ISPRS Council and TCP Meeting in London, UK, September 2001



London, SEPTEMBER 9th - 11th, 2001


1. Opening Remarks (JT)

2. Review of Agenda and Minutes of C & TCP Meeting (ID)

3. Commission Reports (TCPs)

3.1 Status of each Working Group

3.2 Planned meetings, workshops and tutorials

3.3 Event approval guidelines

4. General Discussion on Policy Issues (TCPs to come prepared with contributions)

4.1 Exchange of views on status of TCPs vis-�-vis Council and ISPRS Members


      Structure of Commissions

4.2 Strategic Plan actions

      Improving links between TCPs and National Correspondents and Reg. Members

4.3 Improving the performance of ISPRS in Remote Sensing

4.4 Determining the economic benefits of remote sensing

4.5 Role of IPAC and ISAC

4.6 Co-ordination of activities with CEOS

4.7 Co-ordination of activities on standards

5. Symposium planning responsibilities (TCPs)

5.1 Symposium contracts and WG Commissioning forms

5.2 TCP Responsibilities

5.3 Guidelines for International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and SIS (IAPRS&SIS) - Volume XXXIV and XXXV

5.4 Publication of IAPRS&SIS for Symposia and workshops

5.5 Announcements/Scheduling of Symposia

5.6 Registration fees

5.7 Board Meetings at Symposia

5.8 Areas of concern

6. Review of Plans for Istanbul Congress (OA)

6.1 Technical session planning

7. ISPRS Publications

7.1 Annual Report (ID)

7.2 Journal (LF/Manos)

7.3 ISPRS Highlights (LJ)

7.4 Orange Book (ID)

8. Inter-Organisation Relationships(JT/ID)

8.1 UN Organisations (COPUOS)

8.2 ICSU

8.3 CIPA

8.4 Other Organisations: SPIE

9. Next Meeting of Council and Technical Commission Presidents (ID)

10. Other Business




President John Trinder (JT)
Secretary General Ian Dowman (ID)
First Vice President Lawrence Fritz (LF)
Second Vice President Gerard Begni (GB)
Congress Director Orhan Altan (OA)
Treasurer Ammatzia Peled (AP)
President Commission I Stan Morain (SM)
Secretary of Commission I Amy Budge (AB)
President Commission II Chen Jun (CJ)
President Commission III Franz Leberl (FL)
President Commission IV Costas Armenakis (CA)
President Commission V Petros Patias (PP)
President Commission VI Tania Maria Sausen (TS
President Commission VII Rangnath Navalgund (RN)
Editor ISPRS Journal Manos Baltsavias (MB)
Editor ISPRS Highlights Lucas Janssen (LJ)
Chair IPAC for items 4.3-4.6 Ray Harris (RH)

Ian, Add the agenda for the full version, but not for the Highlights version. Also, please add the attendance list.

1. Opening Remarks

JT opened the meeting and thanked UCL and UK National Committee for hosting the meeting. He welcomed TCPs and other participants and thanked them for their attendance. He noted how important it was for Council and TCPS to get together at these annual meetings. He also noted that there were a number of important issues that required attention at this meeting, especially the proposal from OA on the method of preparation for the technical sessions at the Istanbul Congress.


2. Review of Agenda and Minutes of C & TCP Meeting

JT pointed out the main items on the agenda which were preparing for the symposia and then the Ccongress

CA asked for an item toon discussing ISAC comments on Working Group ToRs. ID would circulate Council decisions on the ToRs.

MB asked for inclusion of an item on an ISPRS Book series.

There was an omission in item 8.1 of minutes 8.1 of the Albuquerque meeting Minutes relating to the colour of symposium proceedings. ID would circulate the correct pantone colour code.

The action items for TCPs were reviewed.


3. Commission Reports

3.1 Status of each Working Group

Each TCP gave a report on the activities of his Commission. The following points were particularly noted:

Commission I - Noted that WG I/1 is not active at present and that SM should motivate some activity. The issue of standards is very important and people who are involved with ISO should be invited to report to ISPRS.

Commission II - All WGs are active. There is a nNeed to investigate the formal relationship between II/4 and ISO/OGC and to ensure that standards activity are co-ordinated.

01/156 ACTION CJ to report on formal relationship between II/4 and ISO/OGC.

Commisssion III - WGs III/1 and III/2 are not active and need to be activated. WG III/5 Chairs are both involved commercially and find it difficult to be active in ISPRS affairs.

01/157 ACTION FL and PP to make proposals for future organisation WGII/5 and WGV/1

Commission IV - WGs IV/1 and IV/2 are not active and must be encouraged to do more. IV/4 is active in India but should ensure

that there are events with a wide audience and that the co-chair is involved. There is also a need to co-ordinate standards activities and in particular to collaborate with ICA..

