ISPRS - Technical Commission IV 2012-2016

Geospatial Databases and Location Based Services

Our Mission:

The mission of ISPRS Technical Commission IV is, within the following fields, to follow and provide initiative in the technical and scientific progress, to identify and evaluate the results of research and development, to assist in international standardization activities, and to promote continuing education, by establishing Working Groups, arranging International Symposia, organizing tutorials, and organizing experiments on research.

  • Development, management, archiving, updating and quality control of multi-scale, multi-dimension geospatial databases for the earth and extraterrestrial planets;
  • Highly efficient data acquisition, analysis and processing from multi-sources, including field surveying, remote sensing, real-time sensors and volunteers;
  • Development of web and cloud-based services for improved access, retrieval, display, dissemination, interoperability and exploration of geospatial data;
  • Rapid modeling, mapping, visualizing and interfacing of dynamic geo-spatial phenomenon and static/mobile geo-entities;
  • Geospatial data infrastructures for Global/Regional geographic monitoring and analysis, disaster management, and various industry/government and social applications; 
  • Standards and specifications for metadata, datasets, data processing and location-based services; 

Commission Officers



National Geomatics Center of China
28 Lianhuachi West Road
Beijing 100830
+86 10 63881215 
+86 10 63881219


Hongping ZHANG

Hongping ZHANG
National Geomatics Center of China
28 Lianhuachi West Road
Beijing 100830
+86 10 63881266
+86 10 63881219

Terms of Reference

  • Development, access, management and retrieval of large-volume, spatio-temporal databases;
  • Spatial data infrastructures and cyberinfrastructures;
  • Image-based, point cloud and crowdsourced updating of geospatial databases;
  • Access to remote data sources, including metadata and open source digital data standards;
  • Web-based access, retrieval and dissemination of spatial data, including location-based services, dynamic phenomena and moving objects;
  • Integration of spatial information systems and image analysis for GIS-driven
  • change detection, data capture and updating;
  • Dynamic spatial information systems, spatial data revision and versioning;
  • Rapid mapping for disaster management;
  • Interfacing urban and engineering 3D models with spatial information systems;
  • Digital landscape and urbanscape modeling and visualization;
  • Extraterrestrial spatial databases and spatial information systems;
  • Analysis of systems and their components for automated and semi-automated digital mapping and geoinformation systems;
  • Analysis of industry, government and social needs and design of systems for production and update of geospatial information.

Working Groups

Nice 2020
XXIVth ISPRS Congress:

July 4-10, 2021

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