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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-4/W6, 2005

Proceedings of the ISPRS Hangzhou 2005 Workshop
Service and Application of Spatial Data Infrastructure
October 14-16, 2005
Hangzhou, China
Editor(s): Jie Jiang

Keynote Speeches

Is Geo-services Ready? ---- On Generalized and Specialized Spatial Information Grid
Deren LI
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 523 KB)

The Future of Spatial Data Infrastructures
Ian Masser
Page(s) 7-16
Conference Paper (PDF, 224 KB)

Cross-agency Alignment of Geospatial Investments for Spatial Data Infrastructure Development
Kate Lance
Page(s) 17-28
Conference Paper (PDF, 316 KB)

Plenary Session: Advanced Development of SDI

The Evolution of ISPRS Activities in the Spatial Information Sciences: Developments in SDI in Australia
John Trinder
Page(s) 29-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 161 KB)

Temporal and Spatial Footprint Coverages of Earth Observation Data
John L. Faundeen
Page(s) 33-35
Conference Paper (PDF, 418 KB)

The US National Spatial Data Infrastructure: What is new?
Alan R. Stevens
Page(s) 313-318
Conference Paper (PDF, 272 KB)

Spatial Portals: Adding Value to Spatial Data Infrastructures
Winnie TANG, J. Selwood
Page(s) 35-40
Conference Paper (PDF, 1531 KB)

New Concepts for Data Services Offered by ¡°Virtual Implementation
Jean Pierre Antikidis
Page(s) 41-46
Conference Paper (PDF, 553 KB)

Beyond SDI: The Case of Victoria
T. O. Chan, E. Thomas, B. Thompson
Page(s) 47-52
Conference Paper (PDF, 205 KB)

Adaptive Architecture of Geospatial Information Service over the Internet with QOGIS Embeded
Huayi WU, Hanwu ZHANG, Xiaojing LIU, Xia SUN
Page(s) 53-58
Conference Paper (PDF, 183 KB)

Technical Session 1: Information Sharing & Interoperability

Rob van Essen, Volker Hiestermann
Page(s) 59-64
Conference Paper (PDF, 197 KB)

Building Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure
Bela Markus
Page(s) 65-70
Conference Paper (PDF, 377 KB)

A Multifunction Web Based Metadata Tool Design and Implementation for NSDI
O. Emem, F. Batuk
Page(s) 71-76
Conference Paper (PDF, 237 KB)

OAI-PMH Based Interoperation for Spatial Metadata
Haixia MAO
Page(s) 77-82
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

The Study and Design of Geo-spatial Metadata Manage System Based on USDI
Cheng PENG, Jing LI, Chun-bo LIU, Tong-kui LIAO
Page(s) 83-88
Conference Paper (PDF, 465 KB)

Technical Session 2: Data Processing and Mining

Using a Three Dimensional Spatial Database to Orthorectify Automatically Remote Sensing Images
S. Baillarin, A. Bouillon, M. Bernard, M. Chikhi
Page(s) 89-94
Conference Paper (PDF, 1022 KB)

Mining Fuzzy Spatial Configuration Rules: Methods and Applications
Wenzhong SHI, X. YANG, G. Lin
Page(s) 319-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 408 KB)

Virtual Environments for Spatial Data Infrastructures on Computing Grids
T. Nguyen, L. Wang, J.P. Antikidis
Page(s) 95-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 1288 KB)

SDI Qualification Using TQM Concept
A. D. Moghaddam, M.R. Delavar
Page(s) 103-106
Conference Paper (PDF, 124 KB)

Realization of Data Mining Model for Expert Classification Using Multi-scale Spatial Data
Shuang ZHANG, Xuehua LIU
Page(s) 107-112
Conference Paper (PDF, 721 KB)

A New Image Matching Algorithm with Modified Greedy Algorithm for Remote Sensing Imagery
Xuwen QIN, Li LI, Shufang TIAN
Page(s) 113-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 844 KB)

Technical Session 3: SDI for Emergency Services

Use of Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Data in Support of Emergency Response
S. W. Doescher, R. Risty, R.H. Sunne
Page(s) 121-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 894 KB)

SDI Conceptual Modelling for Disaster Management
Ali Mansourian, Abbas Rajabifard, Mohammad Javad Valadan Zoej
Page(s) 125-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 291 KB)

Transport Contaminated Ground Water in Fractured Chalk
Yousef Zandi
Page(s) 131-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 539 KB)

Research on Integration of SDI with Geological and Meteorological Data for Meteorological Forecast and Alarm of Geological Disasters
Weidong ZHAO, Yunxia LI, J. Q. WANG
Page(s) 137-140
Conference Paper (PDF, 311 KB)

Technical Session 4: Global and Regional SDI

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI): Encouraging SDI Development Internationally
Alan R. Stevens
Page(s) 309-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 172 KB)

Establishment of Precise Geodetic Network for Al Ain Region
Kamal Abdellatif Abdalla
Page(s) 141-146
Conference Paper (PDF, 260 KB)

Legal Aspect of Access to Geo-information within Indonesian Spatial Data Infrastructure
R. Abdulharis, B. van Loenen, J. Zevenbergen
Page(s) 147-154
Conference Paper (PDF, 212 KB)

An Integrated Multi-goal Regional Planning Platform Based on Remote Sensing and GIS
Xinhui MA, Bingfang WU, Zhiming LUO, Lan ZENG
Page(s) 155-160
Conference Paper (PDF, 1069 KB)

