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IPAC Session: International Cooperation in Earth Observation, 2018

@ ISPRS TC V Mid Term Symposium

November 20, 2018
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun, India

The NISAR Mission –Sensors & Mission Perspective
Paul Rosen
Pages: 14
Presentation (PDF, 19798 KB)

NISAR Science and Applications Overview - India Perspective
Raj Kumar
Pages: 26
Presentation (PDF, 6770 KB)

CNES-ISRO EO collaborations: Megha-Tropiques, Saral-AltiKa (altimetry), Trishna (TIR) and the Space Climate Observatory (SCO)
Pierre Tabary
Pages: 19
Presentation (PDF, 2189 KB)

CNES-ISRO EO CollaborationProducts & Services from Indian Perspective
Shantanu Bhatawdekar
Pages: 22
Presentation (PDF, 8455 KB)

The European Copernicus Programme and India
Steven Hosfold
Pages: 26
Presentation (PDF, 12463 KB)

Indian EO Satellite data for international projects – Antrix perspective
A. Arunachalam
Pages: 15
Presentation (PDF, 4764 KB)

Using Different Types of Initial Data for Monitoring of the Coastline Inland Seas
Antje Küpper
Pages: 21
Presentation (PDF, 5919 KB)

Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS): Regional/global initiatives for Societal Benefit Areas
Steven Hosfold
Pages: 25
Presentation (PDF, 11757 KB)

Integrating geospatial information for sustainable Asia and the Pacific
Syed T. Ahmed
Pages: 22
Presentation (PDF, 1895 KB)

Earth Observation and international projects
V.S. Prasad
Pages: 21
Presentation (PDF, 3121 KB)




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