Working Groups of ISPRS Commission IV 2012-2016

Geodatabases and Digital Mapping





WG IV/1 - Methods for the Update and Verification of Geospatial Databases


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
David Holland Petra Helmholz Giorgio Agugiaro Penglin ZHANG
Ordnance Survey
Adanac Drive
United Kingdom, SO16 0AS
+ 44 (0) 23 8005 5767
Department of Spatial Sciences
Western Australian School of Mines
Curtin University
GPO Box U1987
Perth WA 6845
+61 8 9266 3369
+61 8 9266 2703
3D Optical Metrology Unit
FBK- Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Via Sommarive 18
38122 Trento
+39 0461 314 913
+39 0461 314 340
School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering
Wuhan University
129 LuoYu Road
+86 27 68771421 (O),
+86 27 68778086


WG IV/1 Terms of Reference

  • Development, access, management and retrieval of large-volume, spatio-temporal databases;
  • Spatial data infrastructures and cyberinfrastructures;
  • Image-based, point cloud and crowdsourced updating of geospatial databases;
  • Access to remote data sources, including metadata and open source digital data standards;
  • Web-based access, retrieval and dissemination of spatial data, including location-based services, dynamic phenomena and moving objects;
  • Integration of spatial information systems and image analysis for GIS-driven
  • change detection, data capture and updating;
  • Dynamic spatial information systems, spatial data revision and versioning;
  • Rapid mapping for disaster management;
  • Interfacing urban and engineering 3D models with spatial information systems;
  • Digital landscape and urbanscape modeling and visualization;
  • Extraterrestrial spatial databases and spatial information systems;
  • Analysis of systems and their components for automated and semi-automated digital mapping and geoinformation systems;
  • Analysis of industry, government and social needs and design of systems for production and update of geospatial information.


WG IV/2 - Global Status of Mapping and Geospatial Database Updating


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
Vladimir A. Seredovich Gottfried Konecny Jianjun LIU Argina Novitskaya
Siberian State Academy of Geodesy
10, Plakhotnogo Str. Office 106
Novosibirsk, 630108
Russian Federation
+7 (383) 343 39 57, 361 00 92
Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
Nienburger Str. 1
D-30167 Hannover
+49 511 762 2487
+49 511 762 2483
National Geomatics Center of China
28 Lianhuachi West Road
Beijing 100830
+86 10 63880335
+86 10 63880332
Siberian State Academy of Geodesy
10, Plakhotnogo Str. Office 114
Novosibirsk, 630108
Russian Federation
+7 (383) 361 00 92



WG IV/2 Terms of Reference

  • To collect information on the global status of mapping and its updating in databases. This is of particular importance for countries with large areas for which imagery has provided interim information.
  • Investigate and eventually test potentials and possibilities for fast, efficient and accurate means to acquire global basic topographic map information at various scale levels and to maintain and updating it. This shall include governmental and industry efforts.


WG IV/3 - Global DEM Interoperability


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
Jan-Peter Muller Dean Gesch Takeo Tadono Ludovico Biagi
Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Department of Space and Climate Physics
University College London
Holmbury St. Mary
Dorking, Surrey,RH5 6NT
+44 1483 204151
44 1483 278312
U.S. Geological Survey
Earth Resources Observation and Science Center
47914 252nd Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57198-0001 USA
+1 605 594 6055
+1 605 594 6529
Earth Observation Research Center (EORC)
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
2-1-1, Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
305-8505, Japan
+81 29 868 3150
81 29 868 2961
Politecnico di Milano, DIIAR
Laboratorio di Geomatica del Polo Territoriale di Como
Via Valleggio 11, 22100 Como
+39 031 332 7562
+39 031 332 7519 people/jpm en/index.htm


WG IV/3 Terms of Reference

  • Review technical progress on global DEM data fusion methods and outcomes
  • Review technical progress on creation of bathymetry of the Earth's continental shelves and data fusion with coastal zone co-ordinate systems, topography and shorelines from spaceborne EO data
  • Discuss the temporal aspects of DEMs including per gridpoint time-tagging, change assessment (e.g. ice-sheets, open-cast mining, landslides, etc..)
  • Discuss best methods for bare earth retrieval from Earth Observation-derived Global DEMs and subsequent assessment of global biomass (in association with the IC II/IV on Global land cover)
  • Establishment of open source software for evaluation/validation of global DEMs
  • Establishment of open source database for evaluation of global DEMs (e.g. Runways, CCPs (Canopy Control Points) ICESat from NASA-GSFC (waveform processed for retrieval of ToC (Top of Canopy) and Bare Earth (DTM)
  • Discuss best methods for interoperability through OGC-compliant protocols


