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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI Part 2, 2006

Proceedings of the ISPRS Vienna 2006 Symposium
Technical Commission II
July 12-16, 2006
Vienna, Austria
Editor(s): W. Kainz, A. Pucher

Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Quality

A Dependency Matrix to Assist in the Visualization of Geospatial Image Quality
Isolde Schlaisich-Frank, Peggy Agouris
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 53 KB)

DTM Quality Assessment
W. Karel, Norbert Pfeifer, C. Briese
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 4396 KB)

The Use of Soil-Landscape Relationships Modelling and Geotechnologies for Detailing the Soil Map Of Distrito Federal in Brazil
M.P.C. Lacerda, I.O. Barbosa, H.M.R. Alves, T.G.C. Vieira, P.R. Menezes
Page(s) 13-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 2335 KB)

Efficient Spatial Queries with Sketches
Matthias Kopczynski
Page(s) 19-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 428 KB)

Spatial Reasoning, Analysis, and Data Mining

Monitoring Environmental Impact of Land Use: Evaluating an Agricultural Area of Distrito Federal, Brazil
F.A. Carvalho, M.P.C. Lacerda
Page(s) 25-30
Conference Paper (PDF, 1121 KB)

Assessing and Mapping Changes, in Space and Time, of Coffee Lands of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil
T.G.C. Vieira, H.M.R. Alves, V.C.O. Souza, T. Bernardes, M.P.C. Lacerda
Page(s) 31-36
Conference Paper (PDF, 528 KB)

Greenhouses Detection Using an Artificial Neural Network with a Very High Resolution Satellite Image
F. Carvajal, E. Crisanto, F.J. Aguilar, F. Aguera, M.A. Aguilar
Page(s) 37-42
Conference Paper (PDF, 699 KB)

Using Spatial Data Mining Techniques to Reveal Vulnerability of People and Places Due to Oil Transportation and Accidents: A Case Study of Istanbul Strait
Abdulvahit Torun, Sebnem Düzgün
Page(s) 43-48
Conference Paper (PDF, 1447 KB)

Multiple Representations, System Integration, and Interoperability

Extension of the OGC Web Feature Service Standard for Multiple Representation
Mark Hampe, Sebastian Intas
Page(s) 49-54
Conference Paper (PDF, 184 KB)

Multiscale Geographic Information with Multigraph of Multigraphs
Elzbieta Lewandowicz, Zbigniew Oziewicz
Page(s) 55-60
Conference Paper (PDF, 508 KB)

Scaling the Walls of History: The Perils and Pitfalls of Multi-Scale Land Cover Comparison
S.D. Jones, J.G. Ferwerda, K.J. Reinke
Page(s) 61-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 580 KB)

Guidelines on Geographic Ontology Integration
Margarita Kokla
Page(s) 67-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 533 KB)

Spatial Planning and Decision Support Systems

GIS-Based Management and Analysis of the Geoglyphs in the Nasca Region (Peru)
Martin Sauerbier
Page(s) 73-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 4544 KB)

Web-Based Collaborative Decision Support Services: Concept, Challenges and Application
Lei Wang, Qiuming Cheng
Page(s) 79-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 711 KB)

Spatial Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis in Integrated Planning for Public Transport and Land Use Development Study in Klang Valley, Malaysia
M.A. Sharifi, L. Boerboom, K.B. Shamsudin, Loga Veeramuthu
Page(s) 85-92
Conference Paper (PDF, 1974 KB)

Decision Support System in Oil Spill Management
S.Z. Pourvakhshouri, B.M. Shattri, Z.I. Zelina, A. Noordin
Page(s) 93-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 1239 KB)

Communication and Visualization of Spatial Data

Assessment of a Portable Mapping Tool for Time-Critical Management of Disasters
Christian J.-P. Blumer
Page(s) 97-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 1520 KB)

A Hybrid Decision Support System for 3D City Planning
Frank Steinicke, Klaus Hinrichs, Timo Ropinski
Page(s) 103-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 520 KB)

3D-Symbolization Using Adaptive Templates
Frank Thiemann, Monika Sester
Page(s) 109-114
Conference Paper (PDF, 2503 KB)

Using 3D Models for Visualizing 'The City as it Might be'
William E. Cartwright
Page(s) 115-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 3931 KB)

Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional Systems and Applications

High-Resolution Satellite Images for Urban Planning, Studies in Progress at INPE (National Institute for Space Research), Brazil
Hermann J.H. Kux, Caroline M.D. de Pinho
Page(s) 121-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 3242 KB)

Mapping Dispersion of Urban Air Pollution with Remote Sensing
I.K. Wijeratne, W. Bijker
Page(s) 125-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 930 KB)

Monitoring the Relationships between Environment and Coffee Production in Agroecosytems of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil
H.M.R. Alves, T.G.C. Vieira, V.C.O. Souza, M.A. Bertoldo, M.P.C. Lacerda, H. Andrade, N. Bernardes
Page(s) 131-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 525 KB)

Land Cover Classification and Monitoring in Northeast Thailand Using Landsat 5 TM Data
S. Ratanopad, W. Kainz
Page(s) 137-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 2462 KB)

Object and Event Reconstruction (WW II) with GIS
A. Juhász, B. Mihályi
Page(s) 145-150
Conference Paper (PDF, 2987 KB)

Urban Change Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Image
Matthias S. Moeller, Thomas Blaschke
Page(s) 151-156
Conference Paper (PDF, 7990 KB)

New Algorithm for Sub-Pixel Boundary Mapping
Yong Ge, Sanping Li, Deyu Li
Page(s) 157-160
Conference Paper (PDF, 1919 KB)




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