ISPRS Joint Meeting in Hyderabad, India, 10th - 11th December 2002

Hyderabad, India, December 7-9th, 2002


1. Opening Remarks (JT)
2. Review of Agenda and Minutes of C & TCP Meeting (ID) JMHyd2
3. Reports on Symposia and Commission activities
3.1 Review of Symposia (ID) CM/JMHyd6.1
3.2 Symposia, report for each Commission (TCPs)
3.3 Status of Working Groups (TCPs) CM/JMHyd6.2
4. Preparations for Congress (OA)
5. Redefinition of Commissions (JT)
5.1 Proposals on redefinition of the Technical Commissions
6. General Discussion on Policy Issues
6.1 Responses to questionnaire on Symposia
6.2 Schedule for electing new TCPs and post-Congress JM
6.3 Strategic Plan actions CM/JMHyd4.3
6.4 Improving links between TCPs and National Correspondents and Regional. Members
6.5 Awards JMHyd6.5
6.6 Proposals for scientific initiatives
6.7 Resolutions
7. ISPRS Publications
7.1 Annual Report (ID)
7.2 Journal
7.3 ISPRS Highlights
7.4 Orange Book (ID)
7.5 Book Series
8. Inter-Organisation Relationships(JT/ID)
8.1 UN Organisations (COPUOS)
8.2 ICSU
8.3 CIPA
8.4 CEOS CM/JMHyd12.5
8.5 SPIE, CM/JMHyd12.4
8.6 IEEE-GRS JMHyd8.6
8.7 IAG JMHyd8.7
9. Review of TCP actions (ID) JMHyd9
10. Review of new actions (ID)
11. Next Meeting of Council and Technical Commission Presidents (ID)
12. Other Business



President John Trinder (JT)
Secretary General Ian Dowman (ID)
First Vice President Lawrence Fritz (LF)
Second Vice President Gerard Begni (GB)
Congress Director Orhan Altan (OA)
Treasurer Ammatzia Peled (AP)

President Commission I Stan Morain (SM)
Secretary of Commission I Amy Budge (AB)
President Commission II Chen Jun (CJ)
President Commission III Franz Leberl (FL)
President Commission IV Costas Armenakis (CA)
President Commission V Petros Patias (PP)
President Commission VI Tania Maria Sausen (TS
President Commission VII Rangnath Navalgund (RN)
Secretary of Commission VII Shailesh Nayak

1. Opening Remarks
President John Trinder welcomed participants and thanked Rangnath Navalgund for organizing the meeting. JT stressed the importance of this meeting and thanked everybody for their attendance and their excellent work during the last year in successfully organising the Symposia.

2. Review of Agenda and Minutes of C & TCP Meeting in London
2.1 Agenda
A new item 12, on education, to include a presentation from Prof. Pamela Lawhead (Center for Geospatial Workforce Development, University of Mississippi, USA) was added to the agenda. The revised agenda was approved.

2.2 Matter arising from the London Minutes

Item 3.1 Apart from WG II/4 no action on standards had been reported to ID

ACTION 01/158. Tutorials will be placed on the ISPRS website if provided with the material.

Item 3.2 It was noted that ISPRS is not co-sponsoring IUGG, but is nominating speakers for the event.

Item 8.2 JT reported the ISPRS had been elected as a full member of ICSU.

3. Reports on Symposia and Commission activities
3.1 Review of symposia
ID introduced statistics for all the symposia, and asked for any corrections.

3.2 Symposia, report for each commission
Commissions I SM reported that he was generally satisfied with the Symposium and US participants appreciated the presence of ISPRS. There were problems with having a joint meeting, and SM concluded that it would generally have been preferable to have a separate meeting. Some problems with foreign participants obtaining visas were noted.
AP made the point that nearly 1000 people were exposed to ISPRS.
Commission II. CJ was satisfied with the symposium. The feature of WG chairs giving an overview at the 1st plenary was welcomed but overseas participation was disappointing.
Commission III. Generally successful.
Commission IV. CA reported positive feedback and that the meeting had worked well with SDH. There was very low participation from National mapping organizations, possibly because they are now outsourcing, restructuring and creating NSDIs.
Commission V. Generally successful. Joint organization with other organisations were advantageous. Tutorials are problematic in terms of organization. PP reported poor sale of soft copy proceedings.
Commission VI. TS reported that it had been a small Symposium and that there had been financial problems due to lack of support from government or the Brazilian Society. WG chairs were expecting travel support but this had not been available. However this had been a very positive meeting with good discussions.
Commission VII. Generally successful.

