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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII-4/W25, 2011

WG IV/1, IV/2, IV/4, IV/5, WG IV/7, ICWG IV/VIII
ISPRS Workshop on
Geospatial Data Infrastructure: From Data Acquisition and Updating to Smarter Services
October 20-21, 2011
Guilin, China
Editor(s): JIANG Jie, WANG Qian

Keynote Speeches

Smart Services to Create an ESDI from NSDI: The European Challenge
Andreas Illert
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 919 KB)

Web-based Services

A DTM Multiresolution Compressed Model for Efficient Data Storage and Network Transfer
Ludovico Biagi, Maria Antonia Brovelli, Giorgio Zamboni
Page(s) 7-13
Conference Paper (PDF, 659 KB)

Integration of heterogenous digital surface models
R. Boesch, C. Ginzler
Page(s) 14-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 725 KB)

Geospatial Service Web based on World Map: Sharing data, Information, and Knowledge through the Internet
Jianya Gong, Huayi Wu, Peng Yue, Xinyan Zhu, Wenxiu Gao
Page(s) 19-22
Conference Paper (PDF, 626 KB)

Towards introducing a geocoding information system for Greenland
Janis Siksnans, Hans R. Pirupshvarre, Morten Lind, Darka Mioc, François Anton
Page(s) 23-27
Conference Paper (PDF, 911 KB)

DIY Geospatial Service Chains: GeoChaining makes it easy
Huayi WU, Lan YOU, Zhipeng GUI
Page(s) 28-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 823 KB)

An Approach to Dynamic geospatial information Service Composition based on Context relationship
Dayu CHENG, Faliang WANG
Page(s) 33-37
Conference Paper (PDF, 599 KB)

An Ontology-Based Approach to Incorporate User-Generated Geo-Content into SDI
Dong-Po DENG, Rob Lemmens
Page(s) 38-43
Conference Paper (PDF, 1326 KB)

Design and Practice on Metadata Service System of Surveying and Mapping Results based on GeoNetwork
Zhuhua ZHA, Xu ZHOU
Page(s) 44-48
Conference Paper (PDF, 658 KB)

A Comparative Study of Spatial Data Harvest Standards
Yunxuan YAN, Guoqin LI, Jibo XIE, Lixia GUO
Page(s) 49-55
Conference Paper (PDF, 767 KB)

WYSIWYG Geoprocessing: Coupling Sensor Web and Geoprocessing Services in Virtual Globes
Xi ZHAI, Jianya GONG, Peng YUE, Ziheng SUN, Xianchang LU
Page(s) 56-61
Conference Paper (PDF, 817 KB)

The semantic retrieval of spatial data service based on ontology in SIG
Shengtao SUN, Ding-Sheng LIU, Guo-Qing LI, Wen-Yang YU
Page(s) 62-67
Conference Paper (PDF, 837 KB)

Change Detection and Data Updating

Updating Geospatial Data from Large Scale Data Sources
Renliang ZHAO, Jun CHEN, Donghua WANG, Yaoling SHANG, Zhongxiang WANG, Xuemei LI, Tinghua AI
Page(s) 68-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 713 KB)

Multiple-model Based Update of Belgian Reference Road Data
M. Ziems, J. Beyen, S. Mueller, S. Roovers, C. Heipke
Page(s) 73-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 1454 KB)

Second Generation Mosaic: A Novel Mechanism Based on Reference Database for Map Updating
Gaoxiang HU, Frank Bignone
Page(s) 80-86
Conference Paper (PDF, 1321 KB)

Multi-stage Approach to Travel-Mode Segmentation and Classification Analysis of GPS Traces
Lijuan ZHANG, Sagi Dalyot, Daniel Eggert, Monika Sester
Page(s) 87-93
Conference Paper (PDF, 807 KB)

Comparison of GOSAT CAI and SPOT VGT NDVI data with Different Season and Land Cover in East Asia
Yang LIU, Xiufeng WANG, Meng GUO, Hiroshi TANI
Page(s) 94-97
Conference Paper (PDF, 1260 KB)

Multi-sensor Network for Landslides simulation and Hazard Monitoring - Design and Deployment
Hangbin WU, Gang QIAO, Ping LU, Tiantian FENG, Yixiang TIAN, Hongchao FAN, Shijie LIU, Chun LIU, Xiaohua TONG, Weian WANG, Yunzhong SHEN, Zequn GUAN, Rongxing LI
Page(s) 98-103
Conference Paper (PDF, 1438 KB)

Advanced Procedure for the Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development on Basis of Topographical Geodata Sets in the IOER-Monitor
Gotthard Meinel
Page(s) 104-109
Conference Paper (PDF, 1531 KB)

The partition of Multi-Resolution LOD based on QTM
Miao-Le HOU, Hua-Qiao XING, Xuesheng ZHAO, Jun CHEN
Page(s) 110-115
Conference Paper (PDF, 809 KB)

Change Detection Method for Topographic Features Using HJ Image and TM Image
Xiaoying HE
Page(s) 116-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 909 KB)

Planetary Mapping and Databases

Evaluation of Rational Function Model for Geometric Modeling of Chang’E-1 CCD Images
Yiliang LIU, Kaichang DI
Page(s) 121-125
Conference Paper (PDF, 829 KB)

Crossover Analysis of Chang’E-1 Laser Altimeter Data
Wenmin HU, Zongyu YUE, Kaichang DI
Page(s) 126-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 1778 KB)

Topographic local roughness extraction and calibration over Martian surface by very high resolution stereo analysis and multi sensor data fusion
J.R. Kim, J.G. Park
Page(s) 131-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 2607 KB)

Construction of a 3D Measurable Virtual Reality Environment Based on Ground Panoramic Images and Orbital Imagery for Planetary Exploration Applications
Kaichang DI, Jian LIANG, Zhaoqin LIU
Page(s) 137-141
Conference Paper (PDF, 817 KB)

Data Acquiring and Applications

Derivation of tree canopy cover by multiscale remote sensing approach
Weicheng WU
Page(s) 142-149
Conference Paper (PDF, 1435 KB)

Study of wetland information enhancement approach based on landsat ETM data
Zhenhua ZHANG, Shufang TIAN, Wei DANG
Page(s) 150-152
Conference Paper (PDF, 844 KB)

A Hybrid Approach to Extraction and refinement of Building Footprints from Airborne LIDAR data
Hai HUANG, Monika Sester
Page(s) 153-158
Conference Paper (PDF, 2427 KB)

DEM Extraction from Chang'E-1 LAM Data by Surface Skinning Technology
Xiao-Bin ZHANG, Wu-Ming ZHANG
Page(s) 159-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 751 KB)

Software Architecture Design of GIS Web Service Aggreation Based on Service Group
Jian-Chuan LIU, Jun YANG, Ming-Jian TAN, Quan GAN
Page(s) 163-167
Conference Paper (PDF, 695 KB)




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