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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII-8/W20, 2011

ISPRS Bhopal 2011 Workshop
Earth Observation for Terrestrial Ecosystem
8 November 2011
Bhopal, India
Editor(s): Sushma Panigrahy, Shibendu S. Ray and Alfredo R. Huete

Invited Lectures

Recent Results from EO Studies on Indian Carbon Cycle Assessment
V.K. Dadhwal, S.P.S. Kushwaha, Sarnam Singh, N.R. Patel, R.K. Nayak, P. Patil, C.B.S. Dutt, M.S.R. Murthy, C.S. Jha, G. Rajsekhar, G.S. Pujar, Shivam Trivedi, Neerja Sharma, M.M. Ali
Page(s) 3-9
Conference Paper (PDF, 139 KB)

Geospatial Characterization of Biodiversity: Need and Challenges
P.S. Roy
Page(s) 10-16
Conference Paper (PDF, 206 KB)

NASA Earth Exchange: Next Generation Earth Science Collaborative (Abstract Only)
Ramakrishna Nemani
Page(s) 17
Conference Paper (PDF, 30 KB)

The 2005 and 2010 Amazonian Droughts as seen by MODIS (Abstract Only)
Ranga B. Myneni
Page(s) 18
Conference Paper (PDF, 32 KB)

Monitoring Phenological Variability across a Tropical Savanna Aridity Gradient with Remote Sensing across Seasonal to Annual and Extreme Events (Abstract Only)
A. Huete, D. Eamus, X. Ma, N. Restrepo-Coupe, N. Boulain, L. Hutley
Page(s) 19
Conference Paper (PDF, 42 KB)


Use of Earth Observation for Geospatial Crop Water Accounting of Rain-Fed Agro-Ecosystem In India
Patel N. R., Sarkar Manish, Suresh Kumar
Page(s) 23-28
Conference Paper (PDF, 223 KB)

Understanding Spatial Variability of Cropping System Response to Climate Change in Punjab State of India using Remote Sensing Data and Simulation Model
Rojalin Tripathy, Shibendu S. Ray, Harsimran Kaur, S. K. Jalota, S. K. Bal, Sushma Panigrahy
Page(s) 29-33
Conference Paper (PDF, 201 KB)

Microwave Remote Sensing in Soil Quality Assessment
S.K. Saha
Page(s) 34-39
Conference Paper (PDF, 560 KB)

Cropping Systems Dynamics in the Lower Gangetic Plains of India using Geospatial Technologies
K.R. Manjunath, Nitai Kundu, S.S. Ray, Sushma Panigrahy, J.S. Parihar
Page(s) 40-45
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

Inventory of Irrigated Rice Ecosystem using Polarimetric SAR Data
P. Srikanth, K.V. Ramana, T. Prasad Shankar, K.K. Choudhary, K. Chandrasekhar, M.V.R. Sesha Sai, G. Behera
Page(s) 46-49
Conference Paper (PDF, 1529 KB)

Assessment of Early Season Agricultural Drought through Land Surface Water Index (LSWI) and Soil Water Balance Model
K. Chandrasekar, M.V.R. Sesha Sai, G. Behera
Page(s) 50
Conference Paper (PDF, 1480 KB)

Spatial Temporal Sowing Pattern of Rapeseed-Mustard Crop in India using Multi-Date IRS AWiFS Data
D.R. Rajak, H.A. Patel, K.N. Chaudhari, N.K. Patel, S. Panigrahy, J.S. Parihar
Page(s) 56
Conference Paper (PDF, 544 KB)

Features of TERRA \ MOD11A2DAY in Operational Forecast of Grain Crops Yield in Kazakhstan with an 8 Day Renewal (Abstract Only)
Alexy Terekhov
Page(s) 61
Conference Paper (PDF, 37 KB)

Forest and Environment

Graph Theory and Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Forest Patch Connectivity Analysis
B.S. Shanthala Devi, M.S.R. Murthy, G.S Pujar, Bijan Debnath
Page(s) 65-70
Conference Paper (PDF, 271 KB)

Analysis of Multi-Temporal Satellite Data for Forest Fire Characterisation over Central Indian Region - A Climate Change Perspective
Bijan Debnath, T.R. Kiran Chand, G. Rajashekar, M.S.R. Murthy
Page(s) 71-75
Conference Paper (PDF, 928 KB)

Energy Balance And CO2 Exchange Behaviour In Sub‐Tropical Young Pine Plantation
B.K. Bhattacharya, Nilendu Singh, Prafulla Soni, J.S. Parihar
Page(s) 76-81
Conference Paper (PDF, 1471 KB)

Man In Biosphere Reserve: A Remote Sensing Study in Similipal, Orissa
Anima Biswal, Sumit Mukherjee, A. Jeyaram, Y.V.N. Krishna Murthy
Page(s) 82-86
Conference Paper (PDF, 95 KB)

Diurnal and Seasonal Variation of Measured Atmospheric CO2 at Dehradun During 2009
Neerja Sharma, V.K. Dadhwal, M.M. Ali
Page(s) 87-90
Conference Paper (PDF, 178 KB)

Alarming System for Shifting Wild Animals from Forest During Flood using DTED and Finite Numerical Methods
Rakesh K. Arya
Page(s) 91-95
Conference Paper (PDF, 215 KB)

