ISPRS - Technical Commission II 1992-1996

Systems for Data Processing, Analysis and Representation


Mosaad Allam
Natural Resources Canada
GIS Division, Surveys, Mapping & Remote Sensing Sector
615 Booth Street
Ottawa, Canada K1A 0E9
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  • Design and development of integrated systems for measurement, processing, analysis, representation, and storage of photogrammetric, remote sensing and GIS data
  • Study and evaluation of system integration aspects for photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS data processing
  • Analysis of systems and their components for automated, semi-automated and manual digital processing systems
  • Development of systems and technologies for radar data processing
  • Study of real-time mapping technologies
  • Standardization of digital systems for photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS


WG II/1 - Real-Time Mapping Technologies
Chairperson: Dr. Kurt Novak, Columbus, Ohio, USA

WG II/2 - Hardware and Software Aspects of GIS
Chairperson: Dr. Manfred Ehlers, Vechta, Germany

WG II/3 - Technologies for Large Volumes of Spatial Data
Chairperson: Dr. Ekow Otoo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

WG II/4 - Systems for the Processing of Radar Data
Chairperson: Dr. Robert O'Neil, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

WG II/5 - Integrated Production Systems
Chairperson: Dr. Atef A. Elassal, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

WG II/S - Special Project "Upgrading Photogrammetric Instruments"
Chairperson: Dr. Klaus Szangolies, Jena, Germany

IWG II/III - Digital Photogrammetric Systems
Chairperson: Dr. Ian Dowman, London, United Kingdom


The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. The Society operates without any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, nationality, or political philosophy.

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