ISPRS Council Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, May 2001

Council Meeting

AIT, BANGKOK, Thailand

22 - 24, May 2001


President John Trinder (JT)

Secretary General Ian Dowman (ID)

First Vice President Lawrence Fritz (LF)

Second Vice President Gerard Begni (GB)

Congress Director Orhan Altan (OA)

Treasurer Ammatzia Peled (AP)




1. Opening (JT)

2. Approval of Agenda (JT)

3. Review of previous Council Meetings in Albuquerque (JT/ID)

4. Exchange of views from Council. (Council)

- A brain-storming session about the role of the Council, the contributions that each

- member can make and perceived innovations and developments that should be made in the next 4 years.

5. Policy Matters (JT)

5.1 Registration of ISPRS

- Procedures

- Change of Statutes

- Signatures to be registered

5.2 Strategy Plan actions (JT/LF)

- ISPRS Foundation

5.3 IPAC & ISAC (JT)

5.4 Task Force - Remote Sensing for International Policies and Treaties (JT)


6. Review of Technical Commissions (ID)

6.1 Symposium dates

6.2 Contracts

6.3 Proceedings/abstracts/papers on line

6.4 Meetings

6.5 Comments from ISAC

7 . Congress Plans (OA)

8. Reports from Council (All)

9. ISPRS Membership (ID)

9.1 Report on status of Ordinary, Associate, Sustaining and Regional Members

9.2 Category of Associate Members

9.3 Sustaining Member fees

9.4 Promotion of Regional Members

9.5 Actions on defaulting Members

10. ISPRS Publications (ID)

10.1 Silver Book

10.2 Blue Book

10.3 ISPRS Bulletin, including Calendar, Editorials

10.4 Brochure

10.5 Home Page

10.6 Archives

10.7 Orange Book

10.8 Journal

11. Financial Affairs (AP)

12. Relations with International and other Organisations







12.3 ICSU

12.4 UATI

12.5 IAF

12.6 CIPA

12.7 ISO - Qualifications

12.8 OGC

12.9 OICC

12.10 ISU

12.11 IHO

13. Review of Actions on Council

14. Other Business

15. Next Council Meeting

16. Close



1. Introduction

JT welcomed members of Council and thanked everybody for coming. He also thanked Shunji Murai and the Japanese Society for organising and sponsoring the meeting. He then reviewed the main items to be covered.


2. The agenda

was revised to add minor items. The revised agenda is that given above.


3. Minutes of previous meetings

ID reported that Marcio Barbosa (MB) had requested a clarification to minute 6.2 of the Incoming/outgoing CM in Amsterdam. MB did not intend to suggest that there was any conflict with the bylaws, or that the bylaws be revised.


Minute 10.1 (last sentence) from Albuquerque was amended to read: 'It was estimated that at the beginning of the series about 2 books per annum could be published.'


4. Exchange of views

Each member of Council described their history of involvement with ISPRS and outlined the issues which they thought were important and needed attention of Council. These issues were then discussed. The main items and conclusions on them were as follows:

Communications with TCPs and Ordinary Members

    It was the general view that Council communications with TCPs could be improved. Some suggestions as to how this could be done were as follows:

    Hold an extended JM with TCPs after congress;

    TCPs bring proposed WG ToRs to Congress;

    TCPs elected by postal vote before the Congress;

    Allocate more time More time should be allocated at the Congress for Council and TCPs to meet;

    Council hold briefing session for bidders before Congress;

    - TCPs should communicate more with Commission Correspondents (CCs) and

    with Ordinary Members (OdMs); CCs could contribute to annual report.


It was decided to take the following actions:

    ACTION 01/71 An item on communication with TCPs to be included on the agenda for the next JM based on a discussion paper. ID

    ACTION 01/72 Prepare guidelines for communications between TCPs, CCs and Ordinary members. ID

    ACTION 01/73 President to write annual report letter to OdMs. JT


Council Communications

It was not thought desirable for Council to meet more often, however use should be made of teleconferencing if appropriate.


Structure of Commissions

Council recognised that there was a view amongst some individuals in ISPRS that the commission structure should be overhauled. Council were of the view that a major change was not necessary. The present structure allows flexibility and there was no harm in having overlaps between commissions. Comments from ISAC had been generally favourable to the current structure and ToRs. However, TCPs should be consulted on this.

