB)

An Integrated Multi-Sensory System for Photo-Realistic Reconstruction 3D Scene
Kia Ng, Vitor Sequeira, Stuart Butterfield, David Hogg, Joao G.M. Goncalves
Page(s) 356-363
Conference Paper (PDF, 1682 KB)

Quantitative Approach for Evaluation of Urban Landscape Quality
Tomoyuki Oikawa, Hiromi Takahashi, Issei Sasaki, Takashi Horiguchi
Page(s) 364-369
Conference Paper (PDF, 1502 KB)

A Wide Scope Modeling to Reconstruct Urban Scene
Shiro Ozawa, Mikita Notomi, Heitou Zen
Page(s) 370-376
Conference Paper (PDF, 1061 KB)

3D City Model Reconstruction for Visualization from Stereo Urban Scenes
Zhongchao Shi, Ryosuke Shibasaki
Page(s) 377-381
Conference Paper (PDF, 939 KB)

Monitoring Power Line Systems by Using Airborne Laser Range Data (Some practical pre-experiment and its future conception)
Yoshiaki Takahashi, Xiaoyong Chen
Page(s) 382-385
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

An Improvement Method of Depth Perception in Stereoscopic Display
Shunsuke Yoshida, Toshihito Hoshino, Toru Ozeki, Shin-ya Miyazaki, Jun-ichi Hasegawa, Teruo Fukumura
Page(s) 386-391
Conference Paper (PDF, 1093 KB)

Development of Digital Video Camera and Application for Human Motion Analysis
Tetsuji Anai, Hirofumi Chikatsu, Shunji Murai
Page(s) 392-395
Conference Paper (PDF, 620 KB)

High Precision Operator for Surgery Vision Systems
Joan Climent, Antoni Grau, Joan Aranda, Antonio B. Martinez
Page(s) 396-401
Conference Paper (PDF, 899 KB)

Automated Photogrammetric Measurement of Human Faces
Nicola D'Apuzzo
Page(s) 402-407
Conference Paper (PDF, 1183 KB)

Biomechanical Analysis of the Baseball Pitching
Yoshihiro Ehara, Masatoshi Beppu, Susumu Nomura, Yumiko Kunimi, Naruhito Kouya, Tatsuo Tsuchiya, Mitsuru Fujinawa, Masahiro Hoshi
Page(s) 408-411
Conference Paper (PDF, 838 KB)

A Digital Close-Range Photogrammetric System Used for Texture-Lacking Objects in Medicine
Wenhao Feng, Xin Li, Xueliang Mei, Guangxiang Hong, Yunting Wang, Qishun Huang
Page(s) 412-416
Conference Paper (PDF, 673 KB)

Kinematic Analysis of Lips during Mastication by Two Infrared CCD Cameras
Y. Hirano, S. Minakuchi, T. Sekita, M. Fujimoto, K. Miyashita, K. Kobayashi
Page(s) 417-420
Conference Paper (PDF, 642 KB)

BL(Body Line) Scanner - The development of a new 3D measurement and Reconstruction system
Chiyoharu Horiguchi
Page(s) 421-429
Conference Paper (PDF, 1422 KB)

Function of Tongue during Mastication Using Ultrasonographic Technique
Atsuko Yoneda Imai, Seiya Tanaka, Masaki Sato, Masahiro Tanaka, Takayoshi Kawazoe
Page(s) 430-434
Conference Paper (PDF, 803 KB)

Recognition of Basic Actions for the Detection of the Perplex Situations Using Both Pupil Positions
Takayuki Kamitani, Yoji Marutani
Page(s) 435-442
Conference Paper (PDF, 1318 KB)

Facial Expression Recognition from Image Sequences Using Self-Organizing Maps
Ayako Katoh, Yasuhiro Fukui
Page(s) 443-448
Conference Paper (PDF, 1090 KB)

