ISPRS Council in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7 - 11 April 2002


Buenos Aires

7 - 11th April 2002


1. Opening (JT)

2. Approval of Agenda (JT)

3. Review of Council Meeting and Joint Meeting in London (JT/ID) CMBA3

4. Policy Matters (JT)

4.1 Registration of ISPRS CMBA4.
4.2Task Force - Remote Sensing for International Policies and Treaties (JT) CMBA4.2A/B
4.4 Strategic Plan Actions CMBA4.4
4.5 Foundation
4.6 Review of Technical Commission Structure CMBA4.6
4.7 Policy on approval of working group and other meetings
4.8 Statutes and Bylaws
4.9 Appointment of public relations consultant CMBA4.9

5. Technical Commissions (ID)

5.1 Contracts
5.2 Plans for symposia CMBA5.2
5.3 Board meetings
5.4 Review of WG activities CMBA5.5
5.5 Status of TCP actions CMBA5.6

6 . Congress Plans (OA)

7. ISPRS Membership (ID) CMBA7

7.1 Ordinary members
7.1.1 Action on defaulting members
7.2 Associate members
7.3 Regional Members
7.4 Sustaining members
7.4.1 Review of current status
7.4.2 Recruitment of new sustaining members

8. ISPRS Publications (ID)

8.1 Database and Blue Book
8.1.1 Status report
8.1.2 Sale of database and Blue Book CMBA8.1.2
8.2 ISPRS Bulletin, including Calendar, Editorials, front page, recipient list/renewals
8.3 Brochure
8.4 Home Page CMBA8.4
8.5 Archives
8.6 Orange Book CMBA8.6
8.7 Journal CMBA8.7
8.8 Annual report CMBA8.8
8.9 Publicity Journals CMBA8.9
8.10 Book series CMBA8.10A, CMBA8.10B, CMBA8.10C
8.11 Publications Committee

9. Financial Affairs (AP)

9.1 Budget CMBA9.1
9.2 Science initiatives CM9.2A/B
9.3 Payment process for new members CMBA9.3

10. Relations with International and other Organisations

10.2 COPUOS CMBA10.2
10.3 ICSU
10.4 UATI
10.5 SPIE CMBA10.5
10.6 Joint Board
10.7 Certification of qualifications CMBA10.7
10.8 Others

11. Reports from Council (All - in writing) CMBA11

12. Review of Actions

12.1 Council CMBA12.1
12.2 New actions from this meeting

13. Other Business

15. Next Council Meeting

16. Close




President John Trinder (JT)
Secretary General Ian Dowman (ID)
First Vice President Lawrence Fritz (LF)
Second Vice President Gerard Begni (GB)
Congress Director Orhan Altan (OA)
Treasurer Ammatzia Peled (AP)


1. Opening

JT welcomed Council and thanked them for attending. He noted that there are some important matters requiring decisions, especially the registration of ISPRS and publications. He especially thanked ICORSE for their sponsorship of the Council and the meeting venue in Buenos Aires.


2. Approval of Agenda

The draft agenda was approved.


3. Review of Minutes of the Council Meeting in London, September 2001

Item 3.2 JMLond minutes - Arising from a request from the Editor of the Journal, it was agreed that complimentary copies of proceedings (which could be hardcopy or CDs) should be sent to the Editor, also to the Book Series Editor if appointed.

ACTION 02/179 ID Inform TCPs that Journal Editor should receive complimentary copies of proceedings and revise Orange Book.
4.3 JT reminded OA that he needs to find funding for young author awards for the Istanbul Congress.

ACTION 02/180 OA Raise requirement for funding for Young Authors Awards during StM meeting at InterGeo.
6.3 ICSU grant. This was not pursued for the 2002 round of applications as no additional support from other Unions could be found. Possible collaboration should be discussed with ICORSE and with ICSU Unions during the ICSU General Assembly in September 2002.
It was noted that ISPRS had supported a bid by IAG to ICSU for a geodetic network in Africa.

10.5 Several Council members had received feedback about ISPRS?s decision to withdraw from UATI. JT explained that the decision was based on economic considerations. LF had provided full documentation on the basis for the decision.

ACTION 02/181 GB Draft a letter to UATI giving more detail of our decision, to be signed by JT.
There was some concern about the formal relationship with UNESCO, this needs to be followed up. No action until result of ICSU membership known.


