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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI Part 6, 2006

Proceedings of the ISPRS Tokyo 2006 Symposium
Technical Commission VI
June 27–30, 2006
Tokyo, Japan
Editor(s): K. Cho, M. Yoshimura

Keynote Speeches

Sharing Knowledge: Roles of E-Learning in Creating the Global Learning Space
H.V. Ginkel
Page(s) 1-2
Conference Paper (PDF, 250 KB)

Sparking New Interest in Children’s Minds - Space Activities for Our Next Generations -
Y. Matogawa
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 272 KB)

Education and Training in Photogrammetry and Related Fields Remarks on the Presence and the Future
J. Höhle
Page(s) 4-11
Conference Paper (PDF, 376 KB)

Technical Session 1: New Approaches for Education

Progressive Learning Network, PLN
H. Haggren
Page(s) 12
Conference Paper (PDF, 226 KB)

An Internship Amongst Millions of Points
M. Rub
Page(s) 13-15
Conference Paper (PDF, 239 KB)

The Experience of E-learning: Progress towards a New Learning Paradigm
A. Martin, E. McGovern, K. Mooney, K. O'Rourke
Page(s) 16-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 242 KB)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Surveyors
S. Murai, K. Ono
Page(s) 19-22
Conference Paper (PDF, 286 KB)

Technical Session 2: Tools and Materials on Remote Sensing

CARST 1.0 and Remote Sensing Training at GeoInfo Ltd. in Vietnam
N. D. Duong
Page(s) 23-28
Conference Paper (PDF, 649 KB)

Developed of a Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) Package in Remote Sensing Educational
S. AlSultan, H. S. Lim, M. Z. Matjafri, K. Abdullah
Page(s) 29-34
Conference Paper (PDF, 1133 KB)

Low-Cost Virtual Reality Viewer as an Introductory Tool for Learning Remote Sensing Image Processing
S. Takeuchi, Y. Oguro, N. D. Duong
Page(s) 35-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 558 KB)

RS-FUN for Sharing Educational Materials on Remote Sensing
K. Cho, A. Komaki, T. Chujo, T. Tada
Page(s) 39-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 865 KB)

Technical Session 3: Education and Capacity Building on Geoinformation

Building Capacity in Geo-information Handling: Addressing Diversified Needs
S. Beerens
Page(s) 45-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 1424 KB)

Application of Global Geographic Framework Data for Education - Global Map -
H. Koshimizu, H. Maruyama, S. Sakabe, J. Kisanuki, T. Nagayama, S. Kayaba, M. Abe, N. Kishimoto, T. Okatani
Page(s) 51-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 2837 KB)

Geomatic Education in Malaysia: Time to do Some Realignment
A. Hassan, M.D. Subari
Page(s) 55-59
Conference Paper (PDF, 258 KB)

Activities towards Dissemination of Geographic Information in Macedonia
K. Yamada, K. Tsuda
Page(s) 60-64
Conference Paper (PDF, 671 KB)

Technical Session 4: eLearning Experiences and Strategies

E-Learning Courses for GIS and Remote Sensing in Germany Status and Perspectives
G. Koenig, J. Schiewe
Page(s) 65-70
Conference Paper (PDF, 552 KB)

Towards a Sustainable E-learning Solution for GI-Education
A. Krueger, T. Brinkhoff, B. Grendus
Page(s) 71-75
Conference Paper (PDF, 1637 KB)

Interoperable Learning Environments in Geosciences - A Virtual Learning Landscape
C. Katterfeld, V. Paelke
Page(s) 76-83
Conference Paper (PDF, 344 KB)

Multi-usable Courseware for Flexible and Demand-driven Education at ITC
T. Dam
Page(s) 84-88
Conference Paper (PDF, 299 KB)

Technical Session 5: Education on Remote Sensing

Indonesia Contributions in ALOS Project
F. Amhar
Page(s) 89-92
Conference Paper (PDF, 1151 KB)

Understanding and Teaching for Regional Differences of Agriculture using Satellite Data
G. Saito, M. Hanayama, K. Osawa
Page(s) 93-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 447 KB)

A Comparison of Five Potential Evapotranspiration Methods and Relationship to NDVI for Regional use in the Mongolian Grassland
S. Tuya, J. Batbayar, K. Kajiwara, Y. Honda
Page(s) 97-101
Conference Paper (PDF, 478 KB)