Facial Motion Analysis during Mastication Based-on Factorization
Toshia Kawashima, Masashi Toda, Yoshinao Aoki, Kiwamu Sakaguchi, Takao Kawasaki
Page(s) 449-452
Conference Paper (PDF, 639 KB)

3-D Carotid Artery Reconstruction from DUS Images
D. Kiskinis, P. Patias, A. Megalopoulos, E. Kostopoulou, C. Gymnopoulos, V. Tsioukas, D. Gementzis, A. Kousoulakou
Page(s) 453-457
Conference Paper (PDF, 1191 KB)

The Accuracy of Automated Volume Measurements in Optical Fluorescence Microscopy
Felix Martin Margadant
Page(s) 458-462
Conference Paper (PDF, 754 KB)

Measuring System for the Facial Movements using Real-time Fringe Pattern Analysis
S. Minakuchi, Y. Hirano, M. Fujimoto, K. Miyashita, T. Sekita, T. Nakamura
Page(s) 463-466
Conference Paper (PDF, 666 KB)

The Frontal 3-D Imaging for PTCA Using a Ring Array Probe
Masayuki Nambu, Ayumu Matani, Osamu Oshiro, Kunihiro Chihara
Page(s) 467-470
Conference Paper (PDF, 664 KB)

Distribution of Bone Mineral Density{BMD) in Edentulous Mandible - A Measuring System of BMD Using Computed Radiography -
Seiji Takaoka, Ken'ichi Kobayashi, Tsuguhisa Katoh, Shunsuke Minakuchi, Toshiaki Sekita, Masanori Nagao, Takehito Sasaki
Page(s) 471-476
Conference Paper (PDF, 1114 KB)

A Feature for Quantitative Measurement and Evaluation of Group Behavior and Its Application
Tsuyoshi Taki, Jun-ichi Hasegawa
Page(s) 477-482
Conference Paper (PDF, 1104 KB)

Computed Tomographic Reconstruction and Bio-dynamics of Human Brain
Masako Tsuruoka, Kesami Koido, Chiaki Kudoh, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Shunji Murai
Page(s) 483-488
Conference Paper (PDF, 642 KB)

Development of a Communication Tool Using Patterns of Blinking
Kazuhiro Yano, Ken Ishihara, Kenji Yamada, Kaoru Yamashita, Masaaki Makikawa
Page(s) 489-492
Conference Paper (PDF, 639 KB)

Relics Restoration Using Virtual Reality and MRI
Norihiro Abe, Yasuhiro Watanabe, Kazuaki Tanaka, Jiang Yu Zheng, Shoujie He, Hirokazu Taki, Yoshimasa Kinoshita, Akira Yokota
Page(s) 493-497
Conference Paper (PDF, 1299 KB)

Realization of a Digital Phototheodolite
J.-P. Agnard, C. Gravel, P.-A. Gagnon
Page(s) 498-501
Conference Paper (PDF, 633 KB)

Geometric Monitoring and Integration of Geodetic Survey Techniques to Improve the Knowledge of the Historic Building
C. Bacigalupo, L. Cessari, G. Fangi
Page(s) 502-506
Conference Paper (PDF, 1205 KB)

Plan, Execution and Rapresetation of an Architectonic Survey: The Torrazzo of Cremona, Italy
Caterina Balletti, Luca Pilot, Raffaella Brumana
Page(s) 507-512
Conference Paper (PDF, 1143 KB)

Steps Towards a Spatial Information System in a Close Range Archaeological Environment
Ulrike Brüssler
Page(s) 513-520
Conference Paper (PDF, 1481 KB)

Some Tests of TLS Image Matching for Reconstruction of 3D Archaeological Objects
Xiaoyong Chen, Shunji Murai
Page(s) 521-527
Conference Paper (PDF, 1041 KB)

Relics Modeling and Visualization in Virtual Environment
Hirofumi Chikatsu, Tetsuji Anai
Page(s) 528-532
Conference Paper (PDF, 825 KB)

