ISPRS Council in Hyderabad, India, 7th - 9th December 2002

Hyderabad, 10th - 11th December 2002



1. Opening (JT)
2. Approval of Agenda (JT) CMHyd2
3. Review of last Council Meeting and meetings at Symposia
3.1. Buenos Aires CMHyd3.1
3.1. Ottawa, Xi'an and Corfu CMHyd3.2
4. Policy Matters (JT)
4.1 Review of Technical Commission Structure CMHyd4.1
Council discussions during Symposia
Proposals to define Technical Commissions
4.2 Appointment of Marketing Manager
4.3 Strategic Plan Actions CM/JMHyd4.3
4.4 Foundation
4.5 Registration of ISPRS
5. Preparations for Congress
6. Review of Symposia and Commission activities CM/JM Hyd6.1 CM/JMHyd6.2
7. Statutes and Bylaws
8. ISPRS Membership (ID) CMHyd8
8.1 Ordinary members
8.2 Associate members
8.3 Regional Members
8.4 Sustaining members
9. ISPRS Publications (ID)
9.1 Database and Blue Book
9.2 ISPRS Bulletin
9.3 Home Page
9.4 Archives
9.5 Orange Book
9.6 Journal CMHyd9.6
9.7 Annual report
9.8 Book series
9.9 Green Book
10. Financial Affairs (AP)
10.1 Budget
10.2 Science initiatives
11. Awards
12. Relations with International and other Organisations
12.1 ICSU
12.2 COPUOS - renewal of MoU CMHyd12.2
12.3 IEEE-GRS - MoU
12.4 SPIE MoU JMHyd12.4
12.5 CEOS WSSD follow up CM/JMHyd12.5
12.6 Others
13. Reports from Council CMHyd13
14. Review of Actions
14.1 Council CMHyd14.1
14.2 New actions from this meeting
15. Other Business
16. Next Council Meeting
17. Close




President John Trinder (JT)
Secretary General Ian Dowman (ID)
First Vice President Lawrence Fritz (LF)
Second Vice President Gerard Begni (GB)
Congress Director Orhan Altan (OA)
Treasurer Ammatzia Peled (AP)

1. Opening
JT welcomed Council to the meeting and noted that Council had met many times during the year for useful discussions and that some decisions had been made which would be confirmed at this meeting.

2. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved with the addition of an item on the Center for Geospatial Workforce Development (GWD) under any other business.

3. Review of Council Meetings in Buenos Aires, Xi'an and Corfu
3.1 Buenos Aires
Item 3. A letter had been sent to UATI explaining the reasons for our resignation.
Item 4.3 It was noted that Rosenquist, van Genderen and Wagener had agreed to be on the SIG on Treaties and Protocol.
Item 4.4 There had been little response from ICORSE on the actions agreed at Buenos Aires. These would be followed up again.
OA was pursuing sessions at Congress but had no response

ACTION 02/246 LF to contact Alex Tuyahov and/or Jim Weber to follow up actions relating to ICORSE

Item 5 It was greed that the model contract for symposia should be reviewed in the light of experiences with the symposia.

ACTION 02/247 ID to review model contract for symposia and bring to next CM

3.2 Xi'an and Corfu
The summary of decisions was noted and reviewed. These were as follows:
To investigate publishers to handle the Journal after the current contract expires.
Not to subsidise Journal subscriptions.
Pursue MOU with FAO.
To change CIPA bylaws to accommodate 2 vice presidents.
Not to provide any funds for CIPA Proceedings, but that since the proceedings were not exclusively ISPRS Archives, that CIPA could market the volumes themselves.
To change rules for Helava and Schermerhorn Awards and tidy up ToRs to be consistent.
To put papers from ISPRS meetings on ISPRS website at ETH. [Subsequently put on hold, until consultations held with GITC].
To rearrange the schedule for presentation of awards at the Congress and for OA to make a new schedule. proposal, possibly at a special event.
To revise late and day registration fee for Congress.
To invite OrdMs to exhibit at Congress.
Approved Sustaining Membership of:
Istanbul Technical University.
Research Systems International UK Ltd
ImageSat International NV
That ISAC should prepare guidelines for refereeing papers.
To review ISAC membership.
To take part in the SPOT 5 HRS assessment.

