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July 15, 2020 
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International Workshop on "Global Geospatial Information", 2013

Workshop of ISPRS WG IV/2
April 25, 2013
Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Editor(s): Prof. Dr. Alexander P. Karpik, Prof. Vladimir A. Seredovich

Introduction to the Workshop of ISPRS WG IV-2: "Global Geospatial Information"
Gottfried Konecny
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 228 KB)

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) Study on the Status of Mapping in the World
Gottfried Konecny
Page(s) 4-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 3286 KB)

Next Generation Smart Cities - the Role of Geomatics
Armin Gr√ľn
Page(s) 25-41
Conference Paper (PDF, 2678 KB)

Topographic Mapping with High Resolution Optical Space Images
Karsten Jacobsen
Page(s) 42-57
Conference Paper (PDF, 2297 KB)

Characteristics of Worldwide and Nearly Worldwide Height Models
Karsten Jacobsen
Page(s) 58-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 2605 KB)

Mapping Services in the Czech Republic
Lena Halounov√°
Page(s) 79-89
Conference Paper (PDF, 1892 KB)

The Status of Chinese Database Construction and Updating
Jie Jiang, Renliang Zhao
Page(s) 90-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 1433 KB)

Photogrammetric Research Projects at Michigan Tech Integrated Geospatial Technology Program
Eugene Levin, Iokeim Tellidis, Kevin Takala
Page(s) 97-101
Conference Paper (PDF, 448 KB)

3D Spatial Information Infrastructure for the Port of Rotterdam
S. Zlatanova, J. Beetz, AJ. Boersma, A. Mulder, J. Goos
Page(s) 102-113
Conference Paper (PDF, 848 KB)

Updating and Refinement of National 1:500000 DEM
Jian-jun LIU, Dong-hua WANG, Yao-ling SHANG, Wen-hao ZHAO, Xi KUAI
Page(s) 114-122
Conference Paper (PDF, 1455 KB)

Spatial Data Management Based on Standards and Open Source Software Products
Vladimir V. Komosko, Sergey Serebryakov
Page(s) 123-131
Conference Paper (PDF, 453 KB)

Creation of Multiscale Coverages of Russian Territory by Orthorectified Satellite Images
Ilya Farutin
Page(s) 132-134
Conference Paper (PDF, 290 KB)