3.3 Status of Working Groups
Commission I. SM reported that WG I/1 had not been active; was not addressing the ToRs of WG; and the WG officers will be replaced. WG I/2 was active and so was WG I/4. The Co-chair of WG I/3 had been replaced by Anthony Lewis. WG I/4 is active; Raad Saleh is a driving force and has been involved in the link with FIEOS. WG I/5 - good activity. WG I/6 - OK.
Commission II. All WGs active. JT noted that the workshop in Wuhan, preceding the Symposium should have been held in Xi'an
Commission III. FL rated the WGs as follows: WG III/1 -C; WG III/2-D; WG III/3-A; WG III/4-B; WG III/5-D+; WG III/6-B; WG III/7-F; 8-C; IC WG III/V-D+. He expected more activity in future. The chair of IC WG III/II will be replaced.
Commission IV. All except WG IV/1 and WG IV/5 will have workshops next year. All WGs are generally active.
Commission V. WG V/1 has not been active, and has no workshop planned. WG V/3 also had no plans for a workshop on the grounds that there were too many other activities in this field.
Commission VI. WG VI/1 plans to have sessions during the Optical 3D conference in Zurich in September 2003, while WG VI/2 also plans to hold a session in Canberra, Australia, in same week. The meeting in Zagreb was discussed and some concern expressed that ISPRS was insufficiently involved. ISPRS had been invited to organize a seminar during the GIS Brasil-IX Geotechnology Show, 22-26 April 2003, Council would consider representation. CA may be able to attend. The directory of courses is being updated and WG VI/1 is also updating their web page. Other WGs are working well. The WG VI/3 on line course produced in India is now running and can be accessed with a password It is now more international, but still not representative of what ISPRS expects. . There is a need to explore how the link between ISPRS and the Latin American UN Centre can be exploited. TS suggested that she could organise small seminars on specific topics with speakers proposed by ISPRS. ISPRS should be represented at the next curricula review.
Commission VII. WG VII/3 is inactive and the Chair will be replaced.

ACTION 02/287 TCP I to activate WG I/1
ACTION 02/288 TCP III to replace the Chair of IC WG III/II
ACTION 02/289 TCP VII to replace Chair WG VII/3

4. Preparations for Congress (OA)
OA outlined the arrangements for the Congress. There will be time in the programme for 66 technical sessions with oral presentations, which would be divided up into one session for each working group and 21theme sessions. Each WG would also have a poster session. There would also be special sessions for OEEPE (2), CIPA (2), FIEOS (2), ICORSE (2) and IEEE-GRS(2). TCPs were asked to suggest topics for the theme sessions, which were then refined to produce the 21 topics. These were then assigned to TCPs who would be responsible for organizing the sessions.

OA reiterated the arrangements for selecting papers and assured TCPs that the secretariat would be able to handle the organization of the sessions. It was stressed that the TCPs must be able to discuss which sessions were appropriate for papers and recommend changes. However the final decision would be with the Congress Director.

TCPs were asked to provide a list of keywords for the sessions which they were responsible for.

ACTION 02/290 Provide key words for sessions by 23rd December to OA

5. Redefinition of Commissions
Proposals on the redefinition of the Technical Commissions were presented by JT. A lengthy discussion followed which resulted in broad agreement with the Council proposals. However concern was still expressed on several issues: regional representation; separation of theory from application; and attracting the production constituency. Council would discuss this further at the CM with the feed back from TCPs. However a full response was requested by 7th January.

ACTION 02/291 TCPs to provide comments on ToRs to JT by 7th January

The discussion touched on other issues, including the combination of two Commissions into one Symposium and planning workshops for the 4 year period (there was strong opposition to this from PP, CJ and RN.

6. General Discussion on Policy Issues
6.1 JT reported that there had been a poor response to his questionnaire on Symposia sent to current and former TCPs. He asked for further responses.