    ACTION 01/74 An item on commission structure to be included on the agenda for the next JM. ID



Council reaffirmed its view that a permanent office was not appropriate at present but that SG should appoint an assistant who is able to carry out routine business independently of the SG. It was confirmed that funds were available in the budget for this and that SG should employ a suitable person as soon as possible.



ISPRS should have a mechanism to publicise its activities. A mailing list of journals should be set up and maintained to distribute press releases.

It was also suggested that ISPRS could raise its profile by appropriate publicity mechanisms. One example, is to produce a season's greeting card including a photo of Council taken during the Council Meeting in London.

    ACTION 01/76 Remind TCPs of special initiative funding and put note into Highlights ID

    ACTION 01/77Follow up ISPRS sponsorship of speakers with UN JT


Economic and environmental issues relating to photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences

ISPRS could play a role is addressing such issues as the cost effectiveness of RS and in supporting the role of RS in developing environmental agreements. There is a problem of finding someone who was suitable and willing to undertake this task. A joint activity with other organisations was possible, for example, EARSeL. IPAC should be asked to advise on this. Council also noted the report from the workshop in Seville (see 5.4.

    ACTION 01/78IPAC to consider how to develop an ISPRS interest in economic issues. ID/RH


Other issues mentioned but not discussed in detail:

Publications - book series/special publications; importance of strategic plan; appointment of marketing manager, co-operation with international societies; more involvement of industry; strengthening of ISPRS in areas of GIS and RS; improve public recognition of ISPRS; strengthen financial position; involve more individuals in ISPRS affairs through more committees (awards, secretariat, reporting); transfer of office; role of ISAC.


5. Policy Matters

5.1 Registration of ISPRS

JT reported on his discussions with various organisations and individuals concerning registration and that he had concluded that the best place for registration was in Switzerland. He will organise the registration with the assistance of through the Swiss Topographic Service in Wabern bei Bern, which will be the permanent address of ISPRS for the purposes on registration.. Paper CMBang5.1 sets out changes necessary to the Bylaws.


Council agreed that changes in the Bylaws be put to the members of the GA for approval. This would be done by normal mail and electronic mail.


Council approved President and Secretary General as signatories for the registration.


    ACTION 01/79ID to send to OdMs a letter from President concerning change of Bylaws and a ballot paper to be returned by 31st August. JT, ID


5.2 Strategic plan

LF reported on achievements so far. It was noted that recurring actions should be included in the Action List.

Some items will be discussed with TCPs at next JM.


    ACTION 01/80 Update actions from strategic plan on Council/TCP Action list ID


Matrix: Council reviewed the matrix presented by LF. Use of the official ISPRS key words would help ease of use. This should be discussed to TCPs at JM in September.


    ACTION 01/81 Simplify key words in matrix and send to TCPs for revision. JT

    ACTION 01/82 All Council to complete the Regional Member matrix within their area of responsibility before JM. All

    ACTION 01/83 Present matrix at Joint Board JT/ID


ISPRS Foundation LF introduced draft bylaws. Discussion centred on composition of the Board of Trustees. It was agreed that the composition should be 6 Council, 6 appointed by Council, (ratified by GA), from 'members' or individuals associated with ISPRS, to reflect region, gender, sector (public, private, academic). It was also necessary to revise bylaws to distinguish between payment of trustees and operating costs. It was greed that the Financial Commission can provide the annual audit.


    ACTION 01/84 Revise draft bylaws for Council review and develop operating plan before next CM. LF


It was noted that donations of $100,000 plus were expected, but a critical mass had to be reached before money could be distributed. Council need to decide how to ramp up activity and when a marketing manager should be appointed.


The next step requires Council to approve Bylaws (GA had approved the Strategic plan), but the registration of ISPRS must be completed befoe any further progress can be made. ISPRS will require a marketing manager - but there is the need to find funds to support him/her.


The proposed launch date is the March 2002 CM and then promoted at at the ICORSE and ISPRS Symposia in 2002.


5.3 IPAC and ISAC

ToRs were reviewed and approved.


It was noted that the procedures for consulting ISAC need to be reviewed so that comments and suggestions can be received in future at an appropriate time, particularly in relation to resolutions at GA and ToRs of Working Groups.