WG IV/4 - Geospatial Data Infrastructure


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
E. Pattabhi Rama Rao Michael P. Finn Dev Raj Paudyal R. Venkata Shesu
Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India
"Ocean Valley" Pragathi Nagar (BO)
Hyderabad-500 090
+91 40 23895008 / 23886008
+91 40 23892910
Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science
U.S. Geological Survey
Denver Federal Center
Box 25046, Mail Stop 510
Denver, CO 80225
+1 303 202 4544
Surveying and Spatial Science
University of Southern Queensland, Australia
West Street
Toowoomba, Queensland
+617 4631 2633 / +61432584455
+617 4631 2526
Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India
"Ocean Valley" Pragathi Nagar (BO)
Hyderabad-500 090
+91 40 23886069
+91 40 23892910


WG IV/4 Terms of Reference

  • Development and management of multi-level (national, regional and global) geospatial databases
  • Highly efficient data acquisition and processing from multi-sources, including field surveying, remote sensing, real-time sensors and crwodsourcing;
  • Synchronization of disparate geospatial resources to provide a useful, usable, and enabling framework that can be integrated with environmental and socio-economic data for research, discovery and web services characterized by broad access and ″end-to-end″ coordination
  • Methods, strategies and techniques for sustained, dynamic and incremental updating  and versioning of the database. And maintain the consistence of multi-scale and multi-resolution datasets in the process of updating.
  • Cooperation and liaison with international efforts (GEOSS, Digital Earth, UNSDI, INSPIRE and GMES), and organizations (GSDI, WGISS, ICA, W3C, and EuroSDR)
  • Cooperation with organizations working on interoperability standards and specifications, such as OGC and ISO. Contribution towards open source principles, metadata and open standards of service, system architectures, and geospatial information


WG IV/5 - Web and Cloud Based Geospatial Services and Applications


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
Bert Veenendaal Maria Brovelli Lixin Wu Ashraf Dewan
Department of Spatial Sciences
Curtin University
GPO Box U1987
Perth Western Australia 6845
+61 8 9266 7565
DIIAR Department
Polytechnic of Milan, Como Campus
Via Valleggio, 11
22100 Como
+39 031 332 7517
+39 031 332 7519
China University of Mining & Technology
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 221008
Department of Spatial Sciences Curtin University
Perth Western, Australia 6845


WG IV/5 Terms of Reference

  • Design, development and evaluation of web and cloud based architectures, services and applications for intelligent mapping, multiple geospatial web services, geoweb semantics and ontologies, geospatial analytics, spatiotemporal analysis and online GIS
  • Design and development of mobile and ubiquitous geospatial services and applications with adaptive and context-aware processing and multidimensional visualisation
  • Design and development of virtual and collaborative geospatial environments and services for crowdsourced spatiotemporal data
  • Integration of open source solutions and open standards/specifications
  • Development and use of virtual globes for geospatial data integration, visualization and analysis
  • Investigation of social and organizational issues related to web and cloud-based services and collaborative environments
  • Research into novel online 3D/4D visualization and virtual reality technologies for representing and analysing dynamic phenomena to provide collaborative services in a web and cloud based environment。
  • Cooperation with related working groups and organizations including ISPRS WG II/6 and WG II/7, ICA (Commission on Maps and the Internet, Commission on Geovisualization), WGISS, FIG, OSGeo, OGC, etc.


WG IV/6 - Sensor Web and Internet of Things


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
Lan Mu
Steve H. L. Liang Wolfgang Kresse
Mingshu Wang
Department of Geography
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 20602
Dept. of Geomatics Engineering 
Schulich School of Enginering 
University of Calgary 
2500 University Drive NW 
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4 
+1 403 220 4703 
+1 403 284 1980 
Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences 
Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Geoinformatics, Geodesy and Civil Engineering 
Brodaer Strasse 2 
17033 Neubrandenburg
+49 (0) 395 5693 4106 
+49 (0) 395 5693 4999 
Center for Geospatial Research
Department of Geography
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602
+ 706-542-2374
+ 706-542-2388


WG IV/6 Terms of Reference

  • Advance and evaluate interoperable Sensor Web standards, algorithms, and system architecture
  • Investigate efficient ways to connect, access, and task resource-constrained Internet of Things devices and sensors
  • Advance sensor data stream processing algorithms and architecture
  • Design, develop, and evaluate innovative Sensor Web and Internet of Things applications
  • Design, develop, and benchmark implementation interfaces for the abstract ISO standards
  • Collaborate with the large photogrammetric companies to develop and evaluate XML-definitions and software libraries
  • Attend and collaborate with the related OGC working groups (e.g., SWE DWG, IoT SWG, etc.), ISO/TC-211 meetings as well as ISPRS WG II/8.


