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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVIII - Part 2, 2010

Joint International Conference on Theory, Data Handling and Modelling in GeoSpatial Information Science
26-28 May 2010
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Editor(s): Eric Guilbert, Brian Lees, Yee Leung

Keynote addresses

Twenty Years of Progress: GIScience in 2010
Michael F. Goodchild
Page(s) 2
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

The New Era for Geo-Information
Deren Li
Page(s) 3
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

Principles of Neural Spatial Interaction Modeling
Manfred Fischer
Page(s) 4-14
Conference Paper (PDF, 581 KB)

Deriving Space-Time Variograms from Space-Time Autoregressive (STAR) Model Specifications
Daniel Griffith
Page(s) 15-20
Conference Paper (PDF, 354 KB)

GIS as Planning Support System
Anthony G.O. Yeh
Page(s) 21
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

Session 1 - Spatial Modelling

A Unified Spatial Model for GIS
Maciej Dakowicz, Chris Gold
Page(s) 22-27
Conference Paper (PDF, 963 KB)

Spatial Morphological Conceptual Model of Bay
Dandan Zhang, X. M. Yang, F. Z. Su, Y. Y. Du
Page(s) 28-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 897 KB)

W-Based VS Latent Variables Spatial Autoregressive Models: Evidence from Monte Carlo Simulations
An Liu, Henk Folmer, Han Oud
Page(s) 33-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 525 KB)

Generalization of Tiled Models with Curved Surfaces Using Typification
Richard Guercke, Junqiao Zhao, Claus Brenner, Qing Zhu
Page(s) 39-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 632 KB)

An Optimised Cellular Automata Model Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Urban Growth Simulation
Yan Liu, Yongjiu Feng
Page(s) 45-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 624 KB)

Validation of Planar Partitions Using Constrained Triangulation
Hugo Ledoux, Martijn Meijers
Page(s) 51-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 1513 KB)

Session 2 - Space and Time

Space-Time Kernels
Jiaqiu Wang, Tao Cheng, James Haworth
Page(s) 57-62
Conference Paper (PDF, 560 KB)

Modeling Land Allocation in Time and Space
Ali Sharifi, Mohammad Karimi
Page(s) 63-68
Conference Paper (PDF, 805 KB)

A Spatio-Temporal Population Model for Alarming, Situation Picture and Warning System
Zhe Zhang, Rangsima Sunila, Kirsi Virrantaus
Page(s) 69-74
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

Defining Spatio-Temporal Neighbourhood of Network Data
Tao Cheng, Berk Anbaroglu
Page(s) 75-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 447 KB)

An Approach of Discovering Spatial-Temporal Patterns in Geographical Process
Siyue Chai, Fenzhen Su
Page(s) 80-85
Conference Paper (PDF, 487 KB)

Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Analysis of Mobile Objects Following the Same Itinerary
Laurent Etienne, Thomas Devogele, Alain Bouju
Page(s) 86-91
Conference Paper (PDF, 2575 KB)

Spatio-Temporal Analyses of Precipitation and Temperature Distribution over Turkey
Pınar Aslantaş Bostan, Zuhal Akyürek
Page(s) 92-97
Conference Paper (PDF, 596 KB)

Session 3 - Spatial Analysis

Automatically and Accurately Matching Objects in Geospatial Datasets
Linna Li, Michael F. Goodchild
Page(s) 98-103
Conference Paper (PDF, 307 KB)

Estimation of Change of MOE in the South China Sea
Yunyan Du, Chenghu Zhou, Lijing Wang, Guangya Qi, Xinzhou Yan
Page(s) 104-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

The Use of Statistical Point Processes in Geoinformation Analysis
Alfred Stein, Valentyn Tolpekin, Olga Spatenkova
Page(s) 109-113
Conference Paper (PDF, 448 KB)

Urban Road Network Accessibility Evaluation Based on GIS Spatial Analysis Techniques
Weiping Hu, Chi Wu
Page(s) 114-117
Conference Paper (PDF, 734 KB)

