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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXIV-5/W10, 2003

WG V/6
Visualization and Animation of Reality-based 3D Models
24-28 February 2003
Tarasp-Vulpera, Engadin, Switzerland
Editor(s): Gruen, A., Murai, Sh., Niederoest, J. , Remondino, F.

Recording and visualization of cultural heritage

Visualization of frescoed surfaces: Buonconsiglio Castle - Aquila Tower, "Cycle of the Months"
S. El-Hakim, L. Gonzo, M. Picard, S. Girardi, A. Simoni
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 725 KB)

Modeling and visualization of the Great Buddha statue in Bamiyan, Afghanistan
A. Gruen, F. Remondino, L. Zhang
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 2653 KB)

Recreating the past city model of historical town Kawagoe from antique map
S. Suzuki, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 704 KB)

The Digital Roman Forum Project of the UCLA Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory
B. Frischer, D. Favro, D. Abernathy, M. De Simone
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 215 KB)

3D object reconstruction and modeling

Bridging the gap between physical and digital models in architectural design studios
K. Hadjri
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 137 KB)

Generating 3D model of "Meguro Residence" using a digital amateur camera
R. Nakada, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 235 KB)

Wide-baseline 3D reconstruction from digital stills
M. Vergauwen, F. Verbiest, V. Ferrari, C. Strecha, L. van Gool
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 3194 KB)

A 3D model of the Nasca Lines at Palpa (Peru)
M. Sauerbier, K. Lambers
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 4813 KB)

Spatial Information Systems and remote sensing

Support for visualization and animation in a scalable 3D GIS environment. Motivation, concepts and implementation
S. Nebiker
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 2285 KB)

3D image models in a dynamic environmental GIS
E.S. Malinverni, F. Di Gioia
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1381 KB)

An integrated spatial information system for the development of the archaeological site of Mycenae
C. Ioannidis, C. Potsiou, S. Soile
Page(s) 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 1151 KB)

Accurate 3D information extraction from large-scale data compressed image and the study of the optimum stereo imaging method
R. Nagura
Page(s) 9
Conference Paper (PDF, 1843 KB)

Moving objects

Integrating age attributes to virtual human locomotion
D.D. Le, R. Boulic, D. Thalmann
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 161 KB)

Bundle adjustment for markerless body tracking in monocular video sequences
A. Shahrokni, V. Lepetit, P. Fua
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 349 KB)

Differentiating and modeling multiple moving objects in motion imagery datasets
P. Agouris, P. Partsinevelos, A. Stefanidis
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 334 KB)

Structural representation of personal events
M. Toda, T. Nagasaki, T. Iijima, T. Kawashima
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 228 KB)

Surface generation and visualization

Automatic 3D reconstruction and visualization of microscopic objects from a monoscopic multifocus image sequence
M. Niederöst, J. Niederöst, J. Scucka
Page(s) 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 2782 KB)

From explicit to implicit surfaces for visualization, animation and modeling
S. Ilic, P. Fua
Page(s) 8
Conference Paper (PDF, 785 KB)

Visualization and animation of Mount Everest
A. Gruen, A. Roditakis
Page(s) 9
Conference Paper (PDF, 907 KB)

3D navigation over merged panchromatic-multispectral high resolution SPOT5 images
H. Vadon
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 173 KB)

Augmented reality and interactive walk-throughs

Application of an augmented reality system for disaster relief
J. Leebmann
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 594 KB)

Preparation for realtime presentation and interactive walk through of 3D models (Extended Abstract)
K.R. Müller
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 463 KB)

Real-time visualization of big 3D city models
M. Beck
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1272 KB)

Automatic generation of 3-D city models and related applications
Y. Takase, N. Sho, A. Sone, K. Shimiya
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 379 KB)

Visualization and mapping tools

Distributed virtual environments for visualization and visual data mining
E. Paquet, H.L. Viktor
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 359 KB)

Visualization tools using Flashpix image format
O. Georgoula, P. Patias
Page(s) 4
Conference Paper (PDF, 135 KB)

Application and limits of standard software for 3D-model based visualization, extension strategies, essential proprietary applications
V. Appelt, M. Winter
Page(s) 5
Conference Paper (PDF, 2390 KB)

Kansei-based color design for city mapping (Presentation Slides)
S. Murai
Page(s) 12
Conference Paper (PDF, 456 KB)

City modeling

3D modeling of Boccaccio's hometown through multisensor survey
G. Tucci, F. Algostino, V. Bonora, G. Guidi
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 4702 KB)

Improved 3D city modeling with cybercity-modeler (CC-ModelerTM) using aerial-, satellite imagery and laserscanner data
K. Ulm
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 3439 KB)

3D city modeling with TLS (Three-Line Scanner) data
A. Gruen, L. Zhang, X. Wang
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1324 KB)

True realistic 3D models of buildings in urban areas
M. Varshosaz
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 655 KB)

Laser scanning and modeling

Sensor Fusion: Generating 3D by combining airborne and tripod-mounted LIDAR data
A. Iavarone, D. Vagners
Page(s) 7
Conference Paper (PDF, 1154 KB)

Laser scanner application on complex shapes of architecture. Profiles extraction processing and 3D modelling
C. Monti, L. Fregonese, C. Achille
Page(s) 6
Conference Paper (PDF, 2364 KB)

From point cloud to surface: the modeling and visualization problem
F. Remondino
Page(s) 11
Conference Paper (PDF, 2628 KB)




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