Satellite Images of Air Pollutants and Land Cover for Environmental Education and Disaster Prevention
N. Iino, K. Kinoshita, C. Kanagaki
Page(s) 102-107
Conference Paper (PDF, 1540 KB)

Technical Session 6: Internet Resources for Education

High Growth Job Training Initiative for Remote Sensing Community
G. Guzzardo, T. W. Foresman
Page(s) 108-112
Conference Paper (PDF, 440 KB)

Integrating Disaster Information on a Web based GIS
J. H. Jeong, Y. Yamamoto, M. Takagi
Page(s) 113-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 1458 KB)

The Image integrated Database for Weather Study using Mt. SAKURAJIMA
S. Tsuchida, K. Kinoshita, D. Kajikawa
Page(s) 119-122
Conference Paper (PDF, 1631 KB)

Sea Ice Image Dataset for Education (SIDE)
K. Cho, Y. Yano, R. Iwasa
Page(s) 123-126
Conference Paper (PDF, 1400 KB)

Technical Session 7: International Training

Indonesia Experience in Geospatial Training
F. Amhar
Page(s) 127-129
Conference Paper (PDF, 419 KB)

Promoting ISPRS Aspirations in Geospatial Technology Application in Developing Countries and EReT Cameroon Approach to the International MSc Geoinformatics Programs
N. P. Naburo, N. L. Munju
Page(s) 130-133
Conference Paper (PDF, 247 KB)

International Partnership for a Joint Educational Progamme in a Developing Country in South America, Case of BOLIVIA
J.S.D. Martinic, J. Horn
Page(s) 134-139
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

Technical Session 8: New Tools for Education

Problem based Learning in Spatial Information Science – A Case Study
A. Martin, E. McGovern, K. Mooney
Page(s) 140-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 248 KB)

Teaching Cartography through VRML: Including Breaklines and Vertical Walls in Tins to Render Archaeological Site
J.G. Lahoz, D.G. Aguilera
Page(s) 145-150
Conference Paper (PDF, 1237 KB)

How to broaden the Bases for Digital Remote Sensing Data Analysis for Everybody -From the Experiences of Promoting “MultiSpec ’hands on Workshops-
J. Iisaka
Page(s) 151-156
Conference Paper (PDF, 1691 KB)

Training Scheme for Land-cover Mapsvalidation by Ground-truth
K. Iwao, K. Nishida, Y. Yamagata
Page(s) 157-159
Conference Paper (PDF, 276 KB)

Technical Session 9: Data Acquisition and Visualization Tools

Construction and Application of Satellite Image 3D Presentation System for Education
K. Kinoshita, N. Tomioka, H. Togoshi
Page(s) 160-165
Conference Paper (PDF, 5096 KB)

Computer-assisted Surveying Education using 3D Simulator
Y. Kunii, H. Chikatsu, T. Ohdake, K. Ono
Page(s) 166-170
Conference Paper (PDF, 2125 KB)

SV3DVISION: Didactical Photogrammetric Software for Single Image-based Modeling
D.G. Aguilera, J.G. Lahoz
Page(s) 171-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 2143 KB)

Airborne Altimetric LiDAR Simulator: An Education Tool
B. Lohani, P. Reddy, R.K. Mishra
Page(s) 179-183
Conference Paper (PDF, 916 KB)

Technical Session 10: ISPRS Roles for Education

The Role of ISPRS in Education and Training within the Framework of International Organizations
J.C. Trinder
Page(s) 184-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 303 KB)

37 Years of Internet, 12 Years of ISPRS Online
T.C. Chen
Page(s) 189-197
Conference Paper (PDF, 318 KB)

Organization and Future of ISPRS Student Consortium
G. Akkoca, P. Tatli, R. N. Celik
Page(s) 198-201
Conference Paper (PDF, 2519 KB)

The Structure and Methods of Student Organization for IGSM2004
J. Järvinen, K. Nuuja, M. Eskelinen, S. Vinbland, K. Karila, M. Hovi, K. Koivula, K. Käyhty, K. Pohjjanpolo
Page(s) 202-207
Conference Paper (PDF, 421 KB)

Positioning and Navigation System using GPS
J. Parthasarathy
Page(s) 208-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 267 KB)

Technical Session 11: Education on Photogrammetry

The Photogrammetry Education for Multidisciplinary Geomatics in P.R.CHINA
Q. Zhu
Page(s) 213-218
Conference Paper (PDF, 403 KB)