4. Policy Matters
4.1 Review of Technical Commission Structure
Council reviewed the discussions which had taken place during the symposia and at the JM. A final draft was prepared for presentation to TCPs, who will provide comments and changes by 7 January. When these had been incorporated the draft would be sent to ISAC and then to Members for comment.

The following schedule was agreed:

Jan 7th Response from TCPs
Jan 10th JT to send revision to ISAC and Council
Jan 31st Response from ISAC
Feb 15th Council agree final version
Feb 28th Send final proposal to members and put on web. FR to set up bulletin Board on web page. Letter to members to ask for objections to a mail vote.
Announcement in Highlights referring to web and bulletin board.
Draft rationale and details of Bylaw changes
April 30th CM, Sydney
June 7th Deadline for response from members.
June 15th Compile new version
June 30th Mail vote. Invitation to consider bids under old and new ToRs and joint symposia.
Aug 16th CM and JM, Istanbul
Sept 30th Result of vote
Oct 1st Letter to members inviting submission on TCs

Other issues relating to the organization of symposia and appointment of TCPs were discussed:

Frequency of GA/Symposia:

Council discussed the advantages and disadvantages of convening General Assemblies on a two
year cycle:

Shortens cycle of decision making, Allows election of TCPs in advance.
Could have meetings at regional meetings Extra work for SG
TCPs inactive for 2 years after election
Cost to delegates.
If the current process works, we do not need an extra GA

Council discussed options for reducing the number of symposia by holding joint symposia of 2 TCs, and the possibility of bidding for TCs and symposia separately. It was decided that the bidding process would be much too complicated. Another possibility is to reduce the number of commissions to 6 (combine proposed TCs II and IV and VII and VIII).

Council noted the success of TCVII meeting, acting a regional event, giving good exposure for ISPRS, but noted that not all regional events were successful.

It was suggested that the symposia could be spread over 18 months [e.g. from Oct 2005 to March 2007], and that this could be combined with encouraging TCPs to hold combined symposia. This however limits time available for WG workshops in the odd-numbered years. It was agreed that TCPs should develop a program of WG workshops for the 4 year period with one major meeting for each Commission each year. The following decisions were made:

Change TC ToRs. [Bylaw change requested by mail vote in 2003].
Maintain 4 year period between GAs.
Council (members) will conduct meetings at regional conferences to discuss ISPRS activities. A Special Session may be arranged.
Quorum for mail ballots: no quorum for admission to membership. [Requires a Bylaw change]
50% quorum for cancellation of membership and change of Bylaws. [Requires a Bylaw change]
Quorum for GA: 50% . [Requires Bylaw change at GA].
Reject suggestion of inviting bids from Members to host Symposia. Change Bylaws to allow combined Symposia. [Bylaw change requested by mail vote in 2003].
Planning of Symposia will be flexible and guided by Council. Restriction on times for workshops to be relaxed.
Council will strive to encourage TCPs to combine Symposia and to encourage joint Member bids for TCs.
Council and TCPs will make a flexible 4 year plan for meetings at post Congress JM. Council supports peer review of papers at Symposia and Congress if TCPs want to organize this.
A pre-selection process for TCPs may involve a teleconference for bidders.
Consider JMs post Congress and in following October and April.
Change Bylaws to require bids for TCPs 4 months before Congress . [Bylaw change requested by mail vote in 2003].

ACTION 02/248 GB to draft changes to bylaws and rationale for CMSyd

ACTION 02/249 ID to draft guidelines incorporating the proposed changes to arrangements for election of TCPs and symposia for CMSyd.

4.2 Appointment of Marketing Manager (MM)
JT reported that a contract had been signed with Cary and Associates for it to act as Marketing manager for ISPRS. The signed contract was discussed.

It was also noted that the Strategic Plan requires Council to seek sponsorship for producing a CD with successful applications of GIS, this could be a task for MM.