    ACTION 01/85 Draft guidelines for soliciting resolutions to include consultation of ISAC for discussion at next CM. ID


5.4 Task forces

JT had been unsuccessful in finding a person to lead the task force on International Policies and Treaties. GB is setting up a group for EARSeL on this topic and he agreed to act as point of contact for ISPRS.


    ACTION 01/86 GB to report to Council on International Policies and Treaties GB


It was suggested that session(s) on this topic be held at appropriate Symposia in 2002.


    ACTION 01/87 Consider sessions on International Policies and Treaties at Congress and Symposia OA/TCPs

LF tabled a report on 'The contribution of space systems to the development and implementation of multilateral environmental agreement' from a Workshop on International Space Cooperation in Seville. It was agreed that this contained valuable information and that LF would condense the report for Highlights.


    ACTION 01/88 Prepare report on AIAA workshop for Highlights LF



The ICORSE 2002 conference will be held in Buenos Aires in March/April. This is in the same year as Commission VII Symposium, which is contrary to the MoA signed between ICORSE and ISPRS. This MoA requires ICORSE to organise its meetings in the odd number years. .This issue must be discussed with ICORSE executive. At the request of ICORSE, Council agreed that it would plan several ISPRS joint sessions. It was suggested that one of these sessions could cover international treaties, GB to be point of contact for this topic.


    ACTION 01/89 Maintain contact with ICORSE and co-ordinate with JT and GB over organisation of sessions. LF


6. Review of Technical Commissions

6.1 Symposium dates

The dates given in CMBang6.1 were reviewed and approved. It was noted that the dates in the contract for Commission I Symposium are in error, and hence the contract should be amended. The final dates are as follows:


July 9-12 Ottawa Comm IV Symposium

Aug 20-23 Xian Comm II Symposium

Sept 3-6 Corfu Comm V Symposium

Sept 9-13 Graz Comm III Symposium

Sept 16-20 Sao Jose dos Campos Comm VI Symposium

Nov 11-15 Denver Comm I Symposium

Dec 2-7 Hyderabad Comm VII Symposium


Council attendance was expected as follows:


JT, ID, LF and OA: all.




6.2 Contracts.

The situation regarding signing of contracts for the symposia is as follows:


Comm I signed

Comm II Mr Bai Bo working on this

Comm III In progress*

Comm IV In progress

Comm V In progress*

Comm VI Under way

Comm VII The requirement for insurance is a problem for the organisers, but it is being pursued.

*Established after the Council meeting.


    ACTION 01/90 TCPs and Ordinary Members to complete contracts by end of June. ID


6.3 Proceedings/abstracts/papers on line


Council considered a proposal from EB to put all abstracts and papers from Symposia on the ISPRS website, (Paper CMBang6.3). This proposal was considered together with TCP plans for producing Archives for the symposia and their comments on EB proposals.


Council agreed that a central archive on the web was a good idea, subject to further discussion with the Webmaster and TCPs on the practical issues of providing material in the right format and with suitable browse and search tools being available. The central archive would be restricted to final presented papers. TCPs are encouraged to put abstracts on their Commission/Symposium web site prior to the symposium.


Council confirmed the policy of producing a minimum of 50 hardcopy Archives for Congress and 10 for Symposia, and leaving TCPs to decide on whether to produce a CD, (see also item 10.6). Council also agreed:

  1. That Guidelines for Authors must be rewriten to assure search by keyword and author on the CD-ROM version..
  2. To standardise the CD cover design;
  3. To place the ISPRS keywords on the web; and
  4. On the correct name of the Archives in French and German.


    ACTION 01/91 Conduct further discussions on guidelines for publications with Webmaster and TCPs and consider further at JM. ID


6.4 Commission meetings

TCPs should be reminded of the need to ensure that all meetings were included on the Calendar and that space was available in Highlights for announcements of meetings. Reports should be prepared for Highlights after the meetings. See also Orange Book (10.7).


6.5 Comments from ISAC

The comments from ISAC members were reviewed and some ToRs were changed. Those TCPs which had not already commented would be asked to do so on certain points.


    ACTION 01/92 Revise ToRs and inform TCPs, asking for comments. ID


Council expressed their appreciation of the work of the ISAC members.


