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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXIV-5/W3, 2002

WG V/6
International Workshop on Visualization and Animation Of Landscape
26 - 28 February 2002
Kunming, China
Editor(s): Armin Gruen, Shunji Murai

Development of "Geo-Simulator" using Solid Model and Computer Projector (presentation file)
Makoto Watanabe, Shunji Murai, Yousuke Seki
Page(s) 14
Conference Paper (PDF, 10270 KB)

Virtual Reality Tour for Environmental Study
G. Fangia, G. Gagliardinia, E. S. Malinvernia
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 651 KB)

Principle and Implement of Measurable Virtual Reality (MVR) based on Seamless Ortho-image Database
Deren LI, Mi WANG, Jianya GONG
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 946 KB)

Geo-Art Technique for Virtual Reality Bird's Eye View (presentation file)
Makoto Watanabe, Shunji Murai, Masanobu Kobayashi, Akira Tsutsumi, Yousuke Seki
Page(s) 19
Conference Paper (PDF, 59579 KB)

Visualization and Animation of the Historic Town Centre of Telc
Karel Pavelka
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 6820 KB)

Landscape as a Historical Object: 3D Reconstruction and Evaluation of a Relief Model from 18th Century
Jana Niederoest
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 1677 KB)

3D Modeling and the Landscape Simulation of Historical Row Houses in Tsumago
Sayaka SUZUKI, Hirofumi CHIKATSU
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 4682 KB)

3D Modeling of Urban Area by using Video Camera
Tsukasa Hosmura, Tetsuo Ohta, Masaaki Shikada
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 530 KB)

Three Dimensional Modelling and Visualization of Weathered Rock Surface
H.D. Park, G.H. Shin, Y.S. Chang
Page(s) 2
Conference Paper (PDF, 2704 KB)

Photo-textured Digital Terrain Models as a Basis for Regional and Local Planning
Li Zhang, Jacques Feiner, Olivier Louy, Armin Gruen, Willy A. Schmid
Page(s) 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 10311 KB)

Real Time Volcano Activity Mapping System using Ground Fixed Digital Camera
Kiyoshi Honda, Masahiko Nagaia
Page(s) 15
Conference Paper (PDF, 1010 KB)

Animation of SPOT Vegetation Instrument Data using Morphing
Wataru Ohira, Yukio Wada
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 162 KB)

A Voronoi K-order Approach for Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Interpolation
Renliang ZHAO, Jun CHEN, Zhilin LI, C.M. Gold
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 528 KB)

Development of a Browser for Traffic Line and Terrain Landscape
Zuxun Zhang, Shunyi Zheng, Jianqing Zhang
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 4816 KB)

Integration of Terrain Models and Built-up Structures using CAD-Type Euler Operators
O.C. Tse, Christopher Gold
Page(s) 9
Conference Paper (PDF, 526 KB)

Designing of Wavelet-based Processing System for Airborne Laser Scanner Segmentation
T.Thuy Vu, Mitsuharu Tokunaga
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 368 KB)

Visualizing Terrain Models from Contours- Plausible Ridge, Valley and Slope Estimation
Maciej Dakowicz, Christopher Gold
Page(s) 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 4849 KB)

Real time-Based Representation of 3D Objects
Y. Zhanga, J. Chen, L.Z. Zhou
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 127 KB)

Integration of Landscape and City Modeling - The Pre-hispanic Site Xochilcalco
Armin Gruen, Xinhua Wang
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 11860 KB)

Computer Reconstruction of the Past Objects and Visual Animation of Landscape
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 10670 KB)

Archarological Visualization of Yangtze River Civilization in China
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 8917 KB)

Visual Application for Rockslide in Archaeological Sites
Keiko UNO, Yoshito MIYATSUKA
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 553 KB)

Combining High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Airborne Laser Scanning Data for Generating bareland DEM in Urban Areas
Guo Tao, Yoshifumi Yasuoka
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 277 KB)

Kansei-based Map Visualization (presentation file)
Shunji Murai, Tsukasa Sampei, Naoyuki Tanaka
Page(s) 28
Conference Paper (PDF, 9323 KB)

Construction of Complex City Landscape with the Support of CAD Model
Min Sun, Jun Chen, Ainai Ma
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 2419 KB)




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