Relevance-driven Acquisition and Rapid on-site Analysis of 3D Geospatial Data
Daniel Eggert, Volker Paelke
Page(s) 118-123
Conference Paper (PDF, 593 KB)

Facial Expression Recognition Based on Cloud Model
Hehua Chi, Lianhua Chi, Meng Fang, Juebo Wu
Page(s) 124-128
Conference Paper (PDF, 640 KB)

Glacier Information Extraction Based on Multi-Feature Combination Model
Jianming Gong, Xiaomei Yang, Chenghu Zhou, Tao Zhang
Page(s) 129-133
Conference Paper (PDF, 1057 KB)

Exploring Spatiotemporally Varying Regressed Relationships: the Geographically Weighted Panel Regression Analysis
Danlin Yu
Page(s) 134-139
Conference Paper (PDF, 552 KB)

Session 4 - Spatial Data Mining

Land Suitability Evaluation for Wheat Cultivation by Fuzzy Theory Approach as Compared with Parametric Method
Marzieh Mokarram, Kazem Rangzan, Abdolamir Moezzi, Jamal Baninemeh
Page(s) 140-145
Conference Paper (PDF, 730 KB)

Knowledge Discovery from Mining the Associations Between H5N1 Outbreaks and Environmental Factors
Yali Si, Tiejun Wang, Andrew Skidmore, Herbert Prins
Page(s) 146-151
Conference Paper (PDF, 331 KB)

Spatial Object Recognition via Integration of Discrete Wavelet Denoising and Nonlinear Segmentation
Zhengmao Ye, Habib Mohamadian
Page(s) 152-157
Conference Paper (PDF, 2530 KB)

Based On Multi-scale and Multi-feature Information Mining Technique for Remote Sensing Image and Application
Xiaomei Yang, Wei Cui, Jianming Gong, Tao Zhang
Page(s) 158-161
Conference Paper (PDF, 564 KB)

Mining Time Series Data Based Upon Cloud Model
Hehua Chi, Juebo Wu, Shuliang Wang, Lianhua Chi, Meng Fang
Page(s) 162-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 512 KB)

Semantic Augmentation of Geospatial Concepts: The Multi-View Augmented Concept to Improve Semantic Interoperability Between Multiples Geospatial Databases
Mohamed Bakillah, Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi, Jean Brodeur
Page(s) 167-172
Conference Paper (PDF, 366 KB)

Graph Based Recognition of Grid Pattern in Street Networks
Jing Tian, Tinghua Ai, Xiaobin Jia
Page(s) 173-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 656 KB)

Session 5 - Uncertainty Modelling

Model Errors of Line Objects in Geographic Information Science
Wenzhong Shi, Sio Kei Cheong, Eryong Liu
Page(s) 179-184
Conference Paper (PDF, 312 KB)

Comparison and Uncertainty Analysis in Remote Sensing Based Production Efficiency Models
Rui Liu, Jiu-lin Sun, Juan-le Wang, Min Liu, Xiao-lei Li, Fei Yang
Page(s) 185-190
Conference Paper (PDF, 559 KB)

Accuracy Assessment of Sampling Designs for Surveying Heavy Metal Content in Soil Using SSSI
Aihua Ma, Jinfeng Wang, Keli Zhang
Page(s) 191-196
Conference Paper (PDF, 361 KB)

Attribute Uncertainty Modeling in Lunar GIS Data
Peter Simon Weiss, Wenzhong Shi, Kai-Leung Yung
Page(s) 197-201
Conference Paper (PDF, 796 KB)

Assessment of Extensional Uncertainty Modeled by Random Sets on Segmented Objects from Remote Sensing Images
Xi Zhao, Xiaoling Chen, Liqiao Tian, Tiejun Wang, Alfred Stein
Page(s) 202-207
Conference Paper (PDF, 548 KB)

Study on the Data Quality Management and the Data Quality Control - A Case Study of the Earth System Data Sharing Project
Chongliang Sun, Juanle Wang
Page(s) 208-211
Conference Paper (PDF, 342 KB)