Topography and Photogrammetry at the Department of Monuments and Sites of the Region Wallonia Belgium
Jacques Debie
Page(s) 533-536
Conference Paper (PDF, 682 KB)

ARPENTEUR :an ARchitectural PhotogrammEtry Network Tool for EdUcation and Research
Pierre Drap, Pierre Grussenmeyer
Page(s) 537-542
Conference Paper (PDF, 1172 KB)

A Study on Geometric Correction of Historical Maps
Takashi Fuse, Eihan Shimizu, Shigeru Morichi
Page(s) 543-548
Conference Paper (PDF, 1335 KB)

Architectural Photogrammetry with the Documentation in the Field Tiphon Software towards Digital
Pierre Grussenmeyer, Mathieu Koehl
Page(s) 549-556
Conference Paper (PDF, 1713 KB)

Comparison of Different Methods for Sculpture Recording
Guido Heinz
Page(s) 557-563
Conference Paper (PDF, 1389 KB)

Three-Dimensional Measurement of the Broken Pieces of Relics
Ichiroh Kanaya, Yuko Kanemoto, Kunihiro Chihara, Qian Chen
Page(s) 564-569
Conference Paper (PDF, 873 KB)

Modeling Distortion of Super-Wide-Angle Lenses for Architectural and Archaeological Applications
G. E. Karras, G. Mountrakis, P. Patias, E. Petsa
Page(s) 570-573
Conference Paper (PDF, 938 KB)

Window Shape Determination based on Stone Texture for Stereo Matching
Kazutaka Kouchi, Seiji Inokuchi, Akashi Yamaguchi
Page(s) 574-579
Conference Paper (PDF, 1383 KB)

The Integration of GPS; GIS; Remote Sensing and CAD for Safeguarding Angkor Wat
Sachio Kubo, Wanglin Yan, Takashi Tomomatsu, Masahiro Yonemura
Page(s) 580-586
Conference Paper (PDF, 1620 KB)

The New Framework for CIPA and Its Working Groups
Robin Letellier, Peter Waldhäusl
Page(s) 587-591
Conference Paper (PDF, 999 KB)

Archaeological Sites Detecting using Underground Radar Images
Yoshito Miyatsuka, Yasuhiro Takahashi
Page(s) 592-595
Conference Paper (PDF, 1724 KB)

Interpretation of Environmental Archaeology, Photogrammetry, and GIS for Exploring the Ancient Village Sites in China
Yoshito Miyatsuka, Yasuhiro Takahashi
Page(s) 596-602
Conference Paper (PDF, 1468 KB)

Plan and Specification of an Architectural Survey:The Palazzo Della Ragione (PD)
C. Monti, F. Guerra, L. Fregonese
Page(s) 603-609
Conference Paper (PDF, 2270 KB)

Shape Integration for 3D Reconstruction of Archaeological Sites
Maki Nagano, Kosuke Sato, Kunihiro Chihara
Page(s) 610-617
Conference Paper (PDF, 1494 KB)

GPR as an Imaging Technique for Subterranean Features
Yasushi Nishimura, Dean Goodman
Page(s) 618-621
Conference Paper (PDF, 871 KB)

Remote Sensing Infrared Method of Detecting Near-underground Buried Objects by Means of Thermal Image Technique
Yoshizo Okamoto, Chun-liang Liu
Page(s) 622-627
Conference Paper (PDF, 1058 KB)

Comparison of Simple Off-the-Self and of Wide-Use 3D Modeling Software to Strict Photogrammetric Procedures for Close-Range Applications
P. Patias, E. Stylianidis, C. Terzitanos
Page(s) 628-632
Conference Paper (PDF, 1316 KB)

3-D Object Reconstruction in Architectural Photogrammetry with Analogue and Digital Cameras A Comparison
Jürgen Peipe, Oliver Zavec
Page(s) 633-636
Conference Paper (PDF, 655 KB)

