ISPRS - Technical Commission VII 2004-2008

Thematic Processing, Modeling and Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data


John L. van Genderen, PresidentJohn L. van Genderen
Department of Earth Observation Science
ITC PO Box 6
7500 AA Enschede



Andrew K. Skidmore, Vice-PresidentAndrew K. Skidmore
Department of Natural Resources
ITC PO Box 6
7500 AA Enschede


Terms of Reference
  • Relationship between spectral, radiometric and temporal properties of objects and surfaces, their physical and chemical properties and their variations;
  • Image classification and analysis methodologies;
  • Analysis of characteristics of multi-spectral, hyperspectral, multi-sensor, microwave and multi-temporal image data for extraction of attribute information;
  • Methodologies of computer-assisted interpretation and analysis of remotely sensed data;
  • Validation of data and information using laboratory and in-situ methodologies
  • Improving atmospheric modeling for radiometric correction;
  • Multi-source data fusion and integration techniques;
  • Modeling of satellite data derived parameters;
  • Global databases and determination of indicators of change for global modeling, monitoring and sustainable development;
  • Integration of remote sensing and GIS techniques;
  • Aerosol and particulate detection and identification.


WG VII/1 - Fundamental Physics and Modelling

Michael Schaepman

Wageningen University
Environmental Sciences Department
Centre for Geo-Information
PO Box 47
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands
+ 31 317 47 46 45
+ 31 317 41 90 00

Shunlin Liang

University of Maryland
Department of Geography
2181 LeFrak Hall
College Park, MD 20742
+ 1 301 405 4556
+ 1 301 314 9299

Mathias Kneubuehler

University of Zurich Department of Geography
Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL)
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zurich
+ 41 1635 52 46
+ 41 1635 68 46
WG VII/1  Terms of Reference
  • Study the relationship of spectral, directional, temporal, and polarimetric properties of objects, as well as their physical and chemical properties and variations
  • Research on advanced quantitative, physical based retrieval of biophysical and biochemical parameters
  • Research of methods based on full spectral signatures using assimilation, inversion, and neural networks
  • Study spectrodirectional ('the combination of multiple view angles with imaginary spectrometers') data acquisition potential and subsequent retrieval methods.


WG VII/2 - Information Extraction from SAR Data

Rudiger Gens

Alaska Satellite Facility, Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska,
Fairbanks, Koyukuk Dr.
P.O. Box 757320
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7320
+ 1-907-4747621
+ 1-907-4746441

Füsun Balik Sanli

Yildiz Technical University
Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering
Yildiz Campus
34349 Besiktas, Istanbul
+ 90 212 259 70 70
+ 90 212 259 67 62
WG VII/2  Terms of Reference
  • feature extraction from SAR imagery
  • use of SAR data for long-term monitoring
  • use of SAR in data fusion
  • development of case studies for all the above
  • education/outreach: how to teach SAR related topics?
  • accessibility of data and software tools


WG VII/3 - Information Extraction from Hyperspectral Data

F.D. van der Meer

Dept. Earth System Analysis
P.O. Box 6 7500 AA Enschede
The Netherlands
+ 31-53-4874353
+ 31-53-4874336

Pieter Kempeniers

Flemish Institute for Technological Research
TAP - Centre for RS and Earth Observation Processes
Boeretang 200, B-2400 Mol
+ 32-14-3368-49
+ 32-14-3227-95

Megan Lewis

School of Earth & Environmental
Sciences, University of Adelaide
Adelaide, SA 5005
+ 61-8-8303 6522
+ 61-8-8303 6717
WG VII/3  Terms of Reference
  • Develop inter-operability of hyperspectral systems
  • Develop methodologies for upscaling of in-situ measurements and downscaling of remote sensing measurements
  • Develop calibration / validation procedures for hyperspectral data
  • Study empirical Vs. physical models
  • Ensure close collaboration with WG VII/1


WG VII/4 - Advanced Classification Techniques

Roman Arbiol

Institut Cartografie de Catalunya (ICC)
Pare de Montjuie
E-08038 Barcelona
+ 34-9356-71500
+ 34-9356-71567

Zhang Yun

Department of Geodesy and Geomatics engineering
University of New Brunswick
P.O.Box 4400
Fredericton NB, E3B 5A3
+ 1-506-453-5140
+ 1-506-453-4943

Maria-José Lefevre-Fonollosa

18 av. Ed. Belin
31055 Toulose
+33 5612 74283
+33 5612 81870
WG VII/4  Terms of Reference
  • Image classification and analysis methodologies. New algorithms for the extraction of thematic information and the assessment of thematic quality. Look for synergism between classification approaches. Pixel wise classification, context analysis, texture analysis
  • Advanced and practical methodologies of Computer Assisted Interpretation (CAI) and Analysis of remotely sensed data. This should include expert systems and knowledge based tools to help the human interpretation of images
  • Enhanced methodologies for thematic data extraction using emerging sensor data sources, Multiple view sensors, thermal sensors.


