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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVI-3/W36, 2005

WG III/1-2
BenCOS 2005: "Towards Benchmarking Automated Calibration, Orientation and Surface Reconstruction from Images"
October 15, 2005
Beijing, China
Editor(s): Olaf Hellwich, Ilkka Niini, Camillo Ressl, Volker Rodehorst, Daniel Scharstein, Peter Sturm

List of Authors

Andersen, H.J. 1
Angelopoulou, E. 1
Atalay, V. 1
Barnea, S. 1
Cheng, C.-M. 1
d'Angelo, P. 1
Dhome, M. 1
Doytsher, Y. 1
Dragnea, V. 1
Engels, C. 1
Filin, S. 1
Gilby, J. 1
Granum, E. 1
Greig, A. 1
Huang, P.-H. 1
Lai, S.-H. 1
Lavest, J.-M. 1
Lhuillier, M. 1
Mayer, H. 1
Nielsen, M. 1
Nistér, D. 1
Özün, O. 1
Royer, E. 1
Shragai, Z. 1
Stolkin, R. 1
Wöhler, C. 1
Yilmaz, U. 1
Zalmanson, G. 1




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