Automated Processing of Digital Image Data in Architectural Surveying
Günter Pomaska
Page(s) 637-642
Conference Paper (PDF, 1182 KB)

Low Cost Record of a Historical Brazilian City Ensemble by Digital Procedures
Luiz Ernesto Renuncio, Steffen Landes, Hans-Peter Bähr, Carlos Loch
Page(s) 643-647
Conference Paper (PDF, 1114 KB)

Detail Surveys with Close-Range Photogrammetry in Archaeological Sites
Kostas Tokmakidis, Juko Ito, Eiji Mamoto, Fumiaki Mori
Page(s) 648-651
Conference Paper (PDF, 940 KB)

Vanishing Point Detection for Architectural Photogrammetry
Frank A. van den Heuvel
Page(s) 652-659
Conference Paper (PDF, 1659 KB)

Computer-Based Simulation and Quality Control for Building of the Large-Scale Timber Structures
Miaozhong Xu, Yixuan Zhu, Takcheung Mannars Chan
Page(s) 660-664
Conference Paper (PDF, 1194 KB)

Drawing for Archeological Artifact Using Multiple Edge Detection Techniques
Hiroshi Yokoyama, Hirofumi Chikatsu, Tetsuji Anai
Page(s) 665-670
Conference Paper (PDF, 2174 KB)

Position Error Analysis of a 3D Tracking System
J. Aranda, K. Gibert, J. Climent, A. Grau
Page(s) 671-675
Conference Paper (PDF, 987 KB)

A Tracker for Broken and Closely-Spaced Lines
Naoki Chiba, Takeo Kanade
Page(s) 676-683
Conference Paper (PDF, 1500 KB)

A Purposive Vision Approach to Concrete Crack Inspection - Automated Registration and Crack Measurement in Multi-resolution Image Acquisition -
Takeshi Doihara, Kazuo Oda, Tsuyoshi Kondo, Masayoshi Obata, Yoshizumi Yasuda
Page(s) 684-689
Conference Paper (PDF, 1111 KB)

Automated Processing of Colour Stereo Georeferenced Images for Road Inventory
Krzysztof Gajdamowicz
Page(s) 690-697
Conference Paper (PDF, 1612 KB)

The Extraction of 2-D Sea Parameter at Near Shore Region from Sequence Analysis of Marine Radar Image and Its Verification
Shintaro Goto, Yoshibumi Mizuno
Page(s) 698-703
Conference Paper (PDF, 953 KB)

Tensor-based Image Sequence Processing Techniques for the Study of Dynamical Processes
Horst Haussecker, Hagen Spies, Bernd Jähne
Page(s) 704-711
Conference Paper (PDF, 1796 KB)

Video Based 3D Modeling
Jussi Heikkinen
Page(s) 712-716
Conference Paper (PDF, 837 KB)

Real Time Tracking a Dynamic Object by Multiple Vision System
Amir Saeed Homainejad
Page(s) 717-724
Conference Paper (PDF, 1180 KB)

Detection of Automobile from Image Sequences
Tsukasa Hosomura
Page(s) 725-728
Conference Paper (PDF, 411 KB)

Three-Dimensional Visualization of Fish Schools Using Sector Scanning Sonar
Kohji Iida, Tohru Mukai, Noritaka Horiuchi
Page(s) 729-734
Conference Paper (PDF, 785 KB)

Auto-Tracking and Positioning for Moving Object Using Video Theodolite
Tsutomu Kakiuchi, Hirofumi Chikatsu
Page(s) 735-738
Conference Paper (PDF, 519 KB)

Automatic Track of Pedestrian Flow in the City
Kayoko Kitai
Page(s) 739-742
Conference Paper (PDF, 555 KB)

Automated Mosaicing for Video Imagery Captured from Moving Platforms
Tsuyoshi Kondo, Kazuo Oda, Masayoshi Obata, Takeshi Doihara
Page(s) 743-746
Conference Paper (PDF, 570 KB)

