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Volume XVIII - Part 8


Technical Commission VIII Symposium

Networking the World with Remote Sensing

Kyoto, Japan

August 9-12, 2010


Editors: Koji Kajiwara, Kanako Muramatsu, Noriko Soyama, Takahiro Endo, Akiko Ono, Shin Akatsuka



It is my great pleasure to present the proceedings of mid-term ISPRS symposium of Technical Commission VIII "Remote Sensing Applications and Policies". It takes place 9th – 12th August 2010 in Kyoto, JAPAN.

Recently, climate change issues including the increase of natural disasters, desertification, and the reduction of bio-diversity, have been rising continuously. With the economic chaos that started at the end of fall 2008, it is time for human beings to start thinking seriously about the approaching end of humankind on the Earth. Looking back to history, life on the Earth can be divided into four ages: the age of the creation when the earliest form of life started, the age of reconstitution when the eukaryotes were created, the age of diversification when many kinds of animals were created and, at present times the age of the brain with the human being increasingly contributing to the shaping of the Earth system (influence of human activity). Depending on our will, we can decide on what is the ideal way for human life on the Earth. We need to understand the Earth and the human society accurately so that, we can make correct choices. For this purpose, spatial information, and connections between short and long term time sequential information at all scales are crucially needed. Remote sensing is one of the most effective technologies that offer such information to humans.

ISPRS Technical Commission VIII covers almost all fields of Remote Sensing and also includes policies. It is a good opportunity to discuss the way to seek the solution of problems for our future among researchers from many countries. So we decided the theme of this symposium "Networking the world with Remote Sensing".

I am grateful for organizations who co-organize the symposium, i.e. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Group on Earth Observations (GEO). They provide not only their Special Sessions to the symposium, but also exhibition or demonstration booths for this symposium. Also I would appreciate each WG chair and persons who arrange the special sessions for each co-organized organizations.

Researchers from 31 countries submit their paper and totally 245 papers are included in this proceedings. We will have 28 sessions for WG1 to WG10, one policy session, one Inter Commission WG IV/VIII session, one poster session and 10 special sessions from co-organizing organizations.

Finally I would like to thank Prof. Kohei Cho and Prof. Yoshiaki Honda who arranged the sessions, and each member of editor working group who worked on editing the proceedings. Also I would like to thank all staffs for preparing this symposium.


ISPRS Technical Commission VIII President

Haruhisa SHIMODA


Programme Committee

Haruhisa Shimoda TC VIII President, Tokai University Japan
Yasushi Horikawa TC VIII Vice President, JAXA Japan
Kohei Cho TC VIII Scientific Secretary, Tokai University Japan
Yoshiaki Honda TC VIII Administrative Secretary, Chiba University Japan
Alfredo R. Huete WG VIII/8 Chair, University of Technology, Sydney Australia
Akimasa Sumi The University of Tokyo Japan
Amelia M. Budge WG VIII/2 Chair, University of New Mexico USA
Ammatzia Peled ICWG IV/VIII Chair, University of Haifa Israel
Costas Armenakis ICWG IV/VIII Co-Chair, York University Canada
Haruo Sawada WG VIII/7 Chair, The University of Tokyo Japan
Joji Ishizaka Nagoya University Japan
Josefino C. Comiso WG VIII/10 Chair, NASA USA
Koji Kajiwara Chiba University Japan
Mitsuharu Tokunaga Kanazawa Institute of Technology Japan
Naoto Ebuchi  Hokkaido University Japan
Piero Boccardo WG VIII/1 Chair, Politecnico di Torino Italy
Rainer Sandau IPAC Chair, DLR Germany
Ryosuke Shibasaki The University of Tokyo Japan
Shibendu S. Ray WG VIII/6 Chair, ISRO India
Shiro Imawaki JAMSTEC Japan
Taikan Oki WG VIII/4 Chair, The University of Tokyo Japan
Tatsuya Yokota WG VIII/3 Chair, NIES Japan
Teruyuki Nakajima The University of Tokyo Japan
Thomas Cudahy WG VIII/5 Chair, ARRC Australia
Toshiro Saino JAMSTEC Japan
W. Timothy Liu WG VIII/9 Chair, JPL USA
Yoshifumi Yasuoka NIES Japan
Editors Working Group:    
Koji Kajiwara Chiba University Japan
Kanako Muramatsu Nara Women's University Japan
Noriko Soyama Tenri University Japan
Takahiro Endo The University of Tokyo Japan
Akiko Ono Chiba University Japan
Shin Akatsuka Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences Japan


Copyright 2010

Copyright resides with the author(s) of a paper except where it is retained by an author’s employer.



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