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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII-3/W8, 2009

WG III/2, I/2, V/3, VII/7
Laserscanning '09
September 1-2, 2009
Paris, France
Editor(s): F. Bretar, M. Pierrot-Deseiligny, G. Vosselman

Object detection in airborne lidar data for improved solar radiation modeling in urban areas
Andreas Jochem, Bernhard Höfle, Markus Hollaus, Martin Rutzinger
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 941 KB)

Automatic Extraction of VerticalWalls from Mobile and Airborne Laser Scanning Data
Martin Rutzinger, Sander Oude Elberink, Shi Pu, George Vosselman
Page(s) 7-11
Conference Paper (PDF, 359 KB)

New Integration Approach of Photogrammetric and Lidar Techniques for Architectural Surveys
Francesco Nex, Fulvio Rinaudo
Page(s) 12-17
Conference Paper (PDF, 769 KB)

Verification of a building damage analysis and extension to surroundings of reference buildings
Miriam Hommel
Page(s) 18-23
Conference Paper (PDF, 1842 KB)

Adaptation of Roads to ALS Data by Means of Networks Snakes
Jens Goepfert, Franz Rottensteiner
Page(s) 24-29
Conference Paper (PDF, 496 KB)

Lidar Filtering Algorithm for Urban Flood Application
Ahmad Fikri Abdullah, Alias Abdul Rahman, Zoran Vojinovic
Page(s) 30-36
Conference Paper (PDF, 908 KB)

Denoising Point Cloud Data of Small-Structured Free Form-Surfaces Captured by a Phase-Based Laserscanner
Eva Richter
Page(s) 37-42
Conference Paper (PDF, 507 KB)

High Resolution Data from Laser Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry Terrestrial Methodologies. Test Site: An Architectural Surface
Massimo Fabris, Vladimiro Achilli, Giuseppe Artese, Ginevra Boatto, Denis Bragagnolo, Gianmaria Concheri, Roberto Meneghello, Andrea Menin, Aldo Trecroci
Page(s) 43-48
Conference Paper (PDF, 776 KB)

Target Graph Matching for Building Reconstruction
Sander Oude Elberink
Page(s) 49-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 483 KB)

Orientation and Processing of Airborne Laser Scanning data (OPALS) - concept and first results of a comprehensive ALS software
Gottfried Mandlburger, Johannes Otepka, Wilfried Karel, Wolfgang Wagner, Norbert Pfeifer
Page(s) 55-60
Conference Paper (PDF, 1615 KB)

An improved approach for automatic detection of changes in buildings
Leena Matikainen, Juha Hyyppä, Eero Ahokas, Lauri Markelin, Harri Kaartinen
Page(s) 61-67
Conference Paper (PDF, 1060 KB)

Effects on the measurements of the terrestrial laser scanner HDS 6000 (Leica) caused by different object materials
Thomas Voegtle, Sascha Wakaluk
Page(s) 68-74
Conference Paper (PDF, 328 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning Combined with Photogrammetry for Digital Outcrop Modeling
Simon Buckley, Ernesto Schwarz, Viktor Terlaky, John Howell, Bill Arnott
Page(s) 75-80
Conference Paper (PDF, 3204 KB)

Automatic Road Extraction from Lidar Data Based on Classifier Fusion in Urban Area
Farhad Samadzadegan, Behnaz Bigdeli, Michael Hahn
Page(s) 81-86
Conference Paper (PDF, 1055 KB)

Generation of Spatial Information System for Architecture with Laserscanning Data
Luigi Fregonese, Marco Scaioni, Laura Taffurelli
Page(s) 87-92
Conference Paper (PDF, 1718 KB)

Methods for the automatic geometric registration of terrestrial laser scanner point clouds in forest stands
Anne Bienert, Hans-Gerd Maas
Page(s) 93-98
Conference Paper (PDF, 1329 KB)

Application of TLS for Change Detection in Rock Faces
Mario Alba, Fabio Roncoroni, Marco Scaioni
Page(s) 99-104
Conference Paper (PDF, 2497 KB)

Automatic 3D Powerline Reconstruction Using Airborne LIDAR Data
Yoonseok Jwa, Gunho Sohn, Heungsik Brian Kim
Page(s) 105-110
Conference Paper (PDF, 848 KB)