An Algorithm for Estimation of Camera Motion and Object Depth by Making Position Dependent Use of Imaged Points
Naoto Kurasawa, Oichi Atoda
Page(s) 747-750
Conference Paper (PDF, 451 KB)

To Measure the Velocity Distribution of the Car on a Highway with the Airborne Three-line Scanner (TLS) System
Koji Kurihara, Yositaka Matsumoto, Osamu Murakami
Page(s) 751-756
Conference Paper (PDF, 871 KB)

Concept of Building an Electro-Optical System of Semi-Automatic Car Driving on Highways
V. M. Lisitsyn, K. V. Obrosov
Page(s) 757-762
Conference Paper (PDF, 759 KB)

Image Sequence Based Automatic Multi-Camera System Calibration Techniques

Page(s) 763-768
Conference Paper (PDF, 936 KB)

Spatial Information of geography with Video Map
Mitsuaki Matsuyama, Toru Inoue
Page(s) 769-774
Conference Paper (PDF, 881 KB)

Automated Distance Measurement of Ski Jump using Multi-Image
Kazuya Nakano, Hirofumi Chikatsu, Shunji Murai
Page(s) 775-778
Conference Paper (PDF, 535 KB)

Crack Situation Grasp of Digital Image Method
Masaharu Ozawa, Tatsuhide Nakane
Page(s) 779-782
Conference Paper (PDF, 580 KB)

A Digital Imaging System for the Precise 3D Measurement of Surface Displacement in Geotechnical Centrifuge Models
S. Robson, M.A.R. Cooper
Page(s) 783-787
Conference Paper (PDF, 833 KB)

Extraction of Moving Ships from Navigational Images
Akio Satori, Mitsuo Suzuki, Masaki Oshima
Page(s) 788-791
Conference Paper (PDF, 483 KB)

Design and Calibration of an Underwater Stereo-Video System for the Monitoring of Marine Fauna Populations
Mark R. Shortis, Euan S. Harvey
Page(s) 792-799
Conference Paper (PDF, 1454 KB)

Mono Plotting Using HDTV Imagery
Junko Sugimori, Kosuke Tsuru, Akira Ohta
Page(s) 800-804
Conference Paper (PDF, 792 KB)

Development of Three-Dimensional Measuring Technology at High Speed and at High Resolution
Satoshi Suzuki, Ken'ichi Kamijo
Page(s) 805-809
Conference Paper (PDF, 684 KB)

Analysis of Flood Flow by Stereomatching Method
Toshiaki Taguchi, Kosuke Tsuru
Page(s) 810-813
Conference Paper (PDF, 730 KB)

Method of Sequential Image Analysis with Telescopic Pole for Traffic Flow Measurement
Hiroshi Takeda, Masahiro Setojima, Naruo Mushiake, Yoshiaki Yoshino, Jinkei Tamada
Page(s) 814-819
Conference Paper (PDF, 1080 KB)

Development of Automatic Detection System for Faults in Transmission Lines
Takaomi Tamino, Toru Inoue
Page(s) 820-823
Conference Paper (PDF, 784 KB)

The GPS/INS Integration and Kinematic Photogrammetry for Mobile Mapping System
Tadashi Tamura, Tooru Kitagawa, Kyu Tsuji, Osamu Uchida, Yutaka Shimogaki
Page(s) 824-829
Conference Paper (PDF, 1347 KB)

Discussion on the Simplified 3-Dimensional Measuring Method Using Video Images
Keiji Yamada, Yoichi Oyama, Kenji Hongo, Tatuhide Nakane, Isamu Watanabe, Takashi Miyoshi, Kazuaki Ito, Tatsuo Yoshida
Page(s) 830-835
Conference Paper (PDF, 909 KB)

Outdoor Human Tracking using Spatio-Temporal Information
Jun-ichi Yamaguchi, Nobue Kobayashi
Page(s) 836-841
Conference Paper (PDF, 1126 KB)