Variability of Atmospheric CO2 over India and Surrounding Oceans and Control By Surface Fluxes
R.K. Nayak, V.K. Dadhwal, A. Majumdar, N.R. Patel, C.B.S. Dutt
Page(s) 96-101
Conference Paper (PDF, 222 KB)

Impact of El Niño and La Niña on Soil Moisture- Precipitation Feedback of Indian Monsoon over Central India
Abhishek Lodh, Somnath Jha, Ramesh Raghava
Page(s) 102-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 548 KB)

Wildfire Induced Degradation of Woody Vegetation in Dry Zone of Kazakhstan (Abstract Only)
Alexy Terekhov
Page(s) 109
Conference Paper (PDF, 38 KB)

Biophysical Parameters

Spatial Pattern of Temporal Trend of Crop Phenology Matrices over India using Time series GIMMS NDVI Data (1982-2006)
Abhishek Chakraborty, Prabir Kumar Das, M.V.R. Sesha Sai, G. Behera
Page(s) 113-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 160 KB)

Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Leaf Area Index In Different Forest Types Of India Using High Temporal Remote Sensing Data

Page(s) 119-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 257 KB)

Inter-Annual Variability of Net Ecosystem Productivity over India
R.K. Nayak, V.K. Dadhwal, N.R. Patel, C.B.S. Dutt
Page(s) 125-128
Conference Paper (PDF, 141 KB)

Sensitivity Analysis of Biome-Bgc Model for Dry Tropical Forests of Vindhyan Highlands, India

Page(s) 129-133
Conference Paper (PDF, 89 KB)

Satellite Driven Estimation of Primary Productivity of Agro-Ecosystems in India
N.R. Patel, V.K. Dadhwal, S. Agrawal, S.K. Saha
Page(s) 134-139
Conference Paper (PDF, 174 KB)

Vulnerability of Vegetation In Parts of Himalayas And Dynamic Global Vegetation Modelling (DGVM) – Study Using VNIR and Thermal Responses of MODIS Time Series Data
G.S. Pujar, Harika B, M.S.R. Murthy, V.K. Dadhwal
Page(s) 140-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 3304 KB)

Remote Sensing based Biophysical Characterization of Tropical Deciduous Forest in Central India
R.P. Singh, S.K. Goroshi, N.K. Sharma, G.D. Bairagi, R. Sharma, P. Jalil, Avinash Jain, Ajit Sonakia, J.S. Parihar
Page(s) 145-149
Conference Paper (PDF, 124 KB)

Assessment of Plant Functional Types in Tropical Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystems of India Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS (Abstract Only)
C. Sudhakar Reddy, P. Hari Krishna, M.S.R. Murthy
Page(s) 150
Conference Paper (PDF, 34 KB)

Research Advances on Radiation Transfer Modeling and Inversion for Multi-Scale Land Surface Remote Sensing (Abstract Only)
Qinhuo Liu
Page(s) 151
Conference Paper (PDF, 44 KB)

Ecosystem Dynamics

Forest Ecosystem Dynamics Assessment and Predictive Modelling In Eastern Himalaya
S.P.S. Kushwaha, S. Nandy, M. Ahmad, Reshu Agarwal
Page(s) 155-161
Conference Paper (PDF, 154 KB)

Alpine Vegetation Ecotone Dynamics in Gangotri Catchment using Remote Sensing Techniques
C.P. Singh, S. Panigrahy, J.S. Parihar
Page(s) 162-169
Conference Paper (PDF, 1219 KB)

Desert Ecosystems : Mapping, Monitoring & Assessment using Satellite Remote Sensing
A.S. Arya, Ajai, P.S. Dhinwa, V.S. Arya, R.S. Hooda
Page(s) 170-174
Conference Paper (PDF, 134 KB)

Analysis of Seasonal And Annual Change of Vegetation in the Indian Thar Desert using Modis Data

Page(s) 175-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 190 KB)

Multi-Decadal Fluvio-Geomorphological and Bankline Changes of the Ganga River around Ballia and Rudrapur using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
Ami J. Desai, A.S. Arya, R.D. Shah
Page(s) 179-183
Conference Paper (PDF, 155 KB)

Assessing the impacts of Climate Change on Terrestrial Ecosystems in Bhavanisagar Reservoir and its Surroundings, using Multitemporal Satellite Data and GIS Techniques (Abstract Only)
G. Balamurugan, G. Meiyappa, V. Thirukumaran
Page(s) 184
Conference Paper (PDF, 34 KB)

Wetland Ecosystem

National Level Assessment of Mangrove Forest Cover in Pakistan
S. Abbas, F.M. Qamer, N. Hussain, R. Saleem, K.T. Nitin
Page(s) 187-192
Conference Paper (PDF, 375 KB)

Automated Algorithm for Extraction of Wetlands From IRS Resourcesat LISS III  Data
S. Subramaniam, Manoj Saxena
Page(s) 193-198
Conference Paper (PDF, 172 KB)

Monitoring of Structural Components And Water Balance as an Aid to Wetland Management Using Geospatial Techniques – A Case Study for Nalsarovar Lake, Gujarat
T.V.R. Murthy, Sushma Panigrahy
Page(s) 199-203
Conference Paper (PDF, 162 KB)

Oil Detection in A Coastal Marsh with Polarimetric SAR (Abstract Only)
Elijah Ramsey III, Amina Rangoonwala, Yukihiro Suzuoki, Terri Bannister
Page(s) 204
Conference Paper (PDF, 30 KB)




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