WG VII/5 - Processing of Multi Temporal Data and Change Detection

Gong Jianya

State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying
Mapping and Remote Sensing
Wuhan University
129 Luoyu road
Wuhan 430079
+ 86-27-68778184
+ 86-27-68778969

Ben Gorte

University of Delft
Dept.of Aerospace Engineering
Kluyverweg 12629
HS Delft
The Netherlands
+ 31-15-2781737
+ 31-15-2783711

Else Swinnen

Centre for Remote Sensing and Earth Observation Processes
VITO-Flemish Institute for Technological Research
Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol
+ 32-14-3368-25
+ 32-14-3227-95
WG VII/5  Terms of Reference
  • Analysis of characteristics of multi temporal image data for extraction of attribute information
  • Methodologies of computer assisted interpretation and analysis of multi temporal image data
  • Time series analysis and modeling based on multi temporal image data
  • Temporal pattern recognition and modeling methodologies
  • Methodologies for global monitoring, modeling and prediction
  • Algorithm and methodology development for tracking moving objects
  • Data integration and change detection for map updating


WG VII/6 - Remote Sensing Data Fusion

Zhang Jixian

Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping
16 Beitaiping Road
Beijing 100039
P.R. China
+ 86-10-88229375
+ 86-10-68218654

Jie Shan

Geomatics Engineering Department
Purdue University 550
Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette IN47907-2051
+ 1-765-494-2168

Katarzyna Dabrowski-Zielinska

Remote Sensing Inst. (IGIK)
Warsaw, Jasna,2/4,00-950
+ 48-22-3291974
+ 48-22-3291950
WG VII/6  Terms of Reference
  • Automatic registration of images with different sensor, different resolution, and different acquisition mode
  • Concept study and methodology development of data fusion at feature and decision levels
  • Multi-source data fusion and integration methodologies, especially optical and radar data fusion
  • Application of data fusion to object recognition, classification and change detection, etc.


WG VII/7 - Innovative Problem Solving Methodologies for Less Developed Countries

Olajide Kufoniyi

Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Surveys (RECTAS)
PMB 5545 Offroad 1
O.A.U. Campus Ile-Ife
+ 234-3623-0225
+ 234-3623-0481

Norman Kerle

Department of Earth Observation Science
P.O. Box 6
Hengelosestraat 99
7500 AA Enschede
The Netherlands
+ 31 (0)53 4874 476
+ 31 (0)53 4874 335

Regional Coord. Latin America
Myriam Ardila Torres

SELPER, Cra 30 No.48-51,
Edificio IGAC-CIAF,212
Bogota D.C.
+ 571-36940-96
+ 571-3694096

Regional Coord. Asia
Yan Qin

Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping
16 Beitaiping Road
Beijing 100039
P.R. China
+ 86-1088-229546
+ 86-1068-211420

Regional Coord. Middle East
Sultan Al Sultan

Al Madinah Remote Sensing Centre
Al madina road.
Riaydh, Al Khabra
P.O. Box 242 Al Quassim
Saudi Arabia
+ 96 6633 42440
+ 96 6633 40366

Regional Coord. Eastern Europe/Central Asia
Cigdem Göksel

Istanbul Technical University
Civil Engineering Faculty
Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering
Dept. Remote Sensing Division
80626 Maslak - Istanbul
+ 90 212 285 3806
+ 90 212 285 6587
WG VII/7  Terms of Reference
  • Convert theoretical methodologies and models into practical operational ones suitable for Less Developed Countries
  • Develop integrated methods for Remote Sensing and in-situ data collection for data-sparce regions
  • Develop appropriate image processing methods using simple computer technology
  • Develop appropriate methodologies for multi source, multi resolution (temporal, radiometrical) and spatial data fusion for new mapping and map updating in LDC
  • Develop algorithms for improvement and calibration of airborne videography for geometrically less significant applications, for thematic map updating in LDC
  • Assess the relevance of Remote Sensing methods developed by other Working Groups to Less Developed Countries
  • Liaise closely with TCVI WG on Transfer and Technology, with other TC's on methodology development, and with regional ISPRS members such as SELPER, AARSE, EARSeL and AARS.



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