4. Policy Matters

4.1 Registration of ISPRS
JT outlined the work done to date to overcome the previous unforeseen implications of having Society legal headquarters be in Bern Switzerland, as approved by the Ordinary Members by postal vote in 2001. Council discussed its subsequent actions and reviewed the complexity of the requirements and processes to register the Society in Sweden, France, Austria, USA or elsewhere. It was decided to: a) proceed with registration in the USA as a not-for-profit organization, and b) have this decision ratified by the General Assembly in Istanbul.
ACTION 02/182 LF Proceed with registration in US.
ACTION 02/183 LF Instigate registration as ?not-for-profit? organization with IRS
ACTION 02/184 ID Prepare resolution for next GA to rescind postal vote.
ACTION 02/186 JT Update Karl Kraus on Council decision.


4.2 Task Force - Remote Sensing for International Policies and Treaties
GB outlined the actions to date regarding the EARSeL SIG/MEA. There are currently 12 members of the group, as listed in his 2VP report. It was agreed that an official ISPRS representative should be appointed.

It was also agreed that Council should consult ICORSE, IPAC, ISAC and some TCPs on the main issues and for names of possible members.
ACTION 02/187 ID Write to chairs ISAC, IPAC and TCP (I, IV, VII)s to ask for input to Council proposals for Dealing with International Policies and Treaties.


[Note: this item was dealt with in two parts, once before a meeting with ICORSE and once afterwards. A report of the meeting with ICORSE is attached as CMBA4.3]
During the first Council discussion the following issues for discussion with ICORSE were identified:
Venues for the International Symposium for Remote Sensing of the

Environment in 2003 and 2005.
ICORSE involvement in ISPRS Symposia and Congress

Possibility of setting up ICORSE WGs and task forces
How to help ICORSE with contacts: COPUOS, ICSU?

Working together with ICORSE more effectively

ISPRS Task Force on international treaties and policies

Sustainable development issues involving remote sensing.

After the meeting with ICORSE, Council expressed satisfaction at the way in which the agreement was working, and the positive attitude of ICORSE towards ISPRS. Council would ensure that ICORSE members were kept fully informed of ISPRS activities.

ACTION 02/188 ID Add all ICORSE members to the ISPRS database and ensure that they receive Highlights and other relevant communications.

ACTION 02/189 CH ICORSE should advertise ISRSE is Highlights, and Call for papers, etc would be sent to TCPs and WG chairs.

ACTION 02/190 CH, JW Investigate possibility of publishing 29th ISRSE proceedings as ISPRS Archives.

ACTION 02/191 CH, JW Prepare ICORSE report for Highlights in June [copy due 1st May], or September [copy due 1st August].

ACTION 02/192 OA, CH Arrange ICORSE sessions at Istanbul Congress.

ACTION 02/193 CH Report to Council on ICORSE terms of reference.

ACTION 02/194 ID Ask ICORSE to comment on ISPRS proposals on Treaties and protocols.

ACTION 02/195 JT Ask ICORSE to make input to the ISPRS proposal for Sustainability Indicators.


4.4 Strategic Plan Actions
The actions arising out of the Strategic Plan were reviewed. Most of these were ongoing.

Action 2-7 was changed for ID to draft a MoU with FAO, based on OOSA MoU.

Actions 5-2b and 5-4a, support for education web page, were reassigned to TCPVI and funds were allocated from the Science Initiative Fund, [see


4.5 Foundation
LF tabled revised Bylaws for the ISPRS Foundation.
Council had an animated discussion on its roles and responsibilities vis-a-vis those of the Foundation Board. It was decided that the Bylaws of the Foundation should ensure that Council would make proposals to the Board of the Foundation which would then make independent decisions on allocation of funds. Some changes to the draft were proposed as a consequence.

ACTION 02/196 LF Revise Bylaws for Foundation and circulate to Council for comment and final decision in Ottawa


4.6 Review of Technical Commission Structure
JT introduced a paper on this item. It was noted that issues relating to TCVII, and comments by TCPVII were not fully discussed and should be added.
It was decided that there should be discussion on the options put forward by JT at the TC Symposia. JT will prepare a paper as basis for discussion. There should be wide discussion which should include ISAC and all ISPRS Members.