ACTION 02/292 TCPs to complete questionnaire on symposia

6.2 Schedule for electing new TCPs and post-Congress JM
JT described proposals to hold a meeting immediately after Congress to smooth the transfer of responsibilities from old to new TCPs. A number of other proposals were made, including: holding a teleconference with candidates for TCPs and Ordinary Member representatives during the CM in March/April before elections of TCPs; spreading Symposia over 3 years; Members bid to run Symposia while TCPs organize the technical programme; encouragement of multiple Ordinary Members to make a joint bid for a Commission; holding an extra joint meeting in March/April of the year after the Congress; TCPs elected mid-term; holding an annual conference which would include an exhibition and incorporate workshops.
6.3 Strategic Plan actions
Outstanding Strategic Plan actions were reviewed. There is a need for improving links between TCPs, National Correspondents and Regional Members. ID reminded TCPs of the need to interact with correspondents. SM stressed the difficulty of motivating correspondents. The following activities were noted:

Explore opportunities of mutual benefit with AM/FM No action
Ask ordinary members and WG chairs -Who are OGC Members? No action
Establish a 'Yellow Pages' for geoinformation databases on internet for Highlights and/or web page Action to Chair WG VI/4
Identify critical issues on global, regional and local level, such as user requirements in perspective of
end to end systems No action
Structure dialogue with industry groups to stimulate interest and joint activities… Activities in several WGs, e.g. SPOT HRS assessment, Standards for Lidar
Review and discuss inter-organisational matrices FR has been tasked to place matrices on the web site
Explore possibilities of joint workshops with external groups based on overlaps identified in ST4-1 Ongoing with joint meetings and activities with EuroSDR, Saudi Arabia, etc
Establish education web page with links to education freeware, and data ed and training course with WGVI/1 Active but need more input
Arrange for regional meeting of educators in co-operation with regional members Ongoing in TCVI
Request documentation of successful end to end GIS applications from companies such as ESRI. MapInfo Ongoing with Marketing Manager
Seek sponsorship for obtaining successful GIS applications on CD ROM for use by developing countries Ongoing. Discuss with Martien Molenaar
Seek reciprocal membership with OGC and set up procedures CA to pursue
Explore opportunities of mutual benefit with international groups MoUs with IEEE-GRS, SPIE
Advise Council on what needs to be done annually to maintain education webpage through COMM VI Ongoing
Report annually on implementation of database updates Ongoing
Advise council on expansion of education opportunities programme to other regions Ongoing

6.4 Awards
Funding is required for Young Authors awards and CATCOM. Mark Shortis and Pierre Grossenmeyer are working on the CATCOM funding and OA is working the YA funding.
JT asked TCPs to request Ordinary Members to submit nominations of candidates for Brock Award.

6.5 Proposals for Scientific Initiatives
AP reminded TCPs that applications should be submitted by February 2003.

6.6 Resolutions
LF introduced his paper on this topic and asked TCPs to consider proposals for Resolutions and stressed that draft Resolutions are needed for the JM in August 2003.

6.7 Marketing Manager
JT reported that Council had appointed Tina Cary and Associates as ISPRS Marketing Manager.

7. ISPRS Publications
7.1 Annual Report
ID reminded TCPs that their contributions to the annual report were due 15th December, and that the report would be published in the March edition of Highlights.

7.2 Journal
JT reported that the Editor was working to get the Journal back on schedule. There had been changes in the management of the Journal which may affect the production. The contract will be renegotiated over the next 2 years. The Helava jury selection of annual winners is expected very soon.

7.3 ISPRS Highlights
ID reminded TCPs to use Highlights for announcements and reports, and also for them to consider submitting technical overview papers.

7.4 Orange Book
The Orange book would be revised over the next 18 months and ID asked for any comments or suggestions. CA suggested providing notes on organizing a workshop.

7.5 Book Series
No interest had been received in the position of Book Series Editor.

7.6 Archives
7.6.1 Peer review.
Some TCPs and workshop organizers would like to have more peer review of papers. This was encouraged by Council, but guidelines were required. ISAC would be asked to do this. FL would send a copy of the procedures used for the Commission III Symposium papers to GB and ID.

ACTION 02/293 FL to send procedure used by TCIII for reviewing papers to GB and ID.