Analysis of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Education in Slovenia and Prospects for the future
M.K. Fras.
Page(s) 219-222
Conference Paper (PDF, 275 KB)

Application of the Simplified Spatial Data Acquisition System K-Scope to Education and Research
H. Takeda, K. Isobe, Y. Akamatsu, R. Matsuoka, K. Cho
Page(s) 223-228
Conference Paper (PDF, 561 KB)

Digital Aerial Cameras
M. Kheiri
Page(s) 229-234
Conference Paper (PDF, 1574 KB)

Technical Session 12: Thesis and Project Writing

Project Proposal Writing
G. Konecny
Page(s) 235
Conference Paper (PDF, 251 KB)

Thesis Writing
A. Gruen
Page(s) 235
Conference Paper (PDF, 251 KB)

Presentation Techniques
S. Murai
Page(s) 235
Conference Paper (PDF, 251 KB)

Technical Session 13: Various Approaches on Application

Ecological Awareness Mapping by Community Participation
S. Ochi, Y. Matsuno, N. Hatcho
Page(s) 236-239
Conference Paper (PDF, 688 KB)

Glacier Change Estimation using Landsat TM Data
M. Erdenetuya, P. Khishigsuren, G. Davaa, M. Otgontugs
Page(s) 240-243
Conference Paper (PDF, 1167 KB)

Experimental Study on the Effect of Cheong-gye Stream Restoration on Urban Environment (Long-path Measurement of Atmospheric Pollutant Species with an Obstruction Flashlight)
Y. Shiraki, I. Harada, H. Kuze, T. Ichinose
Page(s) 244-247
Conference Paper (PDF, 1034 KB)

EDUCA SeRe II PROJECT – Ecosystems Atlas of South America and Antarctica through Satellite Images
T.M. Sausen, Costa S.M.F. da, Maio A.C. Di, F.V. Barbosa
Page(s) 248-253
Conference Paper (PDF, 1951 KB)

Technical Session 14: Distance Learning

E-learning Experiences and Sustainability: A Piloting of Distance M.SC. Thesis Supervision at ITC, The NETHERLANDS
D.R. Paudyal
Page(s) 254-259
Conference Paper (PDF, 461 KB)

Storytelling Approach for VIDEO Demonstration of VRS Service
J. Järvinen, J. Puupponen, T. Valtari, A. Ropponen, R. Järvinen
Page(s) 260-263
Conference Paper (PDF, 2610 KB)

JICA NET Distance Education on Remote Sensing and GIS for Developing Countries
S. Murai, H. Murayama
Page(s) 264-271
Conference Paper (PDF, 412 KB)

E-tutor for Learning GIS
P. Venkatachalam, B.K. Mohan, M. Pandya, D. Choksi, J.K. Suri
Page(s) 272-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 1497 KB)

Construction of GIS Education System via Distance Learning
T. Sakai, S. Goto, M. Yamashita
Page(s) 277-278
Conference Paper (PDF, 396 KB)

A Multimedia Tutor for Digital Image Processing for Remote Sensing
K.M. Buddhiraju, S. Karthik, V. Nayak, G. Anu
Page(s) 279-284
Conference Paper (PDF, 1880 KB)

Direction of Digital Image Analysis Training through the 28 Years Experience
T. Yamanokuchi, S. Negishi, T. Igarashi, A. Yamamoto, R. Ueno
Page(s) 285-288
Conference Paper (PDF, 319 KB)

Technical Session 16: Capacity Building in Africa and in Asia

Improving Capacity Building in Earth Observation and Geo-information Science in Africa through Educational Networking
O. Kufoniyi
Page(s) 289-294
Conference Paper (PDF, 280 KB)

Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD): Geo-Information Capacity Building Activities in Africa
W.K. Ottichilo
Page(s) 295-299
Conference Paper (PDF, 262 KB)

JAXA’s Capacity Building Activities in Asia-Pacific Region
C. Ishida, L. Samarakoon, Y. Inomata, M. Ozawa
Page(s) 300-303
Conference Paper (PDF, 331 KB)

JAXA/AIT Collaboration for Capacity Building in Asia-Pacific
L. Samarakoon, C. Ichida, Y. Inomata
Page(s) 304-306
Conference Paper (PDF, 248 KB)


Session 12: support documentation
S. Murai
Page(s) 307-311
Conference Paper (PDF, 1419 KB)




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