ACTION 02/250 Request TCPs for GIS applications for CD and discuss sponsorship at next Council meeting, as task for MM.

4.3 Strategic Plan Actions
These were all covered in the JM

4.4 Foundation
LF reported that he was awaiting further advice from the lawyer on the preparation of documents. He asked for feedback from Council on the drafts circulated in July.

ACTION 02/251 Council to comment to LF on draft bylaws of ISPRS Foundation.

4.5. Registration of ISPRS
4.5.1. JT noted objections to registration in USA from Austria, and noted that KK intends to send a circular to Members.
4.5.2. LF presented the IRS forms for ISPRS registration in USA, with comments from the lawyer. Council reviewed the figures and agreed those to be submitted.

4.6. Industry Forum
The report to CEOS 14th Plenary for an International Industry Forum was discussed following the meeting in Denver with representatives from NOAA. It was decided to revise the IIF document and follow this up.

ACTION 02/252 JT to revise IIF document and review further action.

5. Preparations for Congress
OA referred to his report (agenda item 13) and the discussions at the JM.
He made the following additional points:
There will be no 5 minute overview presentations for posters.
Final draft of second announcement would be sent to Council around 15th Jan for response by 23rd Jan.
Costs for the workshops and tutorials were discussed, OA needs to make further investigation of costs, and will report back.

6. Review of Symposia and Commission activities
6.1 Symposia
Council reviewed the reports and discussion at the JM and expressed satisfaction with the symposia. Many of the issues raised had been addressed in the discussion on the reorganization.
6.2 Commissions
6.3 A number of problems were noted with working groups. All of these were being addressed. Council approved replacement of three WG officers.Geotechnics Meeting in Brazil
An invitation had come through TS to participate in Brasil 2003 - 9th Geotechnologies Tradeshow, from May 12-16, 2003 in S�o Paulo, Brasil. OA to investigate copies of displays. No decision was made on who would represent Council. CA might be able to go.
RN to follow up TCVII participation in ICRSE in Hawaii in November 2003.

ACTION 02/253 RN to follow up TCVII participation in ICSRE in 2003
ACTION 02/254 OA to liaise with TS over display and Council attendance at Brazilian Geotechnics meeting.

7. Statutes and Bylaws
Bylaw changes had been agreed on: Terms of reference of TCs*
Combining Symposia*
Timetable for TC bids*
Those with * to be changed by postal vote before next GA.

ACTION 02/255 GB to draft Bylaw changes

Other Bylaw changes were identified as: Peer review of papers.
Co-operation with other international organizations
Fiscal year to be same as calendar year

ACTION 02/256 ID to discuss with AG progress on ISAC peer review

ACTION 02/257 ID to get info from EB and other forms of peer review, categories of paper review and draft guidelines

ACTION 02/258 Council to review all Statutes and Bylaws.

8. ISPRS Membership
8.1 Ordinary members
Council discussed its activities to resolve Members in arrears.

ACTION 02/259 AP to contact defaulting members
ACTION 02/260 ID to contact Belgium, Colombia and Saudi Arabia

8.2 Associate members
Council discussed activities of Members in arrears.

8.3 Regional Members

The Centre For Space Science And Technology Education In Asia And The Pacific (CSSTEAP) was admitted as a member.

8.4 Sustaining members

New: National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia
Remove: ERIM, Kimoto
Change EarthWatch to DigitalGlobe

9. ISPRS Publications
9.1 Database and Blue Book
Other organizations to be listed as Governmental Organizations (GO's), Non-GO's (NGO's) and Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO's).
Investigate putting on web for access by Council
AP will print and distribute Blue Book

9.2 ISPRS Bulletin
Discussion of Highlights included the Calendar, Editorials, front page and recipient list/renewals, with no requirement for action.

9.3 Home Page
Council reviewed the home page and noted the improvements made during the last few months. It was necessary to review the information on Membership.

ACTION 02/261 AP to update maps on website.

9.4 Archives
ID reported that he had distributed 154 surplus copies to 21 organisations in Africa, and that there were 128 pre Amsterdam volumes left.
RICS Books have declined to sell further copies and 3 copies of other pre Amsterdam Archives are now at UCL. Surplus Commission V Archives would be distributed at the CIPA Symposium in Turkey.

ACTION 02/262 ID to send detail to Council of distribution

ACTION 02/263 ID to send Comm V Archives to OA for distribution at CIPA meeting

It was noted that some Archives from the 2002 Symposia did not fully follow the Guidelines and did not include keywords and indexes. CDs cannot be read in some cases and the cover template was not always according to the Guidelines.

ACTION 02/264 Council to send comments on Archives and CDs to ID for onward transmission to TCPs

ACTION 02/265 ID to prepare guidelines for CD preparation.

It was noted that the TC web pages should be checked and that it was a task of WGVI/4 to do this.

ACTION 02/266 ID to remind TS that WGVI/4 should be monitoring web pages.

9.5 Orange Book
It was decided to review the model contract for Symposia and also to review the Orange Book for redundancy and consistency.

ACTION 02/267 Council to review orange book and feed back to ID
ID to send electronic version to Council

9.6 Journal
Some Council still are not receiving Journals; ID to follow this up with EB.
EB had provided a report on the Journal. Council noted that hardcopy subscriptions had declined but electronic subscriptions had increased. The ISI impact factor had improved.
ID to remind EB to get a list of hardcopy subscribers.

.JT and ID to liaise with EB over a meeting with Elsevier. This could be combined this with a meeting with Balkema about the book series.

ACTION 02/268 ID to contact EB and discuss possible meeting times with Elsevier.

New contract. JT presented a draft letter which would be sent to prospective publishers. Council made some comments and JT will revise the draft and send to those publishers which have shown an interest.

9.7 Annual report
ID reported that he was compiling the annual report and asked Council members to send their report to KB.

9.8 Book series
No response has been received to the advertisement for a Book Series Editor but a possible candidate has been suggested that will be followed up.
Balkema still have an interest, but need guaranteed bulk orders. There are 2 planned workshops in 2003 for which the organizers may wish to publish the proceedings as a Book Series.

ACTION 02/269 JT to contact Balkema re Book Series and arrange a meeting.

ACTION 02/270 ID to ask WG chairs to make proposals for Book series.

9.9 Green Book Council discussed the value of preparing concise Guidelines covering basic Council responsibilities and activities.

ACTION 02/271 Council to provide list of contents for Green Book to ID by 28th Feb

10. Financial Affairs
10.1 Financial report (See item 13)
AP reported good progress in collecting Member subscriptions relative to previous years.
Annual summary report to be signed off by HR and AP.

ACTION 02/272 ID to distribute signed copy of 2000 financial report to Council

10.2 Budget

ACTION 02/273 Council to send budget items for April 2003-2004 to AP by 31st Jan

10.3 Science initiatives
Professor Tateishi had submitted account for publishing Volume 2 of the book on global databases and this had been paid.

ACTION 02/274 ID to put note on Science Initiative on web page
ACTION 02/275 ID to prepare announcement to be made about funding for database book

10.4 Rebates from Symposium
Rebates have been received from all Symposia except II, V and VII.

10.5 Financial reporting to Members
Table 2 of the Annual Financial Report to be sent to OrdMs on request. An announcement will be put in the annual report stating that this information is available.

11. Awards
LF noted that the Cassinis, Dolezal, Schwidefsky, Schermerhorn and Gamble awards will be awarded at the Istanbul Gala Dinner. Council agreed that awardees would be informed of this and that tickets would not be not paid for by ISPRS. Donors could be asked to pay.
JT to collect information for citations and OA to prepare a booklet. The booklet would only be distributed at the Gala Dinner; citations and photos to cover awards presented at the opening ceremony would be in published in the Congress newsletter (as well as in the booklet)

12. Relations with International and other Organisations
12.1 ICSU
Information requested by ICSU to be dealt with by JT, ID and AP
ISPRS had been invited to nominate panel members on: Panel on Ethics, and Panel on Data and Information. It was decided to ask RH if he would stand for the latter.

ACTION 02/276 Subject to his agreement, nominate Ray Harris for ICSU Data and Information panel

ISPRS had been asked for input to identification of emerging issues in science.

ACTION 02/277 JT to ask ISAC to consider emerging issues in science.
ACTION 02/278 JT to respond to request for information on IUBS projects on health and well being.

Issues of fee category of ISPRS and inclusion of 'Union' in the name were raised and JT would circulate further information.

12.2 COPUOS - renewal of MoU
Council to send any amendments to ID and the revised MoU would be presented to COPUOS S&T in February.

12.3 IEEE-GRS - MoU
The signing of the MoU was noted. WGs have been asked to think about collaboration. OA to contact relevant IEEE-GRSS Technical Committees in relation to Congress.

12.4 SPIE MoU
The proposed MoU was discussed at JM

12.5 CEOS WSSD follow up
ISPRS had been asked for nominations for participation in CEOS WSSD follow up team.
We would not make any nominations but JT would contact CEOS with information on our links with GWD (see item15.1).

12.6 Others
European education in geomatics -AP reported that PP had mentioned a meeting in Valencia, Spain for European Departments. ID will request PP to serve as ISPRS liaison to the EU Organization of Educational Institutions.
CIPA - The ICOMOS President was re-elected.
FAO - ID to contact He Changchui replacement.
JBSIS - Next meeting is at Durban ICA Conference.

ACTION 02/279 ID to contact PP re European Geomatics Education Group

13. Reports from Council
Reports were noted.

14. Review of Actions
14.1 Council
Action 02/217 AP reported that an ISPRS flag to be given to StMs would cost $350 - 400 in the first year, and $100 thereafter.

ACTION 02/280 AP to send sample of flag to Council

14.2 New actions from this meeting
ID reviewed the action items.

15. Other Business
15.1 Geospatial Workforce Development (GWD)
Council discussed the proposals made by Pam Lawhead (PL) at the JM for ISPRS involvement in the GWD. LF suggested that ISPRS could provide:

Programme review committee
Content review committee
Candidate pool for preparing course content
Collect requirements from international bodies
Preparing specialist modules e.g. for industry,

ISPRS would wish to endorse the modules, and hence implement a sound review procedure.

PL agreed and suggested that we go ahead with planning for a programme review committee meeting in June/July 2003. PL will send details of how to access courses through Intranet.

ACTION 02/281 PL to send details of how to access courses through Intranet.

ACTION 02/282 AP to coordinate proposal for venue and content of meeting, possibly in association with a European conference possibly the EARSeL Conference.
15.2 ISAC Membership was reviewed.

ACTION 02/283 Council to nominate members of ISAC in RS by 31 Jan.

15.3 IPAC membership was reviewed.
Possible topics for future consideration are: Pricing, benefits, issues for COPUOS, IPR.

ACTION 02/284 JT to invite new members for IPAC

15.4 Fiscal year
AP suggests moving fiscal year to calendar year
Council agrees, send postal vote with ToRs

ACTION 02/285 GB to prepare postal vote on change of Fiscal year

16. Next Council Meetings
CM Sydney, 28-30th April 2003
JM and CM Istanbul, 16-23rd August 2003

ACTION 02/286 ID to send details of council meetings to Tuan-chih Chen

17. Close
JT closed the meeting and thanked Council for their participation and notes that we have made important decisions.

Abbreviations used in the text:

TCP I Stan Morain (SM)
TCP II Chen Jun (CJ)
TCP III Franz Leberl (FL)
TCP IV Costas Armenakis (CA)
TCP V Petros Patias (PP)
TCP VI Tania Maria Sausen (TS
TCP VII Rangnath Navalgund (RN)

Assistant to Secretary General Kate Barber (KB)
Chair Finance Committee (FC) Heinz R�ther (HR)
Chair International Science Advisory Committee (ISAC) Armin Gruen (AG)
Chair International Policy Advisory Committee (IPAC) Ray Harris (RH)
International Committee On Remote Sensing of Environment (ICORSE)

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