Research on Visualized Data Quality Control Methods of Ground Object Spectrum in Yanzhou Mining Area
Junfu Fan, Min Ji, Ting Li, Zhuo Li
Page(s) 212-217
Conference Paper (PDF, 644 KB)

Session 6 - Spatial Database

A Hierarchical Quality-Dependent Approach toward Establishing a Seamless Nationwide Topographic Database
Sagi Dalyot, Ariel Gershkovich, Yerach Doytsher
Page(s) 218-223
Conference Paper (PDF, 417 KB)

Influence Power-Based Clustering Algorithm for Measure Properties in Data Warehouse
Min Ji, Fengxiang Jin, Ting Li, Xiangwei Zhao, Bo Ai
Page(s) 224-228
Conference Paper (PDF, 539 KB)

Normalizing Spatial Information to Improve Geographical Information Indexing and Retrieval in Digital Libraries
Damien Palacio, Christian Sallaberry, Mauro Gaio
Page(s) 229-234
Conference Paper (PDF, 630 KB)

Design and Construction of a GIS-based Database for Managing Landslides in Mining Area
Shanshan Wang, Min Ji, Xiangwei Zhao
Page(s) 235-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 377 KB)

Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of Regional Economic Disparities in Beijing during 2001-2007
Xiaoyi Ma, Tao Pei
Page(s) 241-244
Conference Paper (PDF, 396 KB)

Study on Data Integration and Sharing Standard and Specification System for Earth System Science
Juanle Wang, Jiulin Sun
Page(s) 245-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 435 KB)

Estimation of Imprecision in Length and Area Computation in Vector Databases Including Production Processes Description
Jean-François Girres, Anne Ruas
Page(s) 249-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 527 KB)

Session 7 - Advances in Cartography

Digital Chart Cartography: Error and Quality Control
Di Wu, Hai Hu, Xiaomei Yang, Yidong Zheng, Lihua Zhang
Page(s) 255-260
Conference Paper (PDF, 301 KB)

Characterization and Detection of Building Patterns in Cartographic Data: Two Algorithms
Xiang Zhang, Tinghua Ai, Jantien Stoter
Page(s) 261-266
Conference Paper (PDF, 1111 KB)

Formalization and Data Enrichment for Automated Evaluation of Building Pattern Preservation
Xiang Zhang, Jantien Stoter, Tinghua Ai, Menno-Jan Kraak
Page(s) 267-272
Conference Paper (PDF, 452 KB)

A Method Using ESDA to Analyze the Spatial Distribution Patterns of Cultural Resource
Dongying Zhang, Xiajun Mao, Lingkui Meng
Page(s) 273-278
Conference Paper (PDF, 405 KB)

Layout Optimization of Urban Underground Pipeline based on 3D Digital City
Jianchun He, Jinxing Hu, Qingyuan Tang, Shanshan Guo
Page(s) 279-283
Conference Paper (PDF, 491 KB)

Multi-Resolution Representation of Digital Terrain and Building Models
Fuan Tsai, Wan-Rong Lin, Liang-Chien Chen
Page(s) 284-289
Conference Paper (PDF, 3204 KB)

Session 8 - Location-Based Services

Location Based Context Awareness through Tag-Cloud Visualizations
Volker Paelke, Tobias Dahinden, Daniel Eggert, Juliane Mondzech
Page(s) 290-295
Conference Paper (PDF, 571 KB)

An Open-Source Web Architecture for Adaptive Location-Based Services
Gavin McArdle, Andrea Ballatore, Ali Tahir, Michela Bertolotto
Page(s) 296-301
Conference Paper (PDF, 752 KB)

Campusgis Routing - A Web-Based LBS for the University of Cologne
Ursula Baaser, Rainer Laudien, Georg Bareth
Page(s) 302-306
Conference Paper (PDF, 1951 KB)

Location-Aware Personal Life Content Manager and Its Privacy Functions
Hideki Kaji, Masatoshi Arikawa
Page(s) 307-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 658 KB)

Landmarks Guided Routing or Wayfinding
Jun Luo, Rong Peng, Chenglin Fan, Jinxing Hu
Page(s) 313-318
Conference Paper (PDF, 303 KB)