    ACTION 01/93 Thank ISAC members for their comments. ID


7. Congress

OA reported that the contract had been negotiated and signed. Preparation of the technical programme and exhibition were under way. 40,000 copies of poster are prepared and are being distributed

The opening session will centre on cultural aspects rather than technical. JT noted that Council expects a technical keynote speaker as part of the opening. OA noted that a special planary session for keynote speakers could be arranged. GITC will co-operate in some aspects such as daily newsletter.

Promotional items are being considered (stamps, T shirts etc).

It was necessary to ensure maximum discussion between TCPs and conference organisers, both in planning the programme (at the JM in December 2002) and in planning the sessions after abstracts had been received. OA should prepare a discussion paper for TCPs in advance of the JM in London.


    ACTION 01/94 Prepare plan for preparing technical programme, for JM, Sept 2001 OA


8. Reports from Council

Written reports were received from JT, LF, ID.

An oral report was given by AP. (see also item 11.)

AP had produced maps of membership for the website

OA had attended a meeting of Bulgarian Society in Sofia and the retirement event of Prof Albertz in Berlin.


9. Membership

9.1 ID reported that there was no change in the number of Ordinary, Associate or Regional Members, although the Associate Member in Thailand, the National Research Council had resigned and an application from a replacement member was awaited. An application for Associate membership (Cat 1) had been received from LAPAN in Indonesia. This was approved by Council

NASA had been admitted as a Sustaining Member (Cat A), and Council approved the application of Aerosysteme of Germany (Cat C). Galileo Siscam and SDS were eliminated because on unpaid subscriptions.


9.2 It was decided that Associate Members should be informed of the new Bylaws relating to Categories of Associate Memberships and advised of the Category to which they belong. They should be asked to confirm this Category or nominate what they believe is the correct Category. Arrears in subscriptions should be paid at the new rate.


    ACTION 01/95 Write to Associate members regarding their Category. ID


9.3 The decision of the Albuquerque CM to increase Sustaining Member dues was confirmed, but ratification should be sought from GA, by postal vote.


    ACTION 01/96Distribute postal vote for increase in Sustaining Member dues. ID


9.4 Promotion of regional activities by members.

After discussion on this issue it was decided to write to Regional Members and encourage them to work with ISPRS in the following ways:

    Organise a session at locally organised meetings.

    Send representatives to regional conferences.

    Consider collaborarion with relevant ISPRS WGs.


    ACTION 01/97 Regional representatives on Council to contact members to offer support and to determine if ISPRS can assist them in their activities.






9.5 Defaulting members

The list of defaulting members was reviewed and an action list drawn up for Council Members.


    ACTION 01/98 Contact defaulting members. JT, ID,LF, OA


10. Publications

10.1 Silver Book

The new Silver Book has been printed and distributed. There is a problem with printing the logo on coloured backgrounds. Tuan-chih Chen to be asked produce more suitable versions for different applications, particularly for printing in black and white, which shows star, distinctly displays motto and displays well in colour on various backgrounds.


    ACTION 01/99 Invite Tuan-chih Chen to review logo. OA


ID should use standard cover for Silver, Blue and Orange Books. Alternative formats for Silver Book, such as a CD-ROM should be considered. Amendments to Silver Book, such as inclusion of ISAC and IPAC should be put on the web and a new version should be distributed on a CD.


    ACTION 01/100 Develop a standard format for cover for ISPRS publications ID


10.2 Blue Book/database

Council reviewed proposals for the data base and authorised ID to continue with a number of changes which were proposed.


10.3 ISPRS Highlights

    The long term plan for Highlights was reviewed and the following suggestions were made:

    A greater variety of images for the front cover is needed.

    LF would prepare a report on the meeting in Spain on ″The Development and Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements″

    JT would prepare a statement on the ICSU grant application.

    GB would prepare an article on studies on Land Cover in the Mediterranean region

    TCPs should be reminded to submit announcements and reports of meetings.


10.4 Brochure

This should be distributed with the Blue Book


10.5 Home Page

Generally being looked after very well, but should be kept under review.


10.6 Archives

Council agreed that RICS should continue to distribute the Archives which they hold from a reduced stock with no return to ISPRS. The surplus stock should be donated to organisations in developing countries which could make good use of them. Council approved a sum of SwF2000 to cover distribution costs. LF to provide ID with address list of African libraries holding relevant Society publications.