7.6.2 Sale
Council had previously agreed that the Archives would be placed on the web, and FR had started to do that. Questions had however been raised about whether this infringed GITC rights of sale and also about the formatting of the papers. Council will now reviewing the policy on publication.

7.6.3 Citation indices
OA urged TCPs to use correct formats and procedures to ensure that papers were entered into the SCI citation index.

8. Inter-Organisation Relationships(JT/ID)
8.1 UN Organisations (COPUOS)
ID reported that ISPRS had been invited to collaborate with OOSA in organizing a workshop in Syria. TS offered to help and RN offered to supply material for the course.
It was agreed that TS will work with OOSA in planning the programme and that ISPRS consider speaker(s) when more details are known.

ACTION 02/294 TS and RN to collaborate with OOSA on UN Workshop in Syria.
ACTION 02/295 JT to contact OICC to seek funding

TS suggested that UN workshops in Latin America should be organized jointly with ISPRS. She will follow it up.

ACTION 02/296 TS to pursue organization of UN workshops in Latin America with ISPRS

8.2 ICSU
JT reported that membership of ICSU would give ISPRS further opportunities for participation. He would be pursuing the project on sustainability indices. TCPs would be asked to contribute as appropriate.

8.3 CIPA
Council is awaiting a formal request to change Statutes to allow election of two vice presidents.

8.4 CEOS
Papers on the CEOS follow on from the WSSD were tabled. CEOS had decided to deal with 2 issues: Education, Training and Capacity Building and Water Resources Management. ISPRS has been asked to provide CEOS with information on what it can do within these areas.
JT suggested that Geospatial Workforce Development rogram (see item 12) could be offered to CEOS as a component of the initiative on education, training and capacity building. Information on ISPRS web page about courses and data could also be used.

SM reported on NASA work on water resources which could contribute, maybe in collaboration with ISRO, with ISPRS coordinating the applications. CA suggested that provision of test sites could also be an activity. TS suggested that CBERS data could be used.

8.5 SPIE
ID reported that ISPRS and SPIE are currently discussing the formulation of an MoU.

An MoU had been signed between ISPRS and IEEE-GRS and was discussed. It is now necessary to make contact with IEEE Technical Committees. SMwill contact Roger King,.

8.7 IAG
ISPRS has received information on the IUGG General assembly in Sapporo, in June 2003, at which ISPRS had been asked to contribute papers. ID will follow this up.

ACTION 02/297 ID to confirm that ISPRS would contribute to IAG and discuss detail with RN.

9. Review of TCP actions
ID reviewed the status of actions from the last JM

10. Review of new actions
ID reviewed the actions agreed at this meeting.
RN announced that Shailesh Nayak is the new Chair of WG VII/3. (See ACTION 02/289)

11. Next Meeting of Council and Technical Commission Presidents
OA circulated a schedule for the meeting. TCPs were asked to note that they would be required to attend the meeting from 18th to 21st August.

12. Other Business
Center for Geospatial Workforce Development
Prof. Pamela Lawhead (PL) from the Center for Geospatial Workforce Development (WGD), University of Mississippi, outlined a NASA funded project to develop 'portable courses' on the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences with on-line delivery. She stated the goal of the project is to develop a state of the art course delivery system and course creation process that will become self sustaining. Funding for production of nine courses has already been awarded based on course descriptions prepared by a group of US experts, named Course Fellows.

She offered to fund ISPRS to help internationalise the project. ISPRS can help in various areas such as reviews of curriculum, and proposing people to work on the program. It was pointed out that an international program would need to be different for different regions of the world.

Council and TCPs were generally in favour of working with the project and Council will consider what further action is appropriate and make a proposal to PL.

ACTION 02/298 Council to make proposal to GWD on collaboration in the program

JT closed the meeting with thanks to everyone for attending and for their contributions. He especially thanked RN and NRSA for hosting the meeting and for the excellent facilities and hospitality.

Abbreviations used in the text:

Assistant to Secretary General Kate Barber (KB)
Chair Finance Committee (FC) Heinz R�ther (HR)
Chair International Science Advisory Committee (ISAC) Armin Gruen (AG)
Chair International Policy Advisory Committee (IPAC) Ray Harris (RH)
International Committee On Remote Sensing of Environment (ICORSE)

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