ACTION 02/197 JT Prepare paper on restructuring Commissions for discussion, circulate to ISAC and TCPs and contact TCPs about schedule at symposia

ACTION 02/198 ID Circulate JT paper on restructuring Commissions to Members after Council input.


4.7 Policy on approval of Working Group and other meetings
There have been some cases where it has not been clear-cut whether approval should be given for sponsorship of WG and other workshops. Discussion centred on how rigorous the guidelines should be applied. Council reaffirmed the policy that ISPRS withhold sponsorship of any events held within 4 months of relevant symposia and the SG was asked to implement this requirement.
Some specific cases were discussed:
Workshop "Celebrating 50 years of Geodetic Science at OSU'
Council agreed that ISPRS should endorse this meeting but reference should not be made to ISPRS WGs.
ICA/ISPRS WG II/IV meeting should be endorsed.
International Workshop on Mobile and Internet GIS at Wuhan contravenes guidelines. TCPII should be warned about this.
The Lidar workshop Oct. 7-9 in Columbus, Ohio, could not be supported as it is within 4 months of relevant symposia (Commissions II, III and I) .

ACTION 02/199 ID Write to Chen Jun and Toni Schenk about approval of meetings


4.8 Statutes and Bylaws
Council reviewed possible changes to the Statutes and Bylaws at the next GA. The following issues were noted:
It may be necessary to make changes to allow registration.
It will be necessary to make changes if the Commission structure is changed .
Regulations regarding voting were dropped at last GA - but maybe should be reviewed again - Bylaw XVI.
Quorum could also be reviewed - Bylaw XVI
LF suggested that duties of 1VP and 2VP, as set out in Bylaw XI, be exchanged

ACTION 02/200 ID Include an item on Statutes and Bylaws on agenda for next CM


5. Technical Commissions

5.1 Contracts
JT reported that all contracts with the Technical Commissions for organising the Symposia have now been signed. It was decided that a revised model contract should be prepared with notes on experiences with agreeing contract.

ACTION 02/202 JT Prepare model contract for symposia with notes

ACTION 02/203 ID Include model contract and notes in Orange Book after Council approval


5.2 Plans for symposia
Council reviewed the information provided by TCPs and made the following comments:
Generally the activity is good.
Missing information from TCPVI and TCPVII should be obtained and document CMBA5.2 updated. [Note information received from TCPVI in BA.]
Ask FL to clarify how the TCIII symposium will interact with the Austrian Machine Vision meeting.

ACTION O2/204 ID Contact FL re Austrian Machine Vision meeting


5.3 Commission Board meetings
Commission Board meetings at the symposia would be chaired by the TCP with the following draft agenda:
Report from WG chairs (5minutes)
Congress plans
Orange Book

ACTION 02/205 ID Circulate draft agenda for Board Meetings to TCPs


5.4 Review of WG activities
ID presented a table of WG activities but noted that this was still incomplete. The list would be updated and circulated to Council.

ACTION 02/206 ID Update list of WG activities and distribute to Council

From information available WG activity was generally healthy, but would be assessed in more detail during the symposia.
There was a problem in finding a chair for the joint ISPRS/CEOS Task Force on geometric and Radiometric Calibration. It was noted that ISPRS cannot fund travel for attendance at the Task Force meetings. This issue would be discussed further with SM, and ID would report to WGCV.

ACTION 02/207 ID Discuss joint ISPRS/CEOS task force with SM and report to WGCV.

TCPVII had reported that WGVII/3 was not active. Council should instruct RN to give warning to WG chairs and ask for proposal for new WG chairs.

ACTION 02/208 ID Contact RN re chairs of WG VII/3


5.5 Status of TCP actions
These were reviewed but the status of many actions were unknown.

ACTION 02/209 ID Find status of TCP actions


6 . Congress Plans

OA outlined the plans to date and Council discussed the following points:
Structure of programme - theme sessions and special/plenary sessions should be included in the programme; these should be discussed with TCPs. Suggestions are needed for topic for Special Sessions (the following were put forward by the organising committee: Earthquakes, e-Government).
The schedule for fixing the session topics was discussed and whether these could be fixed before the printing of the Second Announcement etc. It was decided that OA would aim to obtain the topics of the sessions before the JM in December, but if this was not be possible he will print the Second Announcement without them
All candidate TCPs should be told in advance of occasions when they should be present if elected, e.g. Gala Dinner and meeting with Council.