Local SDI for Medium Sized Developing Cities in China, taking Xuzhou as an Example
Zhigang YAN, PeiJun DU, H.R. ZHANG
Page(s) 161-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 319 KB)

Technical Session 5: SDI in Urban Areas and Marine Areas

Study on the System of Technical Methods for Digital Urban Planning
Anrong DANG, Huizhen SHI, Haoying HAN, Lei WU
Page(s) 167-170
Conference Paper (PDF, 159 KB)

Foundation Framework for City Underground Spatial Data
Lei XU, Lixin WU, Defu CHE, Yun JIANG
Page(s) 171-176
Conference Paper (PDF, 1102 KB)

The Spatial Relationship between the Distribution of Ommastrephes Bartrami and Marine Environment in the Western North Pacific Ocean
Wenyu WANG, Quanqin SHAO
Page(s) 177-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 350 KB)

Research on the Construction of Urban Spatial Data Infrastructure
Xiaosheng LIU, Youliang CHEN, Hexia WENG
Page(s) 183-186
Conference Paper (PDF, 168 KB)

Construct 3D City Model By Multi-Sensor data
Fei DENG, Zuxun ZHANG, Jianqing ZHANG
Page(s) 187-190
Conference Paper (PDF, 1877 KB)

SDI Construction and its Applications in Urban Planning and Land Administration, Wuhan, China
Mingjun PENG
Page(s) 191-196
Conference Paper (PDF, 4684 KB)

Technical Session 6: Update and Quality Control of the Spatial Data

Collaboration of REAL TIME GIS and Spatial Data for Large Scale Map
Page(s) 197-202
Conference Paper (PDF, 606 KB)

Methods and Implementation of the Geospatial Databases Integration and Update towards E-government
Junsan ZHAO, Xue LI, Yaolong ZHAO, Tao XU, Xiaodong FU
Page(s) 203-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 270 KB)

Some Key Techniques on Updating Spatial Data Infrastructure by Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery
Peijun DU, Yunhao CHEN
Page(s) 209-220
Conference Paper (PDF, 258 KB)

A Study on Method for Quality Control of Spatial Data in The Poyangyang Lake Area
Xiaosheng LIU, Weibo WU, Xiaoli ZHU
Page(s) 221-224
Conference Paper (PDF, 144 KB)

Study of Fuzzy Uncertainty of GIS Products
Hongyou LIANG, Shengwu HU, Chaofei QIAO
Page(s) 225-230
Conference Paper (PDF, 178 KB)

The Incertitude Disposal Methods of The Spatial Data
Minghao LIU
Page(s) 231-236
Conference Paper (PDF, 67 KB)

Technical Session 7: Modelling Methods and Models for SDI

Unified Representation of Three Dimensional City Models
Qing ZHU, Fengchun LI, Yeting ZHANG
Page(s) 237-242
Conference Paper (PDF, 173 KB)

Optical network design with geographic distribution information
Wei GUO, Jing GUO, Yaohui JIN, Weiqiang SUN, Weisheng HU
Page(s) 243-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 204 KB)

3D Modeling of Small Antique Based on the Projector-Camera System
Jun TAO, Zuxun ZHANG, Jianqing ZHANG
Page(s) 249-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 346 KB)

3D Modeling of Small Industrial Parts Based on the Projector-Camera System
Page(s) 255-260
Conference Paper (PDF, 407 KB)

A Model for Topological Relationships Based on Euler number
Xiaoguang ZHOU, Jun CHEN, Zhilin LI, Renliang ZHAO, Jianjun ZHU
Page(s) 261-266
Conference Paper (PDF, 237 KB)

Indexing of the Discrete Global Grid Using Linear Quadtree
Jianjuna BAI, Xuesheng ZHAO, Jun CHEN
Page(s) 267-270
Conference Paper (PDF, 242 KB)

A Multi-scale GIS Database Model Based on Petri Net
Zhangcai YIN
Page(s) 271-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 800 KB)

Technical Session 8: Implementation & Application of SDI

Metropolitan Growth Monitoring and Landuse Classification Using Geospatial Techniques
Amjed S. Almas, C. A. Rahim, M. J. Butt, Tayyab I. Shah
Page(s) 277-282
Conference Paper (PDF, 837 KB)

Spatial Information Grid and Its application in Geological Survey
K. T. HE, Y. TANG, W. X. YU
Page(s) 283-288
Conference Paper (PDF, 632 KB)

A Large-area Terrain Simulation on PC
Chaoqun WANG, Lingkui MENG, Zhiyong LIN
Page(s) 289-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 189 KB)

Geographical Information Service Based on Application Server
Yun ZHANG, Jianming HUANG, Kaiwen ZHONG
Page(s) 293-296
Conference Paper (PDF, 169 KB)

Visualized application of GIS in mining subsidence analysis
Huayang DAI, Zuorua YIN, Zhiyi DENG
Page(s) 297-300
Conference Paper (PDF, 388 KB)

Remote Sensing Image Based Evidence Saving from Damage Real Estate GIS
Qiu LI
Page(s) 301-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 483 KB)

A Solution Study of Geomatics Data Interoperability based on Oracle Spatial
Jianguo HE, Dazhi GUO
Page(s) 305-308
Conference Paper (PDF, 154 KB)




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