Detection of curbstones in airborne laser scanning data
George Vosselman, Liang Zhou
Page(s) 111-116
Conference Paper (PDF, 1239 KB)

Automatically reconstructed roof shapes for LiDAR strip adjustment and quality control
Matthias Rentsch, Peter Krzystek
Page(s) 117-122
Conference Paper (PDF, 1241 KB)

Tree Crown Delineation from High Resolution Airborne Lidar Based on Densities of High Points
Muhammad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman, Ben Gorte
Page(s) 123-128
Conference Paper (PDF, 557 KB)

Curvature Analysis of Lidar Data for Single Tree Species Classification in alpine Latitude Forests
Andrea Barilotti, Fabio Crosilla, Francesco Sepic
Page(s) 129-134
Conference Paper (PDF, 1123 KB)

Combination of Low Pulse ALS Data and TERRASAR-X Radar images in the Estimation of Plot-Level Forest Variables
Markus Holopainen, Reija Haapanen, Mika Karjalainen, Mikko Vastaranta, Juha Hyyppä, Xiaowei Yu, Sakari Tuominen, Hannu Hyyppä
Page(s) 135-140
Conference Paper (PDF, 158 KB)

A role for Airborne Laser Scanning Intensity Data in Vertical Stratification of Multilayered Ecosystems
Felix Morsdorf, Anders Mårell, Eric Rigolot, Britta Allgöwer
Page(s) 141-146
Conference Paper (PDF, 1404 KB)

Comparison of ALS-Based Low-Pulse Density Forest Inventories
Mikko Vastaranta, Markus Holopainen, Reija Haapanen, Xiaowei Yu, Timo Melkas, Juha Hyyppä, Hannu Hyyppä
Page(s) 147-151
Conference Paper (PDF, 141 KB)

Estimating Vertical Leaf Area Density Profiles of Tree Canopies Using Three-Dimensional Portable Lidar Imaging
Fumiki Hosoi, Kenji Omasa
Page(s) 152-157
Conference Paper (PDF, 2239 KB)

A Deciduous-Coniferous Classification and Internal Structure Derivation Using Airborne Lidar Data
Connie Ko, Gunho Sohn, Tarmo Remmel
Page(s) 158-163
Conference Paper (PDF, 431 KB)

Referencing of images to laser scanner data using linear features extracted from digital images and range images
Nadine Meierhold, Armin Schmich
Page(s) 164-170
Conference Paper (PDF, 1497 KB)

The Impact of Angle Parametrisation on Terrestrial Laser Scanner Self-Calibration
Derek Lichti
Page(s) 171-176
Conference Paper (PDF, 252 KB)

Calibration of a Riegl LMS-Z420i based on a multi-station adjustment and a geometric model with additional parameters
Danilo Schneider
Page(s) 177-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 255 KB)

Incidence angle influence on the quality of Terrestrial Laser Scanning points
Sylvie Soudarissanane, Roderik Lindenbergh, Massimo Menenti, Peter Teunissen
Page(s) 183-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 2681 KB)

Automatic 3D Points Cloud Registration for Cultural Heritage Documentation
Eleftherios Tournas, Maria Tsakiri
Page(s) 189-194
Conference Paper (PDF, 2175 KB)

Investigating adjustment of Airborne Laser Scanning strips without usage of GNSS/IMU trajectory data
Camillo Ressl, Gottfried Mandlburger, Norbert Pfeifer
Page(s) 195-200
Conference Paper (PDF, 3056 KB)

A stochastic approach for modelling airborne lidar waveforms,
Clément Mallet, Florent Lafarge, Frédéric Bretar, Michel Roux, Uwe Soergel, Christian Heipke
Page(s) 201-206
Conference Paper (PDF, 1472 KB)

Airborne Lidar feature Selection for urban classification using random forests,
Nesrine Chehata, Li Guo, Clément Mallet
Page(s) 207-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 1127 KB)

Normalization of Lidar Intensity Data Based on Range and Surface Incidence Angle
Boris Jutzi, Hermann Gross
Page(s) 213-218
Conference Paper (PDF, 984 KB)

Topographic and Distance Effects in Laser Scanner Intensity Correction
Sanna Kaasalainen, Ants Vain, Anssi Krooks, Antero Kukko
Page(s) 219-223
Conference Paper (PDF, 634 KB)