    ACTION 101/01 Investigate ways of distributing surplus volumes. ID


The contract with GITC was reviewed and approved for future distribution of Archives.


    ACTION 102/01 Conclude contract with GITC ID


10.7 Orange Book

The need for revisions to the Orange Book were identified.


    ACTION 103/01 Revise Orange Book, including Appendices B2 and B3 (OA) ID/OA


10.8 Journal

EB had reported to JT that there was additional pressure from Elsevier for EB to carry out editing tasks, including all English editing. EB proposes employing an associate editor, but Elsevier have not yet approved this additional expense.


    ACTION 104/01Prepare case to employ associate editor for the Journal EB/JT


11. Finance

AP explained in detail the Financial Report, which had been previously circulated. The Lugano account had now been closed.

Council approved the report.

    ACTION 105/01 Seek advice on investments and adjust as necessary AP

The fiscal year now runs form April to March, AP suggested that it would be better if we used a calendar year or October to September (Congress to Congress). Council did not see any need for change at present but this could be discussed further in the future.

The budget was discussed. It would be clearer if more sub headings were used, there should also be a heading for contingencies. It was considered that there was insufficient provision for running the HQ.

    ACTION 107/01 Revise budget AP

AP asked if we should include funds for sponsorship of scientific initiatives. It was noted that no applications had been received this year from TCPs . There was however an application from ISU to support a student project. Council was sympathetic to this but need more information.

    ACTION 108/01 Remind TCPs about special initiative fund. ID

    ACTION 109/01 Obtain more information on what use ISU would make of a grant from ISPRS. LF


12. Relations with international and other organisations

12.1 CEOS

WGCV ID to attend next meeting. He should discuss with the chair of WGCV whether appropriate WG Chairs should be invited.


    ACTION 110/01 Clarify role of Commission I in work of WGCV ID

ISPRS was included on the WGISS mailing list

WG Ed is progressing with JT on a sub-committee to determine further actions

IGOS: it was questioned whether it is appropriate for ISPRS to be involved in IGOS.

Disaster Group. Vern Singhroy attended a meeting of this group in Paris on behalf of ISPRS



ISPRS should be involved in the workshop at the COPUOS Meeting in Feb 2002

JT to attend UN Economic Commission for Africa meeting in Addis Ababa in September.


    ACTION 111/01Follow up ISPRS proposals to participate in UN Workshops. JT


12.3 ICSU

An application was submitted for a grant on sustainability indices, a response was due soon..


12.4 UATI

JT reported that HR had been awarded a grant from UNESCO for the Lalibela project. This should be publicised in Highlights and other Journals.


    ACTION 112/02 Publicise UATI grant. HR/ID


ISPRS received an invitation to participate in a multi-lingual dictionary project. Council decided that it would not accept this invitation.


12.5 IAF

The joint IAF/ISPRS session at the IAF conference will not be held.


12.6 CIPA

Council approved the Ordinary member appointment of Peter Waldhausl to CIPA for 2001-2005. It was noted that PW�s presidency expires next year but it can be extended for a further term.


    ACTION 113/01 Discuss next president of CIPA with PW JT

Council noted that Heinz R�ther had agreed to act as ISPRS representative on the World Heritage Center Virtual World Conference in October 2002.


12.7 ISO

The issue of standard of qualifications in GIS/Geomatics should be pursued at the Joint Board.


    ACTION 114/01 Raise ISO standard qualifications at Joint Board meeting ID/JT


12.8 OGC

The SIG in Earth Observation to be pursued with WGII/4


    ACTION 115/01 Discuss EO SIG and MOU with OGC with WGII/4 and WGIV/2. ID


12.9 OICC

There should be further follow-up on correspondence from OICC at the JM in London.


12.10 ISU

See item 11


12.11 IHO

ISPRS had been invited to the IHO Conference in 2002 as observers. Council made no decision on this but it should be added to the calendar.


13. Review of actions on Council

Council reviewed the action list and updated it as necessary.


14. Date of next meeting

The next meeting of Council would be a Joint Meeting with TCPs in London from 8th -13th September with the following schedule:

Friday 7th September Council Arrive

Sat 8th Council meeting

TCPs arrive

Sun 9th Joint Meeting

Monday 10th Joint Meeting

Tuesday 11th Recreational day

Wed 12th UK RSPSoc Conference starts

Thursday 13th Council Meeting

There being no other business, JT thanked everybody for their contributions and closed the meeting.




