ISPRS - Technical Commission III 2012-2016

Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Image Analysis

Our Mission:

The goal of the work in Technical Commission III is the design, development and evaluation of mathematical models and methods for automatic orientation and calibration of images, surface reconstruction, fusion of multi-modal data, processing and interpretation of laser range data, interpretation of images and image sequence analysis with the emphasis on integration of geometry, statistics and semantics, modeling of spatial objects and temporal events, modeling context, scale behavior of appearance models, use of graphical models, especially Markov random fields and Bayesian networks.

Commission Officers


Konrad Schindler Konrad Schindler
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
ETH Zurich
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 15
CH-8093 Zurich
+41 44 633 30 04
+41 44 633 11 01



Nicolas Paparoditis Nicolas Paparoditis
MATIS Laboratory
Institut Géographique National
2-4 avenue Pasteur
94165 Saint-Mandé
+33 1 43 98 83 92
+33-1-43 98 85 81


Wilfried Hartmann Wilfried Hartmann
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
ETH Zurich
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 15
CH-8093 Zurich
+41 44 633 61 45
+41 44 633 11 01


Terms of Reference

  • Algorithms for geometric analysis of image data regardless of scale;
  • Geometric analyses of IR, SAR, IFSAR and LIDAR;
  • Automated feature and attribute extraction techniques and methodologies from multi-sensor, multi-resolution, multi-spectral, hyperspectral, and multi-temporal imagery;
  • Fundamental research into image understanding for object detection, recognition, identification and reconstruction;
  • DEM generation and integration of three-dimensional modeling concepts into image analysis processes;
  • Integration of spatial information systems and object models for object recognition;
  • Sensor pose determination (including auxiliary information);
  • Projective and multi-view geometry;
  • Image sequence analysis;
  • Algorithms for including features in the orientation processes;
  • Spatial, spectral and temporal properties of natural and human-formed objects.

Working Groups

Nice 2020
XXIVth ISPRS Congress:

July 4-10, 2021

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Our Contact

Leibniz University Hannover
Institute of Photogrammetry and GeoInformation
Nienburger Str. 1
D-30167 Hannover