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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-2/W40, 2006

WG II/3, II/6 ISPRS Workshop
Multiple representation and interoperability of spatial data
February 22-24, 2006
Hannover, Germany
Editor(s): M. Hampe, M. Sester and L. Harrie

Session 1: Generalisation and web services

Improving efficiency for developing automatic generalisation solutions
N. Regnauld
Page(s) 1-5
Conference Paper (PDF, 781 KB)

Spatial structures as generalisation support services
M. Neun, D. Burghardt, R. Weibel
Page(s) 6-15
Conference Paper (PDF, 1367 KB)

Session 2: Semantic integration

Towards intensional / extensional integration between ontologies
E. Tomai
Page(s) 16-21
Conference Paper (PDF, 522 KB)

Semantic data integration in a multiple representation environment
J.E. Stoter, R.L.G. Lemmens, B. Kobben, N. J. Bakker
Page(s) 22-29
Conference Paper (PDF, 888 KB)

Some ideas for integrating multidisciplinary spatial data
W. Shi, L. Meng
Page(s) 30-35
Conference Paper (PDF, 786 KB)

Session 3: Cartographic production

Databases integration for supporting the future production of IGN Belgium generalised maps
A. Féchir, J. De Waele
Page(s) 36-42
Conference Paper (PDF, 1077 KB)

Session 4: Generalisation

Encoding and decoding of planar maps through conformal Delaunay triangulation
E. Verbree
Page(s) 43-48
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

Hierarchical structures for rule-based incremental generalisation
J.-H. Haunert, K.-H. Anders, M. Sester
Page(s) 49-57
Conference Paper (PDF, 1918 KB)

3D building generalization based on half-space modelling
M. Kada
Page(s) 58-64
Conference Paper (PDF, 815 KB)

Session 5: Hierarchies in images and in text

Automatic scale-dependent adaption of variable object models
J. Heuwold, K. Pakzad
Page(s) 65-70
Conference Paper (PDF, 383 KB)

Levels of abstarction in textual representations of geoinformation - example: Cadastral description in Brazil
M. Müller
Page(s) 71-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 389 KB)

A multi-resolution hierarchy classification study compared with conservative methods
G. B. Zhu, X. L. Liu, Z. G. Jia
Page(s) 79-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 258 KB)

Session 6: Matching

The usability of vectorization and a new point matching procedure as first step in conflating raster and vector maps
M. A. Brovelli, G. Zamboni
Page(s) 85-91
Conference Paper (PDF, 306 KB)

Results of experiments on automated matching of networks at different scales
S. Mustière
Page(s) 92-100
Conference Paper (PDF, 601 KB)

An iterative approach for matching multiple representations of street data
S. Volz
Page(s) 101-110
Conference Paper (PDF, 1807 KB)