Ian Dowman 24th May 2001

Secretary General

Attachments: Reports from Council


Report of President To Council Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 21-24 May 2001



Most of my activities since the meeting of Council in Albuquerque have been reported on separately, so I will report on most of these activities briefly.

8-10 November 2000 - Attended CEOS meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - report sent to Council

22-26 January 2001 - Attended the Regional Cartographic Conference for the Americas in New York, where I presented a paper entitled ″Developments in Acquisition of Spatial Data from Imagery″.

29 January 2001 - Visited ICSU in Paris

30 January 2001 - Visited IAF and UATI with Gerard Begni

31 January 2001 - Visited EARSeL office

1 February 2001 - Visited FAO in Rome

Reports have been sent on the above visits

11 February 2001 - Attended the first day of the COPUOS S&T meeting in Vienna

13-14 February - Attended the meeting of OICC in Cairo Egypt, and visited the Egypt Remote Sensing Centre. A brief report was sent on this meeting. Good relations exist, but it is up to ISPRS officers to bring cooperation into effect.

22-25 April - Attended the Brazilian Remote Sensing Conference in Iguazu, Brazil

26-27 April - Attended the ASPRS Convention in St Louis, USA. Here the contract for Commission I was signed by the parties. I also addressed the ASPRS Board about ISPRS, and our expectations with respect to the running of the Symposium. I believe that the conflict in the relations with ASPRS have been overcome.

Business matters will be reported on during the meeting


John Trinder

May 2001





Report of 1st Vice President To Council Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 21-24 May 2001



Since the 17-21 October 2000 Council Meetings in Albuquerque, I have represented ISPRS at the following:

2000 - Oct 26 - Meeting with Commission VI President Sausen, Washington, DC

Nov 10 - OGC meeting, Valley Forge, PA

2001 - Jan 22-26 - UN Regional Cartographic Conference for the Americas, New York, NY

Jan 25 - OGC Board of Directors meeting (via teleconf.)

Mar 5-7 - UN Geographic Information WG meeting at UN/FAO, Rome, Italy

Mar 11-15 - International Space Cooperation Workshop, Seville, Spain

Apr 24-27 - ASPRS Annual Conference, St. Louis


Other ISPRS Activities

Completed all listed Action Items and provided review and general support to Council activities such as Terms of Reference of Commissions, Society documentation content, ISPRS Foundation Bylaws, many articles for Archives A of Congress, Awards summary for Highlights, interfaced with ICORSE, and coordinated with other international organizations.


Other Activities

Major contributor to National Academy of Sciences publication on "Future Roles and Opportunities of the U.S. Geological Survey" published in January 2001.

Am proud grandfather of new grandson ′ Michael′ born on 24 March.


Lawrence W. Fritz

May 2001








The work of the ISPRS Headquarters has been carried out without any major problem. The following tasks have been completed:

    Minutes of meeting in Albuquerque completed and distributed. Actions followed up.

    WG ToRs completed.

    Annual report prepared and published in Highlights.

    Silver Book prepared and distributed.

    Correspondence, including enquiries on publications and membership dealt with.

    Database prepared and edited including mailing asking for updates from members.

    Discussions with GITC regarding Highlights, Blue Book and distribution of Archives.

    Discussions with RICS regarding Archives.

    Liaison with Editor of Highlights.

    Preparation for Bankok Council Meeting.

    Discussion and correspondence with UN OOSA regarding ISPRS participation on UM workshops.



The following visits have been made of behalf of ISPRS:

    COPUOS meeting in Vienna

    Visit to GITC

    Meeting with president in Sydney.


Organisation of SG Office

Most of the routine work of the SG has been carried out by myself. I have made use of the secretarial staff at UCL and have employed students to carry out major tasks such as mailings and preparation of the Silver Book and database. This is not an ideal situation, as it would make the task less onerous if there was permanent member of staff available to assist. None of the current staff in Geomatic Engineering at UCL is suitable. I propose to find someone, either within UCL, or close to where I live, to employ on a part time basis to assist the SG.


Ian Dowman 18th May 2001



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