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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXIV-4/W5, 2001

WG IV/3, IV/5, IV/6 and IV/7 Workshop
Challenges in Geo-Spatial Analysis, Integration and Visualization
29-31 October, 2001
Athens, Georgia, USA

Establishing Correlations in Multi-Dimensional GIS Databases
Peggy Agouris, Giorgos Mountrakis, Anthony Stefanidis
Page(s) 1-5
Conference Paper (PDF, 211 KB)

Interactive Maps for Visual Exploration of Grid Data
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Valery Gitis, Ivan Denissovitch
Page(s) 6-9
Conference Paper (PDF, 229 KB)

Change Detection and Extraction Between Raster Maps and Landsat 7 Imagery
C. Armenakis, F. Leduc, I. Cyr, F. Savopol, F. Cavayas
Page(s) 10-21
Conference Paper (PDF, 1317 KB)

Object-Oriented Image Analysis and Scale-Space: Theory and Methods for Modeling and Evaluating Multiscale Landscape Structure
Thomas Blaschke, Geoffrey J. Hay
Page(s) 22-29
Conference Paper (PDF, 1175 KB)

Automated Analysis of Ultra High Resolution Remote Sensing Data: GIS to the Rescue?
Manfred Ehlers, Monika Gähler, Ronald Janowsky
Page(s) 30-31
Conference Paper (PDF, 92 KB)

Three-Dimensional Photorealistic Maps from Data Fusion of Satellite Images and Photogrammetric Products
O. Georgoula, A. Koussoulakou, M. Papadopoulou, M. Tsakiri-Strati
Page(s) 32-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 65 KB)

Comparison of Internet-Based 3-D Geo-Visualisation Software
Michael Hahn, Admire Kandawasvika
Page(s) 33-33
Conference Paper (PDF, 64 KB)

Geopro3D - A Three-Dimensional GIS Tool for the Visualization and Analysis of the Water Table and Hydrogeological Profiles
Désirée Hilbring
Page(s) 34-40
Conference Paper (PDF, 198 KB)

ASTER DEM Accuracy Validation
Akira Hirano, Thomas Jordan, Roy Welch
Page(s) 41-41
Conference Paper (PDF, 67 KB)

Multimedia GIS: Analysis and Visualization of Spatial and Temporal Geographic Information
Shunfu Hu
Page(s) 42-47
Conference Paper (PDF, 746 KB)

Spatial Database Updating Using Active Contours for Multispectral Images: Application with Landsat7
Sylvie Jodouin, Layachi Bentabet, Djemel Ziou, Jean Vaillancourt
Page(s) 48-53
Conference Paper (PDF, 239 KB)

Development of Viewers for Interactive 3-D Visualisation of Geodata
Admire Kandawasvika, Michael Hahn
Page(s) 54-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 66 KB)

Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Representation and Analysis for Earthquake Disaster Management
Johannes Leebmann, J.B. Kyalo Kiema
Page(s) 55-60
Conference Paper (PDF, 197 KB)

Vector Geospatial Data Compression for WebGIS and Cartographic Generalization
Li Qingyuan
Page(s) 61-68
Conference Paper (PDF, 155 KB)

GIS-Based Spatial Information Integration, Modeling and Digital Mapping: A New Blend of Tool for Geospatial Environmental Health Analysis for Delhi Ridge
Madan Mohan
Page(s) 69-70
Conference Paper (PDF, 75 KB)

Spatiotemporal Analysis and Visualization for Environmental Studies
Marguerite Madden, Thomas Jordan
Page(s) 71-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 91 KB)

Region-Based Analysis of Digital Surface Models
Jochen Schiewe
Page(s) 73-76
Conference Paper (PDF, 215 KB)

Experiments with Scene Similarity Metrics in Mobile Imagery Analysis
Anthony Stefanidis, Peggy Agouris, Charalampos Georgiadis
Page(s) 77-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 108 KB)

Rule Based Interpretation of Unstructured Vector Data
Manuel Weindorf
Page(s) 79-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 60 KB)

Evaluation of Remotely Sensed Images for the Development of Coastal Zone Databases
Roy Welch, E. Lynn Usery
Page(s) 80-80
Conference Paper (PDF, 60 KB)

Analysis of Witness Statements Using 3D Virtual Reality City Reconstruction after the Enschede Fireworks Disaster, May 2000, The Netherlands
Wouter Brokx, Mark van Persie
Page(s) 81-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 333 KB)




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