Individual Differences in the Tourist Wayfinding Decision Making Process
Mohd Faisal Abdul Khanan
Page(s) 319-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 361 KB)

Evaluation of Online Itinerary Planner and Investigation of Possible Enhancement Features
Homing Tam, L.S.C. Pun-Cheng
Page(s) 325-330
Conference Paper (PDF, 775 KB)

Session 9 - Mobile Data Models

A Simple and Efficient SQL-Based Approach for Retrieval of Geospatial Data in Mobile GIS Application
G. Y. K. Shea, J.N. Cao
Page(s) 331-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 805 KB)

Mobile Routing Services for Small Towns Using Cloudmade API and Openstreetmap: Maynooth as an Example
Jianghua Zheng, Xiaoyu Chen, Błazej Ciepłuch, Adam C. Winstanley, Peter Mooney, Ricky Jacob
Page(s) 337-342
Conference Paper (PDF, 900 KB)

A Multi-Modal Route Planning Approach with an Improved Genetic Algorithm
Haicong Yu, Feng Lu
Page(s) 343-348
Conference Paper (PDF, 452 KB)

The Extended Route Service Based on Dynamic Update Frame: From Design to Deployment
Shanxin Guo, Lingkui Meng, Wanli Yu
Page(s) 349-354
Conference Paper (PDF, 888 KB)

Enhancing Travel Time Forecasting with Traffic Condition Detection
Yingying Duan, Feng Lu, Jun Ouyang
Page(s) 355-360
Conference Paper (PDF, 446 KB)

Evaluation of Automatically Extracted Landmarks for Future Driver Assistance Systems
Claus Brenner, Sabine Hofmann
Page(s) 361-366
Conference Paper (PDF, 10128 KB)

Temporally Adaptive A* Algorithm on Time-Dependent Transportation Network
Nian-bo Zheng, Feng Lu
Page(s) 367-372
Conference Paper (PDF, 387 KB)

Session 10 - Spatial Data Processing Algorithms

Wavelet De-Noising of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data for the Characterization of Rock Surface Roughness
Kourosh Khoshelham, Dogan Altundag
Page(s) 373-378
Conference Paper (PDF, 508 KB)

CCSSM: A Toolkit for Information Extraction from Remotely Sensed Imagery
Yong Ge, Chi Zhang, Hexiang Bai
Page(s) 379-382
Conference Paper (PDF, 582 KB)

Constraint Energies for the Adaptation of 2D River Borderlines to Airborne Laser Scanning Data Using Snakes
Jens Goepfert, Franz Rottensteiner, Christian Heipke, Yasin Alakese, Bodo Rosenhahn
Page(s) 383-388
Conference Paper (PDF, 1490 KB)

Tracking Areal Object Identity in Snapshot Sequences
Mingzheng Shi, Stephan Winter
Page(s) 389-394
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

The Study for Matching Algorithms and Matching Tactics about Area Vector Data Based on Spatial Directional Similarity
Li Guo, Zhiping Lv, Bin Zhang, Yaoge Wang
Page(s) 395-399
Conference Paper (PDF, 621 KB)

Linear Feature Alignment based on Vector Potential Field
David Siriba, Monika Sester
Page(s) 400-405
Conference Paper (PDF, 387 KB)

Research on Prediction Model of Mining Landslide Based on SVM
Xiaowen Zhao, Min Ji, Xianguo Cui
Page(s) 406-410
Conference Paper (PDF, 446 KB)

Session 11 - Web GIS

Preliminary Investigation of Web GIS Trust: The Example of the "WIYBY" Website
Artemis Skarlatidou, Muki Haklay, Tao Cheng
Page(s) 411-416
Conference Paper (PDF, 498 KB)

The Design and Implementation of a Web Services-based Application Framework for Sea Surface Temperature Information
Yawen He, Yunyan Du, Fenzhen Su, Yi Gao
Page(s) 417-421
Conference Paper (PDF, 970 KB)