ACTION 02/210 Council Contribute photographs to Second Announcement and Letter from president


7. ISPRS Membership

7.1 Ordinary members
7.1.1 Action on defaulting members
The members in arrears by more than 3 years had been contacted. Council reviewed the current status and agreed on appropriate action based on the resolution passed at the GA in Amsterdam.

ACTION 02/211 ID Write to defaulting members saying that they will be removed from membership at the next GA unless they pay before then, and that they will receive no more copies of Highlights.


7.2 Associate members
Council also reviewed the status of AsMs and agreed on appropriate action.


7.3 Regional Members
Council agreed that a postal vote be held to accept Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (CSSTEAP) as a regional member.

ACTION 02/213 ID organize ballot for membership of CSSTEAP

ACTION 02/214 GB contact CILSS/AGRHYMET Regional Centre re membership

ACTION 02/215 ID Determine correct address for PAIGH


7.4 Sustaining members
7.4.1 Review of current status
Council approved the following actions:
New members admitted since last CM: e-HD, SeaGate, Supresoft
New member admitted at CM Hansa Luftbild AG
Remove from membership: Matra, Remote Sensing Centre of Gen. Dept. of Land Adm. Viet Nam (GDLA)
As per the Terms of Reference for Sustaining Members, any organization 2 years in arrears would be sent a letter of warning and if non-responsive will be automatically removed.
A membership certificate will be sent each year when membership is renewed.

ACTION 02/216 ID Send certificate to Sustaining Members each year when they pay.

ACTION 02/217 AP Investigate ISPRS flag for presentations to Sustaining Members.

7.4.2 Recruitment of new Sustaining Members
AP will ask TCPs to propose Sustaining Members in their countries.
AP proposed a new category of membership for educational institutions, with fee of SwF250. Council decided to take no action at present.


8. ISPRS Publications

8.1 Database and Blue Book
8.1.1 Status report
ID reported that the database had been brought up to date and that the Blue Book had been produced using this information. It will be distributed shortly.
It was decided that the SG should be responsible for maintaining the database in Access software using the software produced by Rachel Peled. Updated versions would be provided to GITC and Council as required. ID would look into putting the database on a UCL server.
In future years AP would produce the Blue Book directly by Access software.
ID and AP would have further discussions on additional functionality for the data base and procedures for updating.
8.1.2 Sale of database and Blue Book
A number of requests had been received for ISPRS mailing lists. It was noted that several lists were available: Blue Book, Congress participants, Symposia participants. It was also noted that there may be issues of confidentiality in certain countries. Individuals with names on a list may need to give permission for the list to be distributed.
It was agreed that the list of Congress participants would not be distributed by Council. Congress Director Klaas Jan Beek should be consulted, and if he agreed the list could be made available at a cost $200.
The Blue Book is generally available, and it was agreed that a digital version would be provided free to members and at a cost of $200 to non-members.
These decisions to be reviewed by the marketing manager when/if appointed.

ACTION 02/219 ID Contact KB about status of list of Congress participants.

ACTION 02/220 ID Investigate confidentiality aspects of database.


8.2 ISPRS Bulletin, including Calendar, Editorials, front page, recipient list/renewals
ID reported that Highlights is appearing on time and that there are no problems at present.
It was suggested there should be more information from Sustaining Members on their latest developments.
ID to clarify the GITC policy for putting Highlights onthe Home Page.

ACTION 02/221 ID Report GITC policy on putting Highlight on Home Page

The following schedule for preparing editorials for Highlights was agreed:
9/02 ID
12/02 OA
3/03 JT
6/03 AP
9/03 LF
12/03 GB
3/04 JT


8.3 Brochure
The brochure had been produced by OA and will be distributed with the Blue Book. It should be sent with copies of Highlights to conferences.


8.4 Home Page
ID reported that he had had a meeting with FR in Z�rich and that a number of changes were being made to the home page. Council made the following comments:
The flashing news box is irritating
There were too many logos for all StMs to be included, but the idea of the moving images is good.
Images of current society activities and representing applications of photogrammetry and remote sensing should be included, not pictures of old members.

ACTION 02/222 ID Ask for images for Home Page from WG chairs. (laser scanning dynamic image from GV)

The brochure should be included in downloadable format.
There should be a section of ISPRS services to cover the benefits which ISPRS can provide, categorised to users, and a section on ?What is photogrammetry, RS and GIS?? TCVI should be asked to advise on this.