Integration of full-waveform information into the airborne laser scanning data filtering process
Yu-Ching Lin, Jon Mills
Page(s) 224-229
Conference Paper (PDF, 1515 KB)

Semantic feature based registration of terrestrial point clouds
Anisha Thapa, Shi Pu, Markus Gerke
Page(s) 230-235
Conference Paper (PDF, 451 KB)

Automatic Break Line Determination for the Generation of a DTM Along the River Main
Christian Briese, Gottfried Mandlburger, Camillo Ressl, Herbert Brockmann
Page(s) 236-241
Conference Paper (PDF, 3254 KB)

Pathway detection and geometrical description from ALS data in forested mountaneous area
Nicolas David, Clément Mallet, Thomas Pons, Adrien Chauve, Frédéric Bretar
Page(s) 242-247
Conference Paper (PDF, 4103 KB)

Color-Based Segmentation of Point Clouds
Qingming Zhan, Yubin Liang, Yinghui Xiao
Page(s) 248-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 423 KB)

Robust Pose Estimation of Moving Objects Using Laser Camera Data for Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking
Farhad Aghili, Marcin Kuryllo, Galina Okouneva, Don McTavish
Page(s) 253-258
Conference Paper (PDF, 1355 KB)

A Feature Based Approach to Automatic Change Detection from Lidar Data in Urban Areas
Kyoungah Choi, Impyeong Lee, Seongjoon Kim
Page(s) 259-264
Conference Paper (PDF, 1096 KB)

Investigations on Ambiguity Unwrapping of Range Images
Boris Jutzi
Page(s) 265-270
Conference Paper (PDF, 422 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Cloud Denoising for Small Size Objects
Eddie Smigiel, Emmanuel Alby, Pierre Grussenmeyer
Page(s) 271-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 951 KB)

Variants to compute variance information for mass data
Harald Vennegeerts, Hansjörg Kutterer
Page(s) 277-282
Conference Paper (PDF, 864 KB)

A New Method for Individual Tree Delineation and Undergrowth Removal from High Resolution Airborne Lidar
Muhammad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman, Ben Gorte, Alexander Bucksch
Page(s) 283-288
Conference Paper (PDF, 1111 KB)

Estimating Carbon Stocks of ConiferousWoody Canopy Trees Using Airborne Lidar and Passive Optical Sensor
Yohei Nakai, Fumiki Hosoi, Kenji Omasa
Page(s) 289-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 1456 KB)

Filtering of TLS Point Clouds for the Generation of DTM in Salt-Marsh Areas
Alberto Guarnieri, Francesco Pirotti, Antonio Vettore, Marco Marani
Page(s) 293-298
Conference Paper (PDF, 4915 KB)

Operational Mapping of the Environmental Condition of Riparian Zones over Large Regions from LiDAR Data
Kasper Johansen, Lara Arroyo, Stuart Phinn
Page(s) 299-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 7114 KB)

Ortho-Rectified Facade Image by Fusion of 3D Laser Data and Optical Images
Ayman Zureiki, Michel Roux
Page(s) 305-310
Conference Paper (PDF, 2432 KB)

Usability of Sunlit - Shaded Area Separation in Individual Tree Species Classification
Eetu Puttonen, Paula Litkey, Juha Hyyppä
Page(s) 311-316
Conference Paper (PDF, 273 KB)

Aerial Images and Lidar Data Fusion for Automatic Feature Extraction using the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) Classifier
Mahmoud Salah, John Trinder, Ahmed Shaker, Mahmoud Hamed, Ali Elsagheer
Page(s) 317-322
Conference Paper (PDF, 1319 KB)

Decision Trees on Lidar to Classify Land Uses and Covers
Jorge Garcia-Gutierrez, Luis Gonçalves-Seco, Jose C. Riquelme-Santos
Page(s) 323-328
Conference Paper (PDF, 580 KB)

Filtering of Artifacts and Pavement Segmentation from Mobile LiDAR Data
Jorge Hernandez, Beatriz Marcotegui
Page(s) 329-333
Conference Paper (PDF, 1811 KB)

Clustering of Lidar Data Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Urban area
Farhad Samadzadegan, Sara Saeedi
Page(s) 334-339
Conference Paper (PDF, 669 KB)




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