A Study of Spatial Data Sharing System with Web Services
Fan Li, Xu Zhang, Xian Jiang, Shan Yong
Page(s) 422-426
Conference Paper (PDF, 643 KB)

An Automated Internet Geoinformation Service for Integrating Online Geoinformation Services and Generating Quasi-Realistic Spatial Population GIS Maps
Shaozhong Shi, Nigel Walford
Page(s) 427-432
Conference Paper (PDF, 730 KB)

A Dynamically Load and Unload Enabled Aggregation Model Based on the WPS
JianBo Zhang, JiPing Liu, Bei Wang
Page(s) 433-438
Conference Paper (PDF, 662 KB)

An Indexing Method for Supporting Spatial Queries in Peer-To-Peer Systems
Lingkui Meng, Wenjun Xie, Dan Liu
Page(s) 439-443
Conference Paper (PDF, 312 KB)

Cooperative Information Augmentation in a Geosensor Network
Malte Jan Schulze, Claus Brenner, Monika Sester
Page(s) 444-449
Conference Paper (PDF, 497 KB)

Session 12 - Geo-Visualization

Sharing Landscape Information through an Online Geographical Visualisation Portal
Christopher Pettit, Mark Imhof, Mathew Cox, Wayne Harvey, Jean-Philippe Aurambout
Page(s) 450-455
Conference Paper (PDF, 492 KB)

An Online Visualization and Data Analysis System for Social and Economic Data Based on Flash Technology
Jinqu Zhang, Yunqiang Zhu, Yaping Yang, Jiulin Sun
Page(s) 456-460
Conference Paper (PDF, 382 KB)

Visualizing Climate Change Impact with Ubiquitous Spatial Technologies
Rohan Bennett, Chris Pettit, Jean-Philippe Aurambout, Falak Sheth, Herve Senot, Leon Soste, Victor Sposito
Page(s) 461-466
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

Visualizing Future Biolinks Using a Touch Table - New Dimensions in Planning
Chhavi Bhandari, Subhash Sharma, Ian D. Bishop, Christopher Pettit
Page(s) 467-471
Conference Paper (PDF, 320 KB)

3D Data Visualisation within Spatial Decision Support Systems by Using ArcGIS Engine
Rainer Laudien, Alexander Christmann, Sebastian Brocks
Page(s) 472-477
Conference Paper (PDF, 661 KB)

Selecting Offshore Renewable Energy Futures for Victoria
Marika Anne Boelen, Ian Bishop, Christopher Pettit
Page(s) 478-483
Conference Paper (PDF, 754 KB)

Spatial Relations and Inferences for Context Aware Visualization
Ozgun Akcay, Orhan Altan
Page(s) 484-486
Conference Paper (PDF, 236 KB)

Session 13 - Spatial Information for Environmental Studies

Design and Development of Field Synchronous Data Collecting System of Mining Area Surface Deformation Information
Yong Sun, Ming Ji, Tao Jiang, Xiaojing Yao
Page(s) 487-491
Conference Paper (PDF, 412 KB)

Coastline Change Measurement and Generating Risk Map for Coast Using Geographic Information System
Santosh Kanakappan, Kumaran Durairaju, Chandrasekar Jayaraj, Teh Tiong Sa
Page(s) 492-497
Conference Paper (PDF, 571 KB)

GIMS-Technology for the Environmental Diagnostics
Ferdenant Mkrtchyan, Vladimir Krapivin
Page(s) 498-501
Conference Paper (PDF, 421 KB)

A Decision Support Framework for the Risk Assessment of Coastal Erosion in the Yangtze Delta
Xing Li, Yunxuan Zhou, Fang Shen, Runyuan Kuang, Wen Wu, Zongsheng Zheng
Page(s) 502-507
Conference Paper (PDF, 487 KB)

GIS-Based Multicriteria Land Suitability Evaluation Using Ordered Weight Averaging With Fuzzy Quantifier: A Case Study In Shavur Plain, Iran
Marzieh Mokarram, Fatemeh Aminzadeh
Page(s) 508-512
Conference Paper (PDF, 560 KB)

