ISPRS - Technical Commission V 2004-2008

Close-Range Sensing: Analysis and Applications


Hans-Gerd Maas, PresidentHans-Gerd Maas
Dresden University of Technology
Inst. of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
01062 Dresden
+ 49-351-46333680
+ 49-351-46337266



Danilo Schneider, SecretaryDanilo Schneider
Dresden University of Technology
Inst. of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Helmholtzstr. 10
01062 Dresden
+ 49-351-46333144
+ 49-351-46337266


Terms of Reference
  • Investigation of systems and algorithms for real-time imaging
  • Development, evaluation and promotion of vision metrology technology with special consideration of CAD/CAAD and spatial information systems
  • Integration of three-dimensional modeling concepts into image analysis processes
  • Integration of multiple sensors and data fusion for advanced object extraction
  • Design and development of image sequence analysis procedures
  • Development of vision-based techniques for visualization, virtual environments and animation
  • Support and promotion of a variety of existing and potential applications, such as industrial, heritage, mobile mapping, medical, biomechanics and robotics




ICWG V/I - Integrated Systems for Mobile Mapping

Naser El-Sheimy

University of Calgary
Faculty of Engineering, Geomatics Engineering
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
+ 1-403-220-7587
+ 1-403-284-1980

Antonio Vettore

Univeristy of Padua
CIRGEO, Interdept. Research Center for Geomatics
Viale dell'Universita 16
35020 Agripolis, Legnaro (Padova)
+ 39-49-827-2688 (-2522)
+ 39-49-827-2686

Jan Skaloud

Geodetic Engineering Laboratory (TOPO)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
Bâtiment GR
CH-1015 Lausanne
+ 41-21-693-2753
+ 41-21-693-5740

Mohamed Mostafa

Applanix Corporation Chief Technical Authority
Airborne Systems Applanix Corporation
85 Leek Cr., Richmond Hill
Ontario, L4B 3B3
+ 1-905-709-4600, +1-416-854-6724
+ 1-905-709-7153
ICWG V/I  Terms of Reference
  • Integrated Navigation systems for direct georeferencing.
  • Integration with other data sources, in particular laser scanners data.
  • Data fusion of land and airborne mobile mapping systems.
  • Emerging intelligent processing techniques
  • Future trends in the development of ISMM and Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS).
  • New areas of ISMM applications


WG V/1 - Industrial Vision Metrology Systems and Applications

Thomas Luhmann

University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg
Institut für Angewandte Photogrammetrie und Geoinformatik
Ofener Strasse 16/19
26121 Oldenburg
+ 49-441-7708-3172
+ 49-441-7708-3170

Frank van den Heuvel

CycloMedia Technology B.V. 68
NL - 4180 BB Waardenburg
The Netherlands
+ 31-418 65 39 72
+ 31-418 65 33 14

Werner Tecklenburg

University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg
Institut für Angewandte Photogrammetrie und Geoinformatik
Ofener Strasse 16/19
26121 Oldenburg
+ 49-441-7708-3164
+ 49-441-7708-3170
WG V/1  Terms of Reference
  • Passive and active vision systems for industrial metrology, automation in vision metrology, image engineering.
  • Multi-sensor and hybrid systems.
  • Sensor and system calibration, accuracy assessment and verification, discussion of standards.
  • Free-form surface measurement techniques, illumination and projection methods (structured light, illumination algorithms).
  • On-line and real-time systems, dynamic and high-speed processes.
  • Machine vision, industrial quality control and industrial robotics.
  • CAD/CAM integration and modelling, use of domain knowledge for automation
  • New application fields.
  • Cooperation with CMSC (Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference) and national/international standards organizations.
  • Integration of system manufacturers and service providers


WG V/2 - Cultural Heritage Documentation

Pierre Grussenmeyer

National Institute of Applied Sciences of Strasbourg
Photogrammetry & Geomatics Group
24, Boulevard de la Victoire
67084 Strasbourg Cedex
+ 33-388-144733
+ 33-388-144733

Klaus Hanke

Universität Innsbruck
Institut für Geodäsie
Technikerstrasse 13
6020 Innsbruck
+ 43-512-507-6752
+ 43-512-507-2910