WG IV/7 - 3D Indoor Modelling and Navigation


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
S. Zlatanova George Sithole Masafumi NAKAGAWA Qing ZHU
OTB Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies
TU Delft
Jaffalaan 9
2628 BX Delft
The Netherlands
+31 15 278 2714
+31 15 278 2745
School of Architecture and Planning and Geomatics
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
University of Cape Town
7701 Rondebosch
Cape Town
South Africa
+27 21 650 3576
+27 21 650 3572
Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering
Shibaura Institute of Technology
3-7-5, Toyosu, Koyo-ku
Tokyo, 135-8548
+81 3 5859 8355
+81 3 5859 8401
Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering
Southwest Jiaotong University
West Section, High-tech Zone
Chengdu, 611756
P.R. China
+86 28 66367612
+86 28 66367612      


WG IV/7 Terms of Reference

  • 3D reconstruction of indoor environments integrating different types of sensors;
  • 3D data structures, algorithms and standards for integration of BIM, CAD and GIS models for seamless (indoor/outdoor) navigation and evacuation.
  • Automated semantic description of indoor environments.
  • Automated 3D modelling of dynamic indoor environments
  • Benchmarking of indoor reconstruction of and semantic algorithms.
  • 3D data models for management of geo-sensor data and their integration with other 3D information. 
  • Data models allowing for efficient 3D visualization and assisted navigation of indoor models
  • Promote integrated processing of dynamic sensor data and simulation model data for quick emergency response.
  • Analysis of 3D disaster management and environmental modelling needs for production and updating of spatial information.


WG IV/8 - Planetary Mapping and Spatial Databases


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
Jürgen Oberst Kaichang DI Irina Karachevtseva Marita Wählisch
German Aerospace Center
Institute for Planetary Research
Planetary Geodesy
Rutherfordstrasse 2
D - 12489 Berlin
+ 49 30 67055 336
+ 49 30 67055 402
Institute of Remote Sensing Applications
Chinese Academy of Sciences
PO.Box 9718
Datun Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100101
+ 86 10 64868229
+ 86 13601056819 (mobile)
Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK)
MIIGAiK Extraterrestrial Laboratory (MExLab)
Gorokhovsky pereulok, 4
105064, Moscow
+7 499 267-35-13
+7 499 267-35-13
German Aerospace Center
Institute of Planetary Research
Planetary Geodesy
Rutherfordstrasse 2
D - 12489 Berlin
+49 30 67055 348
+49 30 67055 402


WG IV/8 Terms of Reference

  • Development of advanced techniques in data acquisition, processing, and analysis pertaining to the mapping of celestial bodies
  • Definition or evaluation of reference systems, coordinate systems, map sheet definitions, etc. and their standardization
  • Development of spatial information systems to support extraterrestrial exploration and science
  • Web based delivery of extraterrestrial map products and GIS data
  • Cooperation with related working groups viz. IAU, NASA, ESA, ISRO, JAXA and other space organisations and liaisons with the ICA Commission on Planetary Cartography


ICWG IV/II - Computing Optimization for Spatial Databases and Location based Services


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
Chaowei Phil Yang David McMeekin Wei HUANG Rui LI
National Science Foundation (NSF) Center for Spatiotemporal Thinking, Computing and Applications
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA, 22030-4444
+1 571 235 1827
+1 301 880 1345
Curtin University of Technology
Western Australia
+61 8 9266 2704
+61 0422302323 (Mobile) 
National Geomatics Center of China
28 Lianhuachi West Road
Beijing 100830
+86 10 63880345
+86 10 63880251
Wuhan University
129 Luoyu Road
+86 13607168286


ICWG IV/II Terms of Reference

  • Reduce the response time for SDB and LBS given specific computing infrastructure
  • Optimize Distributed Computing for Enabling Computability of Geosciences and Digital Earth
  • Mining and Utilizing spatiotemporal principles to improve cloud computing and other new computing paradigms for SDB and LBS
  • Modern hardware and software Accelerating Technologies for GIS
  • Spatiotemporal Index for Geosciences and other science domains


ICWG IV/II/VIII - Global Land Cover Mapping and Services


 Chair Co-Chair Co-Chair Secretary
Yifang BAN Chandra GIRI Lijun CHEN Alexander JACOB
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Drottning Kristinas Väg 30
100 44 Stockholm
+46 8 790 86 48
+46 8 790 85 80
USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center
57198 Sioux Falls, SD 
+1 605 594 2835
+1 605 5946529
National Geomatics Center of China
28 Lianhuachi West Road
Beijing 100830
+86 10 63880377
+86 10 63880323
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Drottning Kristinas Väg 30
100 44 Stockholm
+46 8 790 7345
+46 8 790 85 80


ICWG IV/II/VIII Terms of Reference

  • Identify scientific/technological/application challenges related to GLC mapping and monitoring
  • Utilize new sensor data, SAR data, and longer and denser time-series data for GLC mapping and monitoring
  • Identify test sites and develop methods for the validation of GLC datasets at various spatial resolutions
  • Develop web services for GLC data sharing, updating, processing and validation
  • Collaborate with GEO tasks related to GLC (e.g., SB-02)


Commission IV




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