Experimental Study on Rice Growth Dynamic Monitoring by Digital Photographs
Megumi Yamashita, Ichiro Arakawa, Mitsunori Yoshimura
Page(s) 842-847
Conference Paper (PDF, 1074 KB)

Utilization of Synchronous Shutter Apparatus in the Photographic Measurement Method of Flood Flow Surfaces
Fumiaki Yamazaki, Masahiko Hatamoto, Mineo Kondo
Page(s) 848-855
Conference Paper (PDF, 1490 KB)

A Study on Real-Time Photogrammetry for Three-Dimensional Token Tracking
Yongsheng Zhang
Page(s) 856-859
Conference Paper (PDF, 637 KB)

Function of Object from Observing Human Action - Toward improving the operationality of virtual tools -
Kazuhiro Annoura, Kazuaki Tanaka, Jiang Yu Zheng, Norihiro Abe, Shoujie He, Hirokazu Taki
Page(s) 860-865
Conference Paper (PDF, 1165 KB)

Human Body Modeling and Motion Analysis from Video Sequences
Pascal Fua, Armin Gruen, Ralf Plankers, Nicola D'Apuzzo
Page(s) 866-873
Conference Paper (PDF, 1509 KB)

Visualization of Classical Sites by 3D Computer Graphics Landscape Analysis of the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi
Juko Ito, Kostas Tokmakidis, Eiji Mamoto
Page(s) 874-877
Conference Paper (PDF, 694 KB)

Development of Transmission Route Advanced Design System (TRADES) by Using Visualizing Software
Shinya Ito, Kenji Terada, Junichi Iwasaki
Page(s) 878-881
Conference Paper (PDF, 738 KB)

A Visualization of the Variability of Spawning Ground Distribution of Japanese Common Squid (Todarades pacificus) using Marine-GIS and Satellite Data Sets
Hidetada Kiyofuji, Sei-ichi Saitoh, Yasunori Sakurai
Page(s) 882-887
Conference Paper (PDF, 1193 KB)

A New Method for Classification and Averaging of 3D Human Body Shape Based on the FFD Technique
Masaaki Mochimaru, Makiko Kouchi
Page(s) 888-893
Conference Paper (PDF, 1035 KB)

A New Method to Make Ortho-lmages and Stereoscopic Animations
Nobuhiko Mori
Page(s) 894-899
Conference Paper (PDF, 892 KB)

3D Facial Expression Tracking and Regeneration from Single Camera Image Based on Muscle Constraint Face Model
Shigeo Morishima
Page(s) 900-905
Conference Paper (PDF, 1082 KB)

Facial Animation from Several Images
Yasuhiro Mukaigawa, Yuichi Nakamura, Yuichi Ohta
Page(s) 906-911
Conference Paper (PDF, 1144 KB)

Parametric Animation of Digital Terrain Model Using Mt.Viewer
Shunji Murai, Kunihiko Ono, Hideharu Yanagi, Shigetaka Yasue
Page(s) 912-915
Conference Paper (PDF, 828 KB)

Shape and Motion Modeling of the Human Hand Using Range Data
Yoshihiro Yasumuro, Kunihiro Chihara, Qian Chen
Page(s) 916-919
Conference Paper (PDF, 657 KB)

GIS to Support the Planning; the Management and the Project of Conservation of Historical Centres
Carlo Monti, Raffaella Brumana, Luigi Fregonese, Cristiana Achille
Page(s) 920-926
Conference Paper (PDF, 1976 KB)

Modeling Hydrological Process with GIS and Finite Element Numerical Simulation; Towards a New Paradigm for the Sustainable Development: SAGESS_ Tunisie
Mohamed-Salah Bel Hadj Kacem, Jean-Loup Robert, Christopher Gold, Jean-Jacques Chevallier
Page(s) 927-932
Conference Paper (PDF, 830 KB)




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