Tania Landes

National Institute of Applied Sciences of Strasbourg
Photogrammetry & Geomatics Group
24, Boulevard de la Victoire
67084 Strasbourg Cedex
+ 33-388-144734
+ 33-388-144733

Regional Coord. Fareast - CIPA representative
Yutaka Takase

CAD Center Corporation
1-7-16, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 151-0051
+ 81-3-3470-8701
+ 81-3-3470-8707

Regional Coord. Neareast/Mideast
Murat Celikoyan

Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Dept. of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering
Division of Photogrammetry
80626 - Maslak - Istanbul
+ 90-212-28565-62
+ 90-212-28565-87

Regional Coord. Africa
Heinz Ruther

University of Cape Town
Department of Geomatics
Rondebosch 7700
South Africa
+ 27-21650-3573
+ 27-21650-3572
WG V/2  Terms of Reference
  • Development and integration of close-range vision techniques and spatial information systems for recording, mapping, 3D modelling and visualization of structures of architectural significance and objects of importance to the cultural heritage.
  • Promotion of innovative technologies and development of new products in support of archaeology, architecture and conservation for imaging, data processing, modelling, visualization, archiving and information management.
  • Integration of computer graphics with close-range vision techniques for digital archives or Virtual Reality museums.
  • Development and integration of close-range imagery with aerial and satellite images, and spatial information systems to enhance 3D reconstruction and documentation of areas, monuments and buildings for cultural heritage.
  • Development of strategies and best practices for longtime storage and archiving of digital imagery for documentation of Cultural Heritage.
  • Development of low-cost and rapid techniques in documentation and monitoring of the cultural heritage.
  • Development of standard procedures and products in cooperation with related disciplines.
  • Promotion and use of Internet techniques, VR techniques and animation techniques to facilitate promotion of cultural heritage.
  • Close cooperation with related disciplines, and with national and international groups (e.g. CIPA), as well as ISPRS WGs and regional groups


WG V/3 - Terrestrial Laserscanning

Derek D. Lichti

Curtin University of Technology
Department of Spatial Sciences
GPO Box U1987
Perth, WA 6845
+ 61-8-9266-2691
+ 61-8-9266-2703

Norbert Pfeifer

Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Vienna University of Technology

Marco Scaioni

Politecnico di Milano
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Idraulica, Ambientale, Infrastrutture Viarie, Rilevamento (D.I.I.A.R.)
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32
20133 Milano
+ 39 02 2399 8777
+ 39 02 2399 6239
WG V/3  Terms of Reference
  • Automated techniques for sensor orientation, including practical evaluation of registration algorithms.
  • Scene classification and feature extraction (in collaboration with WG III/3 - Vosselman/Brenner).
  • Integration with other data sources, particularly imagery for texture mapping, and other sensors for observing exterior orientation elements.
  • Modelling of systematic error sources and development of calibration procedures.
  • Modelling laser scanner measurement processes internal and external to the instrument.
  • Practical application of terrestrial laser scanners for engineering, cultural heritage recording, forestry and other applications.
  • Collaboration with FIG Task Force 6.1.5 'Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Deformation Monitoring'


WG V/4 - Virtual Reality and Computer Animation

Sabry El-Hakim

Visual Information Technology Group
Insitute for Information Technology
National Research Council Canada
1200 Montreal Road, Building M-50
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0R6
+ 1-613-991-6381
+ 1-613-952-0215

Fabio Remondino

Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
ETH Hoenggerberg - HIL D52
8093 Zurich
+ 41-1-633-3058
+ 41-1-633-1101

Jan Böhm

Stuttgart University
Institute of Photogrammetry
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24
D-70174 Stuttgart
+ 49-711-121-4110
+ 49-711-121-3297

Regional Coord. Asia
Qingquan Li

Wuhan University
Institute of Geoinformatics
Wuhan 430072
P. R. China
+ 86-27-8768-6512, + 86-27-8768-2547
+ 86-27-8788-2661
WG V/4  Terms of Reference
  • Increasing the automation in VE contents creation; streamlining the process of creating complex environments from multiple data sources; defining and assessing accuracy requirements.
  • Real-time visualization and interactive manipulation of detailed and highly textured surfaces; defining and assessing realism and level of details requirements.
  • Use of photogrammetric and computer vision techniques for the dynamic analysis of human motion and the animations of virtual characters.
  • Promotion of VR applications from reconstructed 3D scenes and human characters, requiring 3D models created with photogrammetric techniques, or with other integrated techniques.
  • Location based services (combination of mobile computational capabilities, imaging capabilities, positioning devices and network access), applications for virtual and augmented reality techniques and mobile information systems.
  • Collaboration with computer graphics, computer vision, medical/biomedical engineering, human/apparel engineering, and ergonomics communities; cooperation with CIPA, ISB and ACM-SIGGRAPH.