Identification of Municipal Policies that Influence the Distribution of Green Cover Across Metropolitan Regions
Su Jin Lee, Travis Longcore, John P. Wilson
Page(s) 513-518
Conference Paper (PDF, 361 KB)

The Calculation of TVDI Based on the Composite Time of Pixel and Drought Analysis
Lingkui Meng, Jiyuan Li, Zidan Chen, Wenjun Xie
Page(s) 519-524
Conference Paper (PDF, 780 KB)

Session 14 - Spatial Information for Land Use Study

Object-Based Image Classification Utilizing Background Knowledge: A Case Study of Land Use Classification
Tao Zhang, Xiaomei Yang, Chenghu Zhou, Fenzhen Su, Jianming Gong, Yunyan Du
Page(s) 525-530
Conference Paper (PDF, 475 KB)

The Application of Sustainable Land Use Evaluation Using 3S Technology
Bin Zhao, Wenji Zhao, Jiacun Li
Page(s) 531-535
Conference Paper (PDF, 964 KB)

An Assessment of the Efficiency of LANDSAT, NIGERIASAT-1 and SPOT Images for Landuse/Landcover Analysis in Ekiti West Area of Nigeria
Adebayo Ojo, Francis Adesina
Page(s) 536-541
Conference Paper (PDF, 491 KB)

Landuse Data Generalization Indices based on Scale and Landscape Pattern
Yaolin Liu, Limin Jiao, Yanfang Liu
Page(s) 542-547
Conference Paper (PDF, 459 KB)

Evaluation and Forecast of Human Impacts based on Land Use Changes Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery and GIS: A Case Study on Zanjan, Iran (1984-2009)
Mohsen Ahadnejad, Ali reza Rabet
Page(s) 548-552
Conference Paper (PDF, 604 KB)

Comparison of Spatial Compactness Evaluation Methods for Simple Genetic Algorithm Based Land Use Planning Optimization Problem
Kai Cao, Bo Huang
Page(s) 553-557
Conference Paper (PDF, 509 KB)

Reclassification and Generalization of Landuse Data from Topographic Information
Frank Thiemann, Monika Sester, Joachim Bobrich
Page(s) 558-563
Conference Paper (PDF, 864 KB)

Session 15 - Application of GIS and Remote Sensing

Extracting the Spatial-Temporal Rules of the Mesoscale Ocean Eddies in the South China Sea based on Rough Sets
Guangya Qi, Yunyan Du, Feng Cao
Page(s) 564-569
Conference Paper (PDF, 548 KB)

The Effect of Distance Correction Factor in Case-Based Predictions of Vegetation Classes in Estonia, Karula
Madli Linder, Laura Jakobson, Eerik Absalon
Page(s) 570-574
Conference Paper (PDF, 300 KB)

Explore Multivariable Spatio-Temporal Data with the Time Wave Case Study on Meteorological Data
Xia Li, Menno-Jan Kraak
Page(s) 575-580
Conference Paper (PDF, 625 KB)

Research of Spatial and Temporal Variations of Wetland in Pearl River Estuary (1978 - 2005)
Yi Gao, Fenzhen Su, Xiaomei Yang, Xiaoyu Sun, Zhenshan Xue, Yawen He
Page(s) 581-585
Conference Paper (PDF, 1060 KB)

GIS Techniques for Mapping Urban Ventilation Using Frontal Area Index and Least Cost Path Analysis
Man Sing Wong, Janet Nichol, Edward Yan-Yung Ng, Eric Guilbert, Ka Hei Kwok, Pui Hang To, J. Z. Wang
Page(s) 586-591
Conference Paper (PDF, 755 KB)

Estimating Ice Thickness in South Georgia from SRTM Elevation Data
A Paul R Cooper, James W Tate, Alison J Cook
Page(s) 592-597
Conference Paper (PDF, 1991 KB)

On-Shore Wind and Solar Power Plants as Alternative Energy Sources for Victoria
Sophie Margret-Gay, Ian Bishop, Christopher Pettit
Page(s) 598-603
Conference Paper (PDF, 795 KB)




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