ACTION 02/223 WGVI/2 and 4 Provide framework for ?services? and glossary with examples and links

Council enquired about the situation on job vacancies. ID to investigate.

ACTION 02/224 ID Report to Council on status of job vacancies

ACTION 02/225 ID Report Council discussion to FR


8.5 Archives
ID reported that a new ISSN had been allocated for hardcopy and CD versions of the Archives. These are:
ISSN 1682-1750
Key title: The International archives of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences (Print)
Abbreviated key title: Int. arch. photogramm. remote sens. spat. inf. sci. (Print)
ISSN 1682-1777
Key title: The International archives of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences (CD-Rom)
Abbreviated key title: Int. arch. photogramm. remote sens. spat. inf. sci. (CD-Rom)
This information had been sent to TCPs.
The question of the status of standing orders [e.g.Harvard library], are handled by GITC. The possibility of making standard orders should be promoted by GITC.

ACTION 02/226 ID Contact GITC re status of promoting sales of Archives.

A new cover for the CIPA proceedings was approved, this would be different from the standard cover for the Archives, as agreed by the previous Council. CIPA proceedings would still be published as ISPRS Archives but would also have a CIPA volume number


8.6 Orange Book
Draft guidelines for Commission correspondents were discussed and approved subject to some minor changes.

ACTION 02/227 ID Revise and circulate guidelines for correspondents.

Add to Orange Book as appendix with reference at appropriate place.

Add to silver Book.


8.7 Journal
A report from EB was tabled and ID reported on discussions with EB about the Journal. There had been significant success in getting members of the Editorial Board to help with the editing process. EB should be encouraged to use this resource and move to reduce the backlog of papers. It was considered by Council that the priority was to bring the Journal back on schedule, even if this meant dropping standards of grammar. A meeting should be set up between Council and EB as soon as possible to discuss the Journal and the new contract; it was suggested this could be done at Ottawa.

ACTION 02/228 ID Contact EB and make the following points: go ahead with new review process; drop standards of grammar if necessary; set up meeting in Ottawa to get Journal back on track and prepare for new contract.


8.8 Annual report
ID proposed a revised format for the Annual Report based on suggestions from himself and LF.

ACTION 02/229 ID Draft new Guidelines for annual report and change Orange Book.


8.9 Journals for ISPRS Publicity

ID reported that Luigi Mussio had started to compile a list, but that this was still incomplete. Council agreed that the list would be useful and that an earlier list could be incorporated into it. LF and JT to provide the old list and ID to continue and complete list.

ACTION 02/230 LF/JT Provide old list of journals to ID

ACTION 02/231 ID Complete list with further assistance from LM


8.10 Book series
JT reported on progress but full information was not available about the Elsevier proposal.
Council did not consider that the Book Series was a high priority, but it was agreed to advertise in Highlights for Book Series editor.

ACTION 02/232 JT Prepare job description and advert for Highlights for Book Series editor.

ACTION 02/233 JT Report on response from Elsevier on book series.


8.11 Publications Committe
This issue had not been pursued and there were no obvious people who could serve on such a committee at present. The matter would be brought forward to next meeting.


9. Financial Affairs

9.1 Budget
AP presented details of income from subscriptions and assets and also presented the budget. After some discussion Council approved the budget.

ACTION 02/234 ID Inform FC that Council approves budget, and inform FC on science initiatives (see 9.2)

Council noted that ISPRS finances are healthy and that a surplus is projected for next year.


9.2 Science initiatives
The following application was approved:
Tateishi, 2nd volume of Database book SwF10000
Support up to SwF10000 approved: Tateishi should investigate printing and distribution with GITC and provide a marketing proposal which will generate income. Suitable reference must be made to ISPRS.

ACTION 02/236 ID Write to applicants for Science Initiative funding giving decisions of Council


9.3 Other funding support (Strategic Plan)
Sausen Education Yellow pages SwF1500 per annum
Agreed that the Yellow Pages be supported until 2004, subject to more information on what money will be spent on and satisfactory annual reports. [Note: TS attended the Council meeting and these issues were discussed.]

ACTION 02/237 TS Provide more information on project


9.4 Payment process for new members
This issue had been raised by recent applicants to Sustaining Membership. It was noted that ISPRS financial year runs from 1st April and agreed that anyone admitted after December 31st will not be required to pay for current year.