WG V/5 - Development in Image Sensor Technology

Ralf Reulke

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Informatik, Computer Vision
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin
+ 49-30-2093-3044
+ 49-30-2093-3045

Sergej Zheltov

Russian Federation State Research Center
State Research Institute of Aviation System (GosNIIAS)
7, Victorenko str.
Moscow 125319
+ 7-095-157-9414
+ 7-095-157-3900

Uwe Knauer

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Informatik, Computer Vision
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin
+ 49-30-2093-3050
+ 49-30-2093-3045
WG V/5  Terms of Reference
  • Design, characterization, calibration and evaluation of imaging sensors for close range photogrammery and terrestrial application.
  • Evaluation of image sensors (CCD, CMOS, IR-Bolometer), thermal systems and time-of-flight based range image sensors.
  • Evaluation of non-standard imaging principles (panoramic cameras, fisheye systems, catadioptric sensors and other omni-directional vision techniques).
  • Sensor and system integration, application of sensor networks.
  • Geometric and radiometric properties of image data, quality standards, and factors (environmental and others) affecting data quality.


WG V/6 - Medical Image Analysis, Human Motion and Body Measurement

Petros Patias

Aristotle University
Faculty of Surveying Engineering
Dept. of Cadastre, Photogrammetry and Cartography
Unive Box 473
GR-54006 Thessaloniki
+ 30-2310-9961-16
+ 30-2310-9961-28

Board Member
Nicola D'Apuzzo

Homometrica Consulting
Culmannstrasse 59
CH-8006 Zurich
+ 41-79-3939-786

Board Member
Hans Peter Meinzer

German Cancer Research Center
Dept. Medical and Biological Informatics
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
D-69120 Heidelberg
+ 49-6221-42-2366
+ 49-6221-42-2345

Board Member
Gabor Szekely

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Computer Vision Laboratory
Medical Image Analysis and Visualization Group
ETH-Zentrum Sternwartstrasse 7
CH-8092 Zurich
+ 41-1-632-5288
+ 41-1-632-1199

Board Member
Serge van Sint Jan

University of Brussels (ULB)
Department of Anatomy
Lennik Street 808
B-1070 Brussels
+ 32-2-555-6325
+ 32-2-555-6378

Board Member
Harvey Mitchell

The University of Newcastle
Faculty of Eng. and Built Environment
University Drive
Callaghan, NSW 2308
+ 61-2-4921 6055
+ 61-2-4921 6991

Board Member
Petros Koidis

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Dental School
Dept. of Fixed Prosthesis & Implants Prosthodontics
GR-54124 Thessaloniki
+ 30-2310-999-659
+ 30-2310-999-676
WG V/6  Terms of Reference
  • Research and development in techniques and systems for analysis and 3D reconstruction in medical imaging, dentistry, and biomaterial engineering, biomedical and biomechanical engineering, tele-medicine, advanced 3D computer vision techniques and medical VR/AR.
  • Research and development in techniques and systems for analysis, 3D reconstruction and applications in sport medicine and fitness (e.g. motion capture, human gait analysis, full body measurement, shape tracking) and face and expression analysis.
  • Vision techniques in biometry research, security applications and forensics.
  • Applications of 3D surface measurement techniques for medical applications (orthodontics, prosthetics, orthopedics, plastic surgery, reconstructive medicine, forensic medicine, dentistry, ORL, cosmetics).
  • Applications of 3D motion capture techniques for clinical motion analysis, registration of patient-specific data.
  • Adaptation of photogrammetric techniques for geometric modelling and (self-)calibration of X-ray and tomography systems.
  • Cooperation and collaboration between ISPRS and the communities of medical/biomedical engineering, human/user interface development and animation




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