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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-2/W40, 2006

WG II/3, II/6 ISPRS Workshop
Multiple representation and interoperability of spatial data
February 22-24, 2006
Hannover, Germany
Editor(s): M. Hampe, M. Sester and L. Harrie

List of Authors

Anders, K.-H. 49
Bakker, N. J. 22
Brovelli, M. A. 85
Burghardt, D. 6
Féchir, A. 36
Haunert, J.-H. 49
Heuwold, J. 65
Jia, Z. G. 79
Kada, M. 58
Kobben, B. 22
Lemmens, R.L.G. 22
Liu, X. L. 79
Meng, L. 30
Müller, M. 71
Mustière, S. 92
Neun, M. 6
Pakzad, K. 65
Regnauld, N. 1
Sester, M. 49
Shi, W. 30
Stoter, J.E. 22
Tomai, E. 16
Verbree, E. 43
Volz, S. 101
Waele, J. De 36
Weibel, R. 6
Zamboni, G. 85
Zhu, G. B. 79




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