ACTION 02/238 ID/AP Design note which explains the procedure for payment by new members.


10. Relations with International and other Organisations

ID reported that no chair had been found for Joint ISPRS/WGCV Task Force on Radiometric and Geometric Standards

ACTION 02/239 ID Discuss chair of task force with SM and report to WGCV and explain that support from agencies is a problem.
ID reported that Poul Fredericsen has agreed to act as ISPRS representative on WGISS but may have problem in attending meetings.
JT reported on a WGEd telecon and expects that ISPRS will be asked to contribute to future activities.


ID reported on contacts at COPUOS and noted that OOSA are more likely to make use of ISPRS expertise if ISPRS we could provide a list of experts for OOSA use and also if we fund speakers to attend workshops.
It was agreed that ID would provide to Mazlan Othman a list of experts, compiled from an edited list of WG chairs.
OOSA had asked for ISPRS advice on a project to provide satellite data and GIS expertise for project to support refugees in Afghanistan - it was agreed to place a notice on the ISPRS Home Page and circulate information to all WG chairs.

ACTION 02/240 ID Provide OOSA with list of experts

Inform OOSA that ISPRS will fund speakers at OOSA meetings

Follow up refugee project - send to TCPs/WG chairs, StMs and put on web page, response to ID.


10.3 ICSU
JT reported on responses re support for membership of ICSU. About 10 letters of support had been received so far.
ID reported that he had received a document prepared by ICSU for WSSD in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2002, to which ISPRS had made a contribution.
ID reported that RN and RH were involved in preparing position statements from ICSU


10.4 UATI See minute 3 and action 02/181


10.5 SPIE
ISPRS must be more careful which meetings we co-sponsor, see item 4.7 above.


10.6 Joint Board
ID reported that a meeting would be held in Washington at the FIG conference, JT and ID would attend.
A draft MOU with FIG, prepared by FIG, was tabled. After some discussion it was decided to sign a revised version.

ACTION 02/241 ID Revise draft of FIG MOU and send to FIG for signature in Washington


10.7 Certification of qualifications
Council reaffirmed its position that it did not agree with the need for an international standard for certification of professionals but should keep in touch with developments.


10.8 Others
IEEE-IGARSS, Charles Luther, Office of Naval Research was invited to the CM and discussed organization of IGARSS conference. There is a need to develop a closer relationship with IGARSS. JT would visit Luther in Washington.
World Space Congress
TS will attend. Vern Singhroy is organising a session, ISPRS will not have a formal presence.
ID reported that he had received an email from Manfred Schroeder about continued ISPRS representation. Council endorsed his involvement under the current conditions and asked that he give a report to Council.
There would be a meeting on standards at the FIG Congress in Washington, TCPs and WG chairs had been encouraged to attend.


11. Reports from Council

The reports from all Council members were noted.


12. Review of Actions

12.1 Council actions were reviewed and updated.


12.2 New actions from this meeting were reviewed.


13. Other Business

13.1 Tim Foresman, of UNEP was invited to the CM to brief on the operational global land cover project (with FAO). There could be an opportunity for collaboration on Treaties and Policy issues.

ACTION 02/242 ID Include a piece on the operational Land Cover project in Highlights.


13.3 The awards flier should be updated for circulation at the symposia.

ACTION 02/243 ID Update awards flier, LF to verify.


14. Next Council Meeting

The next Council meeting and joint Meeting with TCPs would be in Hyderabad 7th - 11th December, 2002

ACTION 02/244 ID Send formal invitation for JM to TCPs by the end of August 2002


15. JT closed the meeting, with thanks to all for a productive session, at 18.00 on April 10th.

Abbreviations used in the text

TCP I Stan Morain (SM)
TCP II Chen Jun (CJ)
TCP III Franz Leberl (FL)
TCP IV Costas Armenakis (CA)
TCP V Petros Patias (PP)
TCP VI Tania Maria Sausen (TS
TCP VII Rangnath Navalgund (RN)
Chair Finance Committee (FC) Heinz R�ther (HR)
Chair International Science Advisory Committee (ISAC) Armin Gruen (AG)
Chair International Policy Advisory Committee (IPAC) Ray Harris (RH)
International Committee On Remote Sensing of Environment (ICORSE)



The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. The Society operates without any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, nationality, or political philosophy.

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