Commission V - Most WGs are active. V/1 has done nothing yet but is planning a meeting in 2003, this WG should collaborate with WG III/5.

Commission VI - All WGs are active in preparing workshops and educational material. There was discussion of putting tutorials on the web., It was agreed that itthis can be done, but material must be provided.

01/158 ACTION TCPs to provide tutorials for web to WGVI/4.

Commission VII - Generally working groups are active. WGVII/2 needs to be motivated to be more active. This is an important area, as demonstrated by the viz ICSU grant application, and there is a great potential for workshops etc. WGVII/3 also needs to do more and have better communications with the Co-Chair and members.


3.2. Symposia and other meetings

TCPs reported on their plans for their symposia. Generally plans were well advanced. The following points were particularly noted:

Commission I -- the exactnote dates are 10-15th November

Commission IV - note dates are: 8th- 12th July

Commission VII - WG chairs should be encouraged to actively seek out papers and there is a need for interdisciplinary speakers. FL noteds that the themes are related to applications rather than data sources eg high resolution data.

The logo by Commission VII is not standard. The - put designer of this logo should be put in touch with FL to assist in improviimng some aspects of the logo.

01/159 ACTION RN put logo designer in touch with LF.

Ian, I suggest that we should water this down and not criticize Zhou in public.

The meeting on Future Intelligent Earth Observing Satellites to be held from 25-27 April 2002 was discussed. The matter is had been handled very badly by Guoqing Zhou. Hence, ISPRS willould not co-sponsor itdue to this and an overlap with ASPRS. ISPRS had been asked to have sponsor the proceedings of the meeting printed as a volume of the Archives., Council needs more information on the refereeing process etc before approval. Commission I was collaborating on thisthe refereeing.

01/160 ACTION SM to liaise with Guoqing Zhou and report to Council on procedures.

JT announced that ISPRS would be co-sponsorship a meeting with IUGG in Sapporo 30th June to 11th July 2002 and that ISPRS needs to provide input on LIDAR and Ocean Colour.

01/161 ACTION TCPs to propose speakers for the IUGG meeting.

It was noted that as a courtesy TCPs should send copies of all proceedings of meetings organized by their Commission to Council and other TCPs.

01/162 ACTION TCPs should exchange proceedings as a courtesy.


4. General Discussion on Policy Issues

4.1 Exchange of views on status of TCPs vis-�-vis Council and ISPRS Members

Election of TCPs. There was a lengthy discussion on this point with the general view that current arrangements were not satisfactory. It was concluded that TCPs should be elected at the beginning of Congress, possibly after a workshop for candidates before Congress starts. It might also be useful to have a workshop after Congress to discuss ToRs of WGs.

Structure of Commissions. The following points were made: Commission IV needs to look at include theory ofin SIS in its ToRs, Commission Comm III does not deal with this. Image component of Commission IV is important, and must not lose this. ISPRS can nonot any longer separate theory and algorithms from practice. , Tthis applies especially to Commission VII. Instruments are becoming less important, , and hence is there enough content meat in Commission II any more? Sensors and systems could be brought together. There is tension between science (academia) and applications (mapping organisations) but ISPRS bridges science and users, cf IEEE. All types of sensors should be included in Commission I.

No conclusion was reached at this time but it was decided that the areas of Commission VII could possibly be split to form a a new commission.

01/163 ACTION RN to look at Commission VII to see if it can be better organised.


4.2 Strategic Plan actions

LF reviewed actions from the Sstrategic Pplan - TCPs should note and respond where appropriate

01/164 ACTION TCPs to provide ranking of importance of international groups and review the matrices showing links between ISPRS and other organnaisations.

01/165 ACTION TS to include information on databases in Highlights

LF outlined the status of the Foundation

01/166 ACTION TCPs to advise LF of anyone who can help prepare publicity material for the Foundation.

JT outlined the status of registration

ID presented guidelines on improving links between TCPs and National Correspondents and Reg. Members and asked for comments.

01/167 ACTION TCPs to comment on guidelines for correspondents.


4.3 Improving the performance of ISPRS in Remote Sensing

There was a discussion on this item butand it was agreed that something needs to be done but that more thought is required on this issue. It was decided that we must build on our existing links with ICORSE and IGARSS.


4.4 Role of IPAC and ISAC

RH outlined the activities of IPAC (paper JMLond 4.5)

IPAC could contribute more in the area of policies and treaties, value of remote sensing, future sensors, but these are large issues. One possibility is to have policy sessions at the symposia.

Council also wanted to consider the economic benefits of remote sensing. INPE commenced such a study, but it was not completedtried to do something but has stopped. This could also be covered at symposia, especially at Commission VII and Commission I.

