ISPRS - Technical Commission VII 1992-1996

Resource and Environmental Monitoring


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  • Methodology of visual image interpretation
  • Methodology of computer-aided analysis of sensor data
  • Spectral, spatial and temporal radiation properties of objects
  • Environmental studies, resources inventories, and interpretative aspects of thematic mapping as applied in studies of vegetation, forestry, agriculture, soils, land and water use, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, oceanography, coastal zones, snow and ice, atmospheric sciences, archaeology, human settlements and engineering
  • Integration of remote sensing and GIS techniques for the monitoring of resources and environment


WG VII/1 - Physical Measurements and Signatures in Remote Sensing
Chairperson: Dr. Gérard Guyot, Montfravet, France

WG VII/2 - Resource and Environmental Monitoring Using Radar Data
Chairperson: Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, Tokyo, Japan

WG VII/3 - Renewable Resources
Chairperson: Frank Hegyi, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

WG VII/4 - Geological and Mineral Resources
Chairperson: Dr. James Taranik, Reno, Nevada, USA

WG VII/5 - Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring
Chairperson: Dr. Paul Curran, Southampton, United Kingdom

WG VII/6 - Land Degradation and Desertification
Chairperson: M. G. Chandrasekhar, Bangalore, India

WG VII/7 - Hazardous Waste and Environmental Pollution
Chairperson: Dr. Vernon Singhroy, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

WG VII/8 - Snow, Ice, Ocean and Coastal Zone Monitoring
Chairperson: Dr. Shintaro Goto, Ishikawa, Japan

WG VII/9 - Human Settlement
Chairperson: Dr. Bruce Forster, Kensington, New South Wales, Australia

WG VII/10 - Global Monitoring
Chairperson: Dr. Sergio Camacho-Lara, Vienna, Austria


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