Council to consider and give IPAC an action.


4.5 Co-ordination of activities with CEOS

Poul Fredericson (WGII/3) to be asked to be the primary ISPRS contactrep on WGISS

01/168 ACTION ID to invite Poul Fredericson to represent ISPRS on WGISS


4.6 Co-ordination of activities on standards

ID to co-ordinate ISPRS activity in collaboration with TCPs.


5. Symposium planning responsibilities

5.1 Symposium contracts and WG Commissioning forms

There are sStill some contracts to be completed.

Many WG Commissioning forms are still outstanding, It is important that these areis is completed.

01/169 ACTION TCPs to obtain Commissioning forms from WG chairs


5.2 TCP Responsibilities

Guidelines for International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and SIS

Guideline for Authors (JMLond6.2 v2) accepted with modifications from Council

The issue of the style of logo to be printed on colour is not settled. Council needs, we need further advice on this.

A draft format for cover and end cover wasere distributed. This would be finalised and sent to TCPs, together with a design for CD cover.

01/170 ACTION ID to circulate design for cover of Archives and CDs

TCPs were informed of the obligation to consider GITC as publisher of the Archives for their symposia. It was agreed that GITC should contact TCPs regarding service on Archives., give contact at GITC

01/171 ACTION ID to invite GITC to contact TCPs re publication of Archives.

ID informed TCPs of the need to distribute surplus copies of previous volumes of theold Archives and asked for suggestions.

01/172 ACTION TCPs to send ideas for distribution of surplus volumes to ID.


6. Review of Plans for Amsterdam Congress (OA)

6.1 Technical session planning

OA presented his proposals for organising the planning of the technical sessions. These were accepted. LF suggesteds a special session for awards;, JT saidys that lengthy we can do without citations should not be given to save time. Awards could be presented in a technical plenary.

Council agreed thato a new format for presenting awards shouldto be discussed later.

TCPs were of the view that we do not need an abstract book is unnecsessary.

SM suggests suggested 'technology buffet' as part of the display of new equipment.


7. ISPRS Publications

7.1 Annual Report

ID reminded TCPs of the requirement for the annual report and that the content and format was given in the Orange Book.


7.2 Journal

MB tabled his report and noted problems with delays.

Council and TCPs reviewed proposals for theme issues.

TCPs are encouraged to promote the Journal by proposing theme issues and encouraging authors to submit papers.

Publication on the web - could set up as a pilot project, Council willto consider the matter further.

MB proposed monograph series, who would do it?but it is still in the preliminary of planning. An book series editor will be required to manage its publication.


7.3 ISPRS Highlights

LJ gave report on Journal publication since Congress. We nIt is necessaryeed to ensure that Highlights get to individuals from bulk mailings.

01/173 ACTION ID to check mailing lists again and obtain individual addresses. Members to be asked how many copies they need, if no reply, cut number sent.

Need more industry (inc government) news - (it could be controversial, ) news of satellite developments etc.

01/174 ACTION ID to circulate long term plan for contents of Highlights.


7.4 Orange Book (ID)

ID introduced changes. The Orange Book will not be reprinted at present , but will be placed on the web as soon as possible.

01/175 ACTION ID to send revised Orange Book to webmaster by end October.


8. Inter-Organisation Relationships

8.1 UN Organisations (COPUOS)

JT asked TCPs to note resolutions from UNISPACE III and priorities assigned by ISPRS to these and requested any TCPs to take lead or take part. GB and TS volunteered to take part.

Recommendationc 17: TS to take part.

Recommendationsc 1 and 18: GB to take part.

Reccommendations 21 and 22: TS to lead.

Involvement from WGs should be sought.

01/176 ACTION TCPs to poll WGs for support for UNISPACE action teams.


8.2 ICSU

JT reported that a grant application on sustainability indicators had been submitted to ICSU but not accepted. The application may be revised and resubmitted.

ISPRS has applied for full membership of ICSU and will be considered at next ICSU plenary. We need 12 letters of support.

01/177 ACTION TCPs to approach national academies for support. [JT to provide draft letter in softcopy]


8.3 CIPA

Need to broaden membership.

Any action?


8.4 Other Organisations:

A request from SPIE had been received asking whether ISPRS would be a co-operating organisation in 2002 include details?. It was aAgreed that we should.

01/178 ACTION ID to reply to SPIE agreeing to co-operate in 2002 Symposium.


9. Next Meeting of Council and Technical Commission Presidents

2002 7-11th December, Hyderabad

2003 Joint Meeting 16-13rd August, Istanbul


10. Other Business